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    posted a message on Anyone else a Minecraft veteran?
    Quote from elektropunch»

    I second this. I started out a the tail end of Alpha in October 2010 and I still have my original Alpha generated world named Albion. Before that though I was playing Classic

    I'm interested to see, do you happen to have any screenshots of the evolution of your world? I'm curious to see what it looked like in Alpha compared to now.

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    posted a message on Hostile mob spawning has changed a lot in 1.18

    wow those terrain picks look pretty cool. With triple terrain does it not make finding ores like redstone and diamonds much harder and time consuming to get to sufficiently low enough levels?

    So it seem that the best answer would be for Mojang to up the spawn rate, and fiddle around with min/max spawn radii.

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    posted a message on Anyone else a Minecraft veteran?

    Surely beta, alpha, and early release players (2009-2012) count as veterans, and everyone else after not?

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    posted a message on i dont like the way minecraft is going
    Quote from Wedhro»

    I have no idea what you mean by "losing its magic" so I'll just add my two cents: to me it feels like a group of modders started injecting mods I would never install if I had the choice. Simply, I don't agree with any of their post-Notch policies and I don't think they're good at designing compelling gameplay. There's a bunch of quality of life new features that I would miss on older version, but otherwise the game plays pretty much the same, and the worst mistakes can still be fixed with gamerules/datapacks/mods; which is kind of a drag, but better than playing a super-obsolete version.

    Could you elaborate on what things you don't like or think or broken?

    Honestly I'm still salty over beta 1.8+ terrain >:(

    I wish there was an option for beta 1.7 and previous terrain. Though, the fabric mod Modern Beta really fills this itch, but wish it included more modern new biomes.

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    posted a message on Do you guys feel like you aren't able to play Minecraft the same way from when you were younger?

    Wow that's really interesting that the average player age is 24. Though it's not too surprising IMO, most of the players in alpha/beta were mostly teens and young adults. 10 years goes on and they're in 20s-30s.

    I think the perception that minecraft is a children's game really stems from the large production of Youtube content directly marketed for children in a very non-discrete way. Back in 2010-2013 there wasn't much of this type of content, but as the game become really popular, this stuff exploded and now it's funny to see young teens being nostalgic about the stuff produced for children 2014+

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    posted a message on Is it possible to switch (singleplayer) between Survival and Creator modes?

    Yep for release 1.3+ open to LAN is the way to go, and turn on cheats.

    Edit: this is for Java btw.

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    posted a message on It Doesn't feel the same

    This isn't just nostalgia, old Minecraft feels way way more colourful - think beta rainforest - and much more moodier. I like both of these things.

    While new minecraft feels very washed out, colours are dull, and everything feels very de-saturated. :/

    Ambience adds a lot to the character and emotion feel of a game. And I think the charmful colours and lighting has sadly been lost over recent years.

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    posted a message on Hostile mob spawning has changed a lot in 1.18

    No I get what you mean. There feels like theres hardly any mobs on the surface and in caves. I don't think it has anything to do with the new zero light level requirement.

    I think this might mostly be due to how many caves and how large they are now. So there's far more room and space for mobs to spawn. Coupled together with the mob cap, I think this really hinders the number of hostile mobs spawning....

    I wish they increased the frequency of hostile mobs spawning again :/

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    posted a message on Hardcore darkness

    I think the implementation of hardcore darkness in Better than Wolves is awesome, and really sets a good example of how it can be successfully implemented in vanilla.

    The link to the mod is here, it's available via MC forums.


    There is a thing called gloom which corresponds to zero light level, and makes the corresponding block pitch black. Moody and Bright brightness levels work like normal, but gloom is always pitch black.

    To counter balance the argument of getting stuck and lost in a dark cave, in gloom you eventually die - think like Don't Starve. This way you never get indefinitely stuck in dark caves + interesting design to stop building a dark dirt shack and use natural sun/moon light.

    Also, like TheMasterCaver has in his mod, the moon phase affects brightness, with full moon normal, and new moon zero light, aka gloom.


    I see zero reason why this isn't an optional feature of vanilla.

    Another great feature to complement this, albeit somewhat contentious, is that torches should have limited lifetimes, 20 minutes, burn out and cannot be re-lit. But to reward going to Nether ect, you should be able to make infinite duration torches that do not burn out.

    Better than Wolves also implements this and I think it works excellently, it makes caving very suspenseful and a lot of fun honestly!

    I've uploaded some images to help share what I mean, taken from Better than Wolves CE1.3.

    Quote from Serpentines»

    Uhhhh yeah that's great and all, but that's how the game is set up. It can be 'my fault' 1,000 times over, but whether someone prepares badly for going in a cave or not, leaving them in absolute black nothingness is still a bad place to be in. Pretty effortless goes-without-saying advice for someone who knows the game, but still an unnecessary beginner's trap for a lot of players out there.

    I personally couldn't really care less about this idea existing since I'll never enter a cave without more stacks of coal, torches, planks and logs than I'll ever need. There's many theoretical scenarios in a game with an infinite amount of different outcomes of someone running out of stuff in a cave and being stuck in unhelpful blackness.

    I think killing the player (gradually after 30s-60s, not all of a sudden) in pitch black darkness nullifies your concern about stranding players and not being able to see anything, and being stuck indefinitely.

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    posted a message on Anyone else have a different feeling playing old Minecraft vs. new Minecraft?

    In regards to maps, I'm pretty sure it's because map makers moved from java to bedrock. On Java people have to put in hours of effect for free. But on Bedrock, the makers can monetise their content, and so there is an active incentive to make maps on bedrock rather than Java. That's how I understand it at least.

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    posted a message on Anyone else have a different feeling playing old Minecraft vs. new Minecraft?

    I suspect most of it comes down to aesthetic changes. For example, I think the new lighting engine has made things a lot brighter and game used to be much moodier (personally I prefer it darker). Also a lot of sounds were changed post 1.6 I think or something like that. The art style of the old pixelated textures also helps, it definitely makes it feel really indie.

    The biggest thing is that a lot of quality of life changes has been made over the years. Originally you could describe the game as being an indie project. But since 2012 and beyond, the "quality" of the game has improved, and so some of the rough charm has been removed. I suspect this might also lead to the feeling.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite (UNMODIFIED) version of the game?

    Personally I would say beta 1.7.3, but I wouldn't say that the game was ruined 1.8 and beyond. I think the game went in a different direction to what I would have liked.

    Some reasons for why I prefer beta 1.7.3

    - Good world terrain generation; I still believe it's better than 1.18; cliffs, overhangs, bright grass colour that depends on temperature/humidity and not biome, and the best feature of all, sand and gravel beaches

    - nights are darker; also slight negative

    - slow paced gameplay with no hunger and no sprinting. In it's current state (modern minecraft), hunger is a chore and adds no novel gameplay loops

    - no cheaty enchantment options

    - version with pistons

    - no elytra; hehe change my mind

    - dark blue water; tbh not fan of post 1.13 water colour and how transparent it is from the air/surface

    Some things I miss in beta 1.7.3

    - Nether is pointless, except glowstone

    - limited biome types; but I like the biomes that exist

    - limited redstone features

    - very very limited block palette

    Honestly, besides terrain generation and hunger, not much has changed pre and post 1.7.3. Minecraft is effectively still minecraft. New things have of course been added. But for the most part, the basic game mechanics are still the same and the wood,stone,iron,diamond progress has not changed since indev. In my opinion, I think tech mods are the best version of MC, but that wasn't the question ;)

    Also, I think the game has steadily been getting easier with each update. It's never been a hard game, but... I think it has gotten easier. Since 2010, I don't think difficulty has been a thing the developers have really cared for. Also, MC combat is fairly limited so not sure where difficulty can be added...

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Better than Wolves: Community Edition (v1.3.5) - Minecraft Total Conversion

    Hi dawnraider,

    Awesome to see that you've and the team have been working hard to keep improving FlowerChild's original mod. I was wondering if you have any plans to make the early game content not so frustratingly difficult? I honestly find the early game very very grindy and if you make one small mistake it's very easy to ruin a good run. Most of my runs end up with playing for an hour or two and then I end up dying a rage quitting. I think the early game is really rough and probably turns off a lot of newer players.

    I have a few suggestions that might help ease the difficulty and frustration:

      • Berry bushes or fruit trees that act as early game food sources; don't regrow or grow back only after players die. Hunger management is challenge early game and ends up being you can only eat meat. But I don't see why the mod can't take inspiration from don't starve where one of the major survival elements is, well, hunger. To ease players into the early game, there is a bounty of non-renewable, or slowly renewing food items, and then players have to learn to make farms as they spend more time in the world.
      • Digging holes into the earth to survive the first night isn't fun, I suggest the dirt layer should be 4 blocks instead of three.
      • Easier way to get cobwebs; say world could naturally generate with cobwebs. If there are no spiders or chickens then it's impossible to progress.
      • animals respawning after the player dies.
      • access to early game "chests" so you can place items. So when you die your progress isn't sent back to zero.
      • when a player dies a "zombie chest" could spawn, aka a zombie that holds your items. It would not despawn until you fight it and try to reclaim your items.
      • Campfires not being less efficient if you bring it up to maximum intensity; it's not very challenging keeping a fire fueled, and that is the only real challenge if you successfully make a dirt hole.
      • Vanilla 1.5 overworld is terribly lifeless and boring. Terrafirmacraft for example can be considered a "harder" minecraft mod, but the variety and uniqueness of the world balances things out. Especially with hardcore spawn, I respawned probably more than 5 times in a snowy taiga in a row. It's really beats you down when you respawn in similar environments to where you died last.
      • I have some sub-suggestions for things that could add more life to the world.
        • biomes
        • neutral mobs
        • trees: more wood types and tree variations
        • plants: more flowers, edible items, or other cosmetic objects
        • stone: not just classic gray stone, but also granite or basalt.
        • weather: fog (different intensities), rain (light, medium heavy), dry lightning, etc.
      • Make jumping less taxing on hunger. Minecraft is a vertical game.
      • Allow changing the key binding of sprinting from double tap w to something else. It's too easy to accidentally sprint.

    • Some sort of night time torches, that allows you to explore outside with dynamic lighting. It wouldn't be place-able but allow players to not be affected by gloom and be able to explore during the night.
    • Moon cycles resetting after hardcore spawn. The first night after a player hardcore spawns should be a bright full moon. Currently, you can be in the situation where the first night is a new moon (no moonlight).
    • Rain cycle should also reset after hardcore spawn. The first day shouldn't be a thunderstorm :/

    Some very important suggestions:

    • There needs to be a recipe/crafting guide, (say pressing r). I had no idea about the bow drill until very recently when I saw a youtube lets play of it. For new players it's not clear what you should or can do. There are probably numerous other things that I'm missing.
    • New achievements relevant to BTW should be added, and hopefully add a way to guide the player as to what to do.

    Honestly, I feel the greatest frustration is putting a few hours into a world, dying, hardcore spawning, and having no real impact on the world. There is also, 1) no items are saved, and 2) the player's presence in the world has a negative impact as hostile mobs kill passive animals, which don't respawn. Also by early game I mean pre-iron, as honestly I haven't been able to progress past the clay era yet.

    A second point is that the hunger tax on jumping is far too punishing. I know the meta is to make dirt slabs and path everywhere. But I'll be honest, this is not a fun way to play minecraft. I think the hunger penalty for jumping should definitely be reduced. Minecraft is a game made of blocks, and well, you have to jump to get around!

    Another annoyance with the early game is that during the night times there is very little you can do except sit at your computer waiting 10 minutes for sunrise. The only thing that can be done is to keep the campfire fueled up every minute or so. The night times are very boring and there is really nothing you can do. In vanilla minecraft, this is mitigated as it forces players to mine, but as this mod makes mining a higher tech tree activity, there is nothing to do during the night that is fun.

    The mod has a lot of content that is challenging. But I can't say I have much fun playing the early game. And no, being challenged is not fun when it affects my ability to sleep IRL.

    Also, I highly recommend there to be an option to turn off the ability to turn on cheats via Lan ;

    Sorry if this has come off somewhat negative. The mod raises a lot of emotions with me, but the net one seems to be a lot of frustration.

    I guess the TLDR is that there needs to be greater focus on fleshing out the early game. Not making it so frustrating and making it more fun and enjoyable. There are countless things that punish players, but I think there needs to be more things that rewards the players. I can understand that for seasoned players, the early game is not much of a challenge. But for newer players, it really discourages us from making any serious progress with the mod, and so we can't enjoy all of the interesting features.

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