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    Quote from GnomeKnight»

    You mean you played minecraft in bete 1.3?

    Must be. I don't exactly remember when I started or what version it was, but it was definitely around the time that beds became a thing.

    No longer did we have to just sit in darkness on the first night praying that day would grace us again.

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    I started right around the time beds were added to the game. Yes that's right, kids.


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    Ingame Name: Greenfire32
    Where are you from?: USA
    Why do you prefer playing in a small community?: People are less likely to be griefers when they know each other.
    What is your favourite aspect of playing on a server with a vanilla gameplay?: Vanilla is pure unfiltered Minecraft. It is the easiest to digest. No fancy mods to learn, no complicated commands to memorize, no "cheats" to make your life easier (looking at you, teleport command). Just straight, simple Minecraft.
    Tell us something about yourself: I'm a streamer on twitch and technically a youtuber, though my youtube channel has not seen some love in a long time in favor of my twitch channel.
    Why should we accept you?: I've been getting the itch to either stream Minecraft or make youtube vids of it. I guess you'd get to see your own server through my eyes if that sort of thing interests you.

    Will you become a member of our Clan?: Much in the same way that you are wanting an application from me to join your server, I'd have to get to know the clan before I arbitrarily join it. Mark me down as a "maybe," but you should know that I've not been to receptive of clans in the past. Nothing against them, but they tend to turn into another thing in my life that I have to actively manage. And when you've already got a full-time job, clans become things you can't really maintain anymore.

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    I started playing Minecraft around the time that beds being added to the game was all the rage. At least...I think anyway. 2011 was a long time ago...

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    I think it makes sense. Roses made rose red. Poppys make...rose red?

    Why don't we just change the dye to "Red" and keep roses and poppys out of it?

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    This one's a big one guys.


    The server was having issues keeping up with just 2 players today, and I found it's because 106 worlds were created. Under the server's extreme stress, I was forced to delete them all and remove the crafting ability for mystcraft books to the common player.

    I can still spawn them in (being admin has it's perks) and I am thinking about setting up a communal age for special events.

    Anyone who had mystcraft items is REQUIRED to dispose of them. These item are now contraband, and if caught with them, you will be banished to the prison Age for a period of time decided by a mod or the admin. All temporary ban offences will now redirect you to the prison age.

    I'm doing this so that the server doesn't cough up blood, crap down both legs, and die again. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I'm making an executive decision.

    Thank you for understanding.

    PS: All new updates will be posted here.
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    The NecroBump has summoned those with over 1000 posts!
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    Sorry guys, I had about 6 people join from a thread I posted on another forum. Until I get enough money to upgrade the server, it wouldn't be able to handle very much more people.

    I hope you understand. :(
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    For those of you on the whitelist: Sorry the server's down, the people at peak hosting and paypal didn't communicate something so "automatic payments" weren't made this month. I'm currently working on getting everything back online.

    Hopefully the suspension only means that I've temporarily lost access to the server and that the map and all the files are ok.

    EDIT: Talking to a peak hosting representative right now. Since the payment is only 1 day overdue, all files are safely stored. He's working on getting everything up and running again.

    Monkey, if you're not online sometime this afternoon, I'll be online around 8pm mountain time to TP you. You'll have to tell me all about your adventure. Sounds hilarious XD

    EDIT 2, 2:32 pm: Server is back online!
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    Due to an influx of people joining from another forum board, server is now closed to public sign up for the time being.
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    New server thread!
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    Hello all you people of the internet! Have you ever wanted to play on a small sized Feed the Beast (FTB) server? A server where you're not just another username, but another player?

    Welcome to Daegon!

    This server is 100% survival in an FTB world. It's been running quietly in the background for a couple of weeks now, but remains LARGELY under built. It is whitelisted, so don't you worry XD

    You will not find huge cities or any sort of infrastructure in Daegon. You will only find wilderness.

    Remember, this is FTB. You have a lot at your disposal. Gregtech hard mode is off, to give those of us (myself included) a chance in this strange new place.

    Now I'll be honest with you, I'm fairly new to this whole "hosting a server" thing, so if you're expecting anything REMOTELY close to "professional," well...kiss that idea goodbye. :)

    Instant Ban | Temp Ban for 1 day | Warning
    1: No spamming the chat
    2: No Stealing
    3: No Griefing
    • "Creeper bombing"
    • Spawn killing
    • Attacking the same player over and over and over
    • and plain old griefing of structures
    4: Group play is encouraged, but raids are strictly not
    • Do not set up a private "Faction" intended for raiding
    5: No excessive Profanity
    • Profanity is allowed, but don't go overboard
    6: No asking for handouts from the admin or mods. This includes:
    • Teleport requests
    • Item requests
    • Personal favors
    7: Be respectful

    (If you suspect another player of breaking the rules and want to report him/her, you MUST provide screenshot evidence to the admin otherwise the admin (or mods) must witness the infringing player in the act. If none of those take place, then neither did the act.

    Do not abuse this privilege.)

    Still with me after all that? Good. As I said earlier, this is a relatively small server, so I'll only be accepting 5 people at a time. Want in? Tell me a little about yourself. A Minecraft username alone will get you nowhere. Also note, this is NOT first come/first serve.

    I'm paying for this out of my own pocket at the moment, but I'm looking into setting up a donations button. I'm 22 years old, have a full time job, and don't have a huge amount of time to be devoted to playing Minecraft all day. If I don't reply right away, it's because I'm busy. Thank you for understanding.

    IP will be given via private message upon acceptance.

    PS: All new updates will be posted here.

    Since there seems to be some confusion, this server has been closed to public signups (as of April 7th) for the time being.

    That's not to say it won't be opened again in the future, but we're not accepting applications at this time.

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    It is whitelisted so no griefers! Also, you MAY (emphasis on the "MAY") need to DOWNGRADE your "Twilight Forest" Mod to 1.15.3

    You only need to do this IF you get an error regarding the incorrect version of Twilight forest upon trying to join the server. To fix this:

    1) download version 1.15.3, you can find it here. .Once downloaded, DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE

    2) in the FTB launcher, go to edit modpack

    3) find Twilight Forest on the left hand side, select it, and click "disable"

    4) on the right hand side, there should be a add mod option, click that and locate the Twilight zip file, and click add.


    6) profit!

    I'll make a new thread later, because i want to play nao! :D
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    Quick Update

    I just got the confirmation email saying that the servercraft.co account was closed. I do have the world save if anyone wants it (you need dropbox or something), so let me know.

    As far as the new server is coming, I'm at work at the moment so I can't do any of the setup required to get that going. I'll get on it as soon as I'm off later this afternoon though.

    I'm also super busy with other life stuff, so don't get too upset if the new server isn't up later tonight. Expect a 1 or 2 day wait, but I'll try for serious hard to get it going tonight.
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    If you see your name in Red it means I didn't hear from you (I gave you a week...) and are going to be removed from the whitelist. Also, as the majority of players I spoke to have requested, we will be moving to a Feed The Beast server. This means we'll be getting a new map as the various ores required for the mods to run won't be generated in a huge amount of our current world.

    Also, I'm looking at trying a new server host. Currently we are with servercraft.co and are getting 900mb RAM (1-15 players), Unlimited slots, and FTP access for $20/month. I'm looking to switch to peak-hosting.com. They are offering 2gbs (that's about 1148 more mbs than we currently have) RAM (1-48 players), unlimited slots, and FTP access for $20/month.

    I will post the new Server IP here as well as make a new thread when I get it set up.

    If for some reason the FTB setup causes the server to lag excessively don't worry, we'll go back to vanilla. But I'm still going to switch hosts because we'll have more than twice the amount of our current RAM for the same price and that's always a good thing.
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