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    SkinFix for few legacy versions of Minecraft

    This is my first ever working Minecraft mod, and it's... a skin fix... Everyone has to start from somewhere I guess.

    The reason I made this mod is that I couldn't find any good working mods for this fix.

    And the ones that work, mostly use external websites to get the skin file

    (which means that if that website ever goes offline or has issues, the skin fix no longer works).

    I also wanted to dip my toes into Minecraft modding.

    I've compiled the mod for 3 different Minecraft versions: a1.2.6, b1.7.3 and release 1.2.5.

    I'm still very new to Java so my code can be a bit messy.


    • Fixes skins and capes (duh)
    • Uses only the Mojang API (it doesn't rely on any custom external websites)

    Installation guide:

    For MultiMC:

    1. Create new Minecraft instance (or use existing one)
    2. Select your instance and click "Edit Instance"
    3. Go to the "Version" tab on the left
    4. Click a button labeled "Add to Minecraft.jar"
    5. Select the zip file containing the mod
    6. Done
    For Vanilla Launcher:

    Note: vanilla launcher will automatically redownload modified game files.
    You need to create a custom version for your mods.

    1. Close Minecraft launcher
    2. Prepare custom version for the launcher (or use existing custom version)
    3. Open the version jar file as a archive file (using 7-Zip or WinRAR)
    4. Copy the contents of mod zip file to the jar file
    5. Launch Minecraft launcher and select the custom version you are using
    6. Done

    These guides are the same for every version of the mod.


    Note: if your skin appears missplaced, you may need to convert your skin to the 64x32 format.

    It's not much, but it works. Have Fun!

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