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    Im Greenerino, and i own a realm which is currently in need of some more people! (Im from sweden and apologizes for future spelling mistakes!

    First about the realm, its purely survival. Evrything you will see on the server is built/gathered by hand.

    However we do have a few minor datapacks installed for the quality of life!



    * Enderman, ghast and creeper anti-grief.

    * Fast leaf decay.

    * Armourstands can pose!

    * Villager workstation highlights. (Dont actually know how that one works)

    * Ability to have coordinates static above your hotbar.

    * More statistics.

    We have a Discord all members of the realm are welcome to join! In the Discord and in-game ive had admins before, having some authority, only to be able to help me if there would arise a problem while im away. If we would get along well theres spots open there if you`d be interested!

    I would say the realm is very democraticly run, we vote on changes, and all members are welcome to come with suggestions on how the realm functions and whatever really about the community. I welcome it in fact!

    Right now theres a center town, where youll spawn. Be free to live/build wherever (Be mindful ofcourse). Be a lonewolf, develop the center village with me! Its upp too you completly. Theres many plans, right now im working on a townhall. Where i thought i would have the new spawn-location, information and meeting-halls! But for now theres a wine-bar atleast :)

    Now too you!

    I`m not setting a bunch of rules, i would like to see them not needed haha. Age limit has been set, 18 years! Im sure we`ll all behave, have a really good time, enjoying the community and gameplay on SabbaDabbaDa :)

    Does this interest you? Good! Leave me a message here in the post!

    Now im curious about you! Please include the following:

    * In-game-name?

    * Discord?

    * Age?

    * Where are you from?

    * Favourite food?

    * Minecraft playstyle? Maybe buildstyle? If you have a favourite thing to do maybe?

    * Your welcome to add more if you`d like ofcourse!


    Lastly ill attach some pictures from the realm, its hard to capture it all but getting a sense perhaps!

    Hope to see you on!


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    Hello! I`ve got a realm and are now looking for people!

    Im going to set an age limit at 18+, sorry for the inconvenience but im looking to build a mature community on the realm.

    Theres really no other restrictions, im from Sweden, if you worry about the connection and such.

    I am setting a few rules/guidelines, and i hope you`ll agree with them!

    * The obvious stuff, no cheating, no griefing etc etc.

    * Lets keep nature looking clean, no floating trees for example.

    * Im keeping it survival, not even teleporting.

    If youre interested please comment below or contact me directly here on the forums.

    Please include your age, your in-game nametag and your Discord in the message. Perhaps tell me something about you? Build-style? Favourite thing to do in Minecraft? Maybe throw in a picture if you`ve buildt something nice! (All of this is ofcourse purely optional)

    Thank you! /Green

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