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    posted a message on Mega bender/avatar parkour map
    You need more info. And pictures.

    Until then, everyone who sees this is going to assume you're handing out viruses.
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    posted a message on Good-bye from a veteran player
    Dearest OP,

    What exactly is the problem? You've stated your distaste for the current version of Minecraft, acknowledged the existence of programs such as MCNostolgia, and the will to go back to Alpha.

    So....why don't you? What is the point of telling people you don't know that you're going to play on Alpha? Just do it, man.

    The beautiful thing about Minecraft, is that the developers not only allow, but encourage the mod-base. Unlike many games, you aren't going to be punished for doing what you want to do.

    After reading this thread, I've gotten the feeling that (while you say your mind is made up) you aren't really sure if you want to follow through with going back to Alpha. Otherwise, you'd have done so by now and this thread would be buried.

    I'm not going to say, "No one cares," because that's not the message I want to send. I am going to say, however, that if going to Alpha will make the game fun again, do it.

    There's no point in telling the rest of us your decision because Minecraft (being a sandbox game) will cause different feelings and reactions in every single one of us.

    Some will agree with you. Others will not. But no one is going to completely understand what Minecraft means to you. Only you do.
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    posted a message on I'm going to die and I am really upset.
    Erm...it doesn't look like you're playing in hardcore mode judging by the texture of your hearts....so worst case scenario...you lose just your inventory.

    World gonna be fine :)
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    posted a message on Do You Support Minecraft Username Changing?
    There should be some kind of penalty for changing a username. A small fee? Maybe you can only do it once a year?

    I don't know, but I do support it. Personally, however, I could never do it. I get incredibly attached to things and my username is one of them. Green's stickin around for awhile yet.
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    posted a message on Who else thinks the Herobrine changelog 'jokes' are getting old?
    Not as old as the Herobrine threads....
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    posted a message on You can't die from hunger!
    You only die from hunger if you're playing on Hard or Hardcore mode.

    This has been known for a very long time...
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    posted a message on pokemon is good game it r good to play
    Quote from AudioBoom

    i come from nl because i was born their becaus my mum and dad wanted seksi time.
    This is the single greatest piece of literature I have ever read.
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    posted a message on Why?
    Because "I" in English is a proper noun. Meaning it's like the name of a person or a place. For example, you would capitalize "J" in "Jacob," or "N" in "Netherlands."

    But you would not capitalize "d" in "dog," because that's not the dog's name.
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    posted a message on Witches.... sigh
    Quote from beta00beta

    Read my post and clearly understand that I didn't say 'It's just a villager'
    Ok. But then you said:

    Quote from beta00beta

    I am fine with it being a villager, I just don't want them to use the exact same model with a couple of tweaks
    which totally invalidates the claim that your core issue with witches is not "it's just a villager."

    So, I'm going to go ahead and continue believing you're upset with witches being a re textured villager.
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    Why is everyone hating on the witch? No really, there seems to be this mob-mentality of "hate the witch" that the Minecraft community is adopting.

    Why? Give a valid reason. "It's just a villager" is not a good enough reason to hate it. Villagers are dull and sort of pointless. They can be turned into emerald farms, and light sensors. That's it. There's no REAL excitement to them.

    Adding witches as a hostile villager, and making potatoes and carrots spawn in village farms was a service to the villager concept, not a service to Minecraft as a "whole new experience."

    Villages were not dynamic. Now they have more purpose.

    Swamps were also mysteriously dank....so...witches.

    I don't see anything wrong with them.
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