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    Item.setMaxDamage("your Item's ID", "your Item's Health/Durability");

    function attackHook(a, v){ if(getCarriedItem()=="your Item's ID"){

    if(Player.getCarriedItemData()<"your Item's Health/Durability"){ Entity.setCarriedItem(Player.getEntity(), "your Item's ID", Player.getCarriedItemCount(), Player.getCarriedItemData() + 1);

    } else{ Level.playSound(x, y, z, "random.break", 100, 100); Player.clearInventorySlot(Player.getSelectedSlotId()); } } }

    if it did'nt work, show me the code and tell me the problem of it.

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    posted a message on 3 FOLLOWER SPECIAL!

    or at least give us the name of the mod and the items.....

    tell us whats the name of the weapons and armors..

    :Diamond: + :Diamond: + :|: = :DSWORD:

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    posted a message on Interesting Facts About Mods

    modpe's will always look awesome when you worked hard

    and put an effort in it


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