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    Download latest:


    Green Lightning is a bright, colorful and happy resource pack! Please look at some screenshots below or scroll down to the download section if you want to see it live in action.

    TWITTER: Follow me on twitter for the latest updates!

    Updates for version 1.4 (view as imgur album)

    This update covers Minecraft 1.9 as well as Minecraft 1.10. Here's some of the new stuff:




    Block from Minecraft 1.9:

    Blocks from Minecraft 1.10:

    version 1.3 (view as imgur album)


    Prismarine and underwater content!

    3D models for Ladders and Trapdoors have been added!

    version 1.2 (view as imgur album)




    version 1.1 (view as imgur album)
    This version was mainly created to put my custom hd font back into the pack, which was not included in version 1.0, because the hd font feature was broken in Minecraft 1.6.1, but is now fixed with Minecraft 1.6.2.

    But I also managed to work a little bit on more textures, so here are custom log tops for each of the four log types:

    version 1.0 (view as imgur album)
    Minecraft 1.6 features horses and so does my texture pack!

    More horses:

    The horse armor has been edited as well.

    Donkeys can be equipped with chests:

    Here are some new blocks. On the left you can see hardened clay compared to normal clay. In the center there are some hay bales. And on the right you can compare coal blocks (left), bedrock (right) and black wool (bottom).

    Cactus and cake were also changed in this version.

    And last but not least, here are some new items. From left to right: name tag, lead, coal, clay, lapis lazuli, iron horse armor, gold horse armor, diamond horse armor and a saddle.

    Version 0.26
    A lot of food items have been added: carrots, potatos, pumpkin pies, chicken, porkchops and beef!

    Leaves now look more awesome when using fast graphics. Here's the comparison between fancy graphics (top) and fast graphics (bottom).

    Version 0.24
    Here you can see the dispenser and the it's new happy brother the dropper.

    Version 0.23
    These are the new quartz blocks.

    Some other updates: Hopper and nether quartz ore in the back have been updated. You can see the new activator rails in the front - one powered by one of the newer pressure plates - and a golden rail between them for comparison.

    In the hotbar we have the new redstone icon, a hopper, a freshly added tnt minecart, an activator rail, and the (updated) nether quartz icon.

    Version 0.22
    New redstone stuff!
    In the back there is a redstone block and a trapped chest and in the front there is a daylight detector and two comparators.

    Version 0.18
    New Ores!

    New Obsidian!

    Version 0.17
    New Mobs!

    Version 0.15
    Me in my brand new diamond armor!

    Version 0.14
    New Grass:

    Version 0.13
    Circle Stone Bricks:

    Version 0.12
    Redstone Lamps:

    The main menu:

    In game gui (chest/furnace...)

    Put the zip file in your resource pack folder (open Minecraft, select "Options", click on "Resource Packs" and on "Open resource pack folder") and then select it in the "Resource Packs" menu.

    Download latest:
    Version 1.4 for Minecraft 1.10

    A MediaFire mirror is here.

    View this pack on Planet Minecraft.

    You can use these textures in your own resource pack if you credit me and everyone in the credits section.
    You must not use them for commercial purposes.
    You must not upload this resource pack in a whole to websites, forums or any other data sharing site. Link to the topic instead.
    You use these textures at your own risk: I'm not responsible for any damage on your computer or anything else.
    If you use my resource pack in youtube videos please link to this thread in the description of each video.

    I did most of the textures myself.
    Some of the textures were taken from Meine Kraft by Honeyball.

      • LATEST Version 1.4 (Minecraft 1.9 and 1.10)
        • add nether wart block
        • add bone block
        • add magma block
        • add chorus fruit
        • add popped chorus fruit
        • add elytra
        • add chorus plant
        • add chorus flower
        • add shield
        • add cocoa beans
        • add tipped arrows
        • add spectral arrow
        • add beetroot
        • add beetroot seeds
        • add beetroot soup
        • add frosted ice
        • add purpur block
        • add purpur pillar
        • add end rod
        • add boats
        • add lingering potions
        • add dragon's breath
        • add grass path
        • add end stone bricks
        • add inverted daylight detector
        • add chain command block
        • add impulse command block
        • add repeating command block
        • add end crystal item
        • add red nether brick
        • update nether brick
        • update redstone
        • update gui
        • update repeater
        • update comparator
      • Version 1.3 (Minecraft 1.8)
        • add andesite
        • add apples
        • add armor stand
        • add armor stand item
        • add banners
        • add barrier icon
        • add blaze powder
        • add bone meal
        • add bottle o' enchanting
        • add chiseled red sandstone
        • add coarse dirt
        • add cooked mutton
        • add cooked rabbit
        • add dark prismarine
        • add difficulty lock gui
        • add diosite
        • add door icons
        • add fermented spider eye
        • add fire charge
        • add glass pane model
        • add granite
        • add iron trapdoors
        • add ladder model
        • add map gui
        • add more icons
        • add polished andesite
        • add polished diosite
        • add polished granite
        • add prismarine
        • add prismarine bricks
        • add prismarine crystals
        • add prismarine shard
        • add quiver
        • add rabbit hide
        • add rabbit stew
        • add rabbit's foot
        • add raw mutton
        • add raw rabbit
        • add red sandstone
        • add red sandstone slab
        • add red sandstone stairs
        • add rotten flesh
        • add sea lantern
        • add slime blocks
        • add smooth red sandstone
        • add spider eye
        • add sponge
        • add trapdoor model
        • add wet sponge
        • add wooden doors
        • add world border
        • update axes
        • update books
        • update brick
        • update buckets
        • update chiseled stone bricks
        • update description (colors!)
        • update enchantment table gui
        • update map icons
        • update mojang logo
        • update nether brick
        • update podzol
        • update snowy grass side
        • update stained glass
        • update swords
        • update wood and iron door
      • Version 1.2 (Minecraft 1.7)
        • added flowers
        • added acacia (sapling, log, leaves and planks)
        • added dark oak (sapling, log, leaves and planks)
        • added stained glass
        • added fish
        • added podzol
        • added red sand
        • added ice
        • added packed ice
        • added potions
        • added dyes
        • added bricks
        • added nether bricks
        • added cobweb
        • added ender crystal
        • added end stone
        • added end portal
        • changed moss stone
        • changed sandstone
        • changed compass
        • changed clock
        • improved horses
        • added support for MCPatcher mods again
          • custom colors (portal)
          • connected textures (glass, bookshelves, sandstone)
          • compass and clock
      • Version 1.1 (Minecraft 1.6.2)
        • added individual log tops
        • readded hd font
      • Version 1.0 (Minecraft 1.6.1)
        • added horses
        • added donkey
        • added mule
        • added horse armor
        • added horse gui
        • added hay blocks
        • added leads
        • added name tags
        • added hardened clay
        • added stained clay
        • added cake
        • added cactus
        • added coal block
        • added coal item
        • added charcoal item
        • added clay item
        • added lapis lazuli item
        • added ink sack item
        • added flint item
        • added saddle item
        • Note: In this version I replaced the last original textures (namely cactus and cake and some items) and decided to call my texture pack 'released' now. The major version number, which is now 1, suggests that the pack replaces all default textures and is complete. Nevertheless the pack contains some placeholder textures from other texture packs which I want to replace as well, I have a list of textures I want to improve and I want to keep my pack up to date with the latest minecraft releases, so you can expect lots of updates in the future ;)

    • Version 0.26 (Minecraft 1.5.1)
      • added carrots and golden carrots
      • added potatoes, baked potatoes and poisonous potatoes
      • added pumpkin pies
      • added raw and cooked chicken
      • added raw and cooked porkchops
      • added raw beef and steak
      • improved leaves for fast graphics
    • Version 0.25 (Minecraft 1.5)
      • fixed a "missing texture" bug
    • Version 0.24 (Snapshot 13w05b)
      • added hopper minecart icon
      • added droppers
      • added vertical dispensers and droppers
      • updated quartz blocks
      • added player character
      • updated player skull icon
    • Version 0.23 (Snapshot 13w02b)
      • added quartz block, chiseled quartz block and pillar quartz block
      • added tnt minecart icon
      • added activator rails
      • updated redstone icon
      • added hopper block & icon
      • updated nether quartz and nether quartz ore: now white
      • updated clock and compass icon
      • updated iron door
    • Version 0.22 (Minecraft 1.4.6 / 13w01b)
      • added hopper block gui
      • added trap chests
      • added daylight detector
      • added redstone comparator
      • added redstone block
      • added nether quartz ore
      • added nether quartz
      • added nether brick
    • Version 0.21 (Minecraft 1.4.6)
      • added demo background
      • updated some icons and guis
      • added a christmas surprise
    • Version 0.20 (Minecraft 1.4.5 / 12w49a)
      • added wither skeleton
      • updated glowstone dust, gun powder and sugar
      • added creeper and zombie heads and skeleton and wither skeleton skulls
      • added firework
      • added enchanted book
      • added carrot and potatoe
    • Version 0.19 (Minecraft 1.4.2)
      • added beacon block & gui
      • added anvil block & gui
      • added flower pot
      • updated food
      • updated some items
    • Version 0.18 (Minecraft 1.3)
      • updated ores
      • updated obsidian
      • updated jungle log
      • updated moss stone and moss stone brick
      • updated iron, gold, diamond and lapis lazuli block
      • updated furnace, dispenser, cobblestone, the top of log
      • updated shadows on crafting table and ladder
    • Version 0.17 (Snapshot 12w22a)
      • added new creative inventory gui
      • added villager trading gui
      • added emeralds (item, ore and block)
      • added ender chest
      • added tripwire
      • mobs:
        • cow
        • mooshroom
        • pig
        • pigzombie
        • skeleton
        • spider
        • zombie
        • creeper
      • Note: There are additional mob textures (like pigzombie_kratos.png) included in the pack. They are not used because they don't fit the theme of the pack well (I don't want every second zombie to look like santa claus). If you want to test them anyway, you'll have to rename the default texture (pigzombie.png -> pigzombie_default.png) and then rename the additional texture (pigzombie_kratos.png -> pigzombie.png).
    • Version 0.16 (Minecraft 1.2.5 / 12w19a)
      • CTM (Connected Textures Mod) is now included in the plain version because MC Patcher supports it out of the box
      • added writable books
      • added cocoa plants
    • Version 0.15 (Minecraft 1.2.5)
      • added armor and items
    • Version 0.14 (Minecraft 1.2.4)
      • updated enchantment table: now uses green obsidian
      • added new wooden planks
      • added brick item
      • updated grass
      • updated mycelium particles: now purple
      • added pumpkin blur
      • added ender dragon egg
    • Version 0.13 (Minecraft 1.2.2)
      • added circle stone bricks
      • added enderman
      • updated obsidian: now green
      • added portal animation
      • now uses Custom Colors Mod (use MC Patcher!)
      • updated sand: now tiles better
    • Version 0.12 (Minecraft 1.1 / 12w07b)
      • added redstone lamp
    • Version 0.11 (Minecraft 1.1 / 12w05a)

    If you want to support me, please post this code into your signature:


    Thank you so much!

    Thanks for looking!

    Green Lightning

    Please upvote this post if you like my pack!

    Comments and feedback are very much appreciated!!!

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    posted a message on Ask Mojang to Allow Resource Packs to Change The Game's Colors!
    I think every resource pack author wants to change the colors which are currently hard coded into the game. Considering that they have implemented block states etc., reading all color values from a text file should be a minor change for them. So, let's tell them what we want!

    If you like the idea of custom colors in vanilla resource packs, please contact the Minecraft developer team and ask them to implement it!

    Leave a comment, if you like this idea and please spread the word.
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    posted a message on [64x64][1.2.5] Shibuya Power Texturepack
    I like it!
    Not just because it has Shibuya Power in its title, but your textures are awesome, too ;)
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    posted a message on What program should i use for seamless textures? aside from gimp...
    I'd love such a plugin for gimp too but unfortunately I haven't found it yet...
    I do it the following way:
    1. Create a layer which is 16x16 pixels big (I'm assuming default size)
    2. Make your texture
    3. Offset the layer (Strg+Shift+O or Layer-Transformation-Offset Layer), use the "offset by x/2 y/2" button or enter 8 and 8, make sure to select "wrap around" now you can edit the edges and corners of your texture.

    I do this several times and sometimes just offsetting it on the x or the y axis so you can see different edges and corners and it works pretty well. When making the dirt texture for example I select a darker and a lighter dirt color then I fill my whole texture with the lighter texture, select a nice brush paint one time in the center but not over the edges, then I wrap the texture around and make one click in the center again. This tiles pretty nice.
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    posted a message on How to change the sky color in a texture pack?
    Oh, i didn't know that. I looked into misa's pack and here's what you have to do:
    The skycolor is changed similar to how the grasscolor is changed using the biome coloring method. The actual colors are stored in misc/skycolor0.png which is a biome palette image. There's a tutorial on how this works by misa here! You may also want to look at misa's pack and maybe use her image as starting point.
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    posted a message on editing the enchantment glow
    power.png is actually for charged creepers (they get charged if a lightning hits them)
    glint.png is just used for the different shades and causes the flickering in game. Only the lightness value will be used. The color is hard coded in the game atm, but you could try and ask on the MC Patcher thread whether they want to include it in the custom colors mod.
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    posted a message on Tile Index Question
    As txtsd said: just count the tiles. They are indexed from left to right and then from top to bottom starting at 0. So grass is 0, stone is 1, dirt is 2, cobblestone is 16, bedrock is 17...

    Or get the position of the tile in the form of (x|y): grass has (0|0), cobblestone has (0|1) and the diamond block has (8|1).

    Then the >> tileIndex = y*16 + x <<
    This is useful for tiles with higher indexes, because you don't have to count so much:
    red wool has (8|1) so its tile index is 8*16 + 1 = 128 + 1 = 129.
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    posted a message on Compiling Catacomb Snatch?
    You need to tell eclipse where the libraries are:
    Right click on project -> Properties -> go to Java Build Path -> on the "Source" tab click "add folder" and select "res" then go to the "Libraries" tab click "add JARs" and select all the jar files in the "lib" folder.
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    posted a message on animated items
    Look at the Minecraft Patcher Thread. The section "Custom Animations" in "Information for Texture Pack Authors" tells you how to do it. You just need to provide a custom_item_xxx.png where xxx is the tile index (0-255) of the item in items.png. Read the thread for more information. But this works only for vanilla items, the nano sword is part of a mod and animated different.
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    posted a message on Tips:First texture pack
    Quote from epical_pwnage

    well 1 more question at the very least? On Gimp i use the grid(tool thing) and put 16x16 and there is really NO grid?How would i allow this grid to show up?

    Use "View->Show Grid" to make the grid visible!
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