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    Quote from Crazychicken100

    Minecraft needs some more challenges, so here is something I have come up with: quests! Quests are things that can give you rewards such as food, xp, or other good stuff. First, let me explain quests.

    Well, quests are challenges to earn awards. How do you do quests? Well, villagers give quests!
    So, certain villagers would give certain quests. To do a quest, go up to a villager like you're going to trade, and there will be a thing asking:
    What would you like to do?
    Quest, or, trade
    So, if you press quest, a GUI will pop up giving you a list of available quests.


    1: Kill 1 Pig
    Reward: +5 xp
    2: Kill 5 Pigs
    Reward: +10 xp
    See 1
    3: Plant 8 Carrots
    Reward: Gold Hoe, +5 xp
    See 1
    4: Obtain 5 Potatoes from Zombies
    Reward: Zombie Head, +5 xp
    Makes sense I guess, but kind of underpowered.
    5: Kill 10 Cows, and 5 Sheep
    Reward: Red Dye, +10 xp, Cow Spawner Egg
    More Ideas for Farmer Soon!


    1: Obtain 10 Sugercane
    Reward: +5 xp
    2: Obtain 10 Sugarcane
    Reward: +5 Xp
    That's the same thing as 1.
    3: Craft 50 Wood Planks
    Reward: Skeleton Head, +10 xp
    Way too easy to get wood, so no.
    4: Craft Paper
    Reward: Sprint Potion, +5 xp
    5: Craft 20 Books
    Reward: 2 Cakes, +10 xp
    see number 4.
    6: Craft 10 Bookshelves and put them in the library
    Reward: 5 Diamonds, +20 Xp
    see number 5.

    1: Get 5 Buckets of Water
    Reward: +5 xp
    2: Kill 10 Sheep
    Reward: +5 Xp
    3: Craft a Book and Quil
    Reward: Creeper Head, +10 Xp
    4: Write anything you want, but use the word: "Notch" 10 times
    Reward: 5 Emeralds, +20 Xp
    Notch Notch Notch Notch Notch Notch Notch Notch Notch Notch = 5 emeralds and 20 xp. See number 3.

    1: Get 20 Iron Ores
    Reward: +20 Xp
    I guess that's balanced.
    2: Smelt 20 Iron Ores
    Reward: +20 Xp
    Overpowered. Just wait a few minutes and you get 20 xp. I don't think you realize how much that is.
    3: Craft 2 Anvils
    Reward: +10 Xp
    Underpowered, my friend.
    4: Fix a Diamond Pickaxe
    Reward: 5 Diamonds, +10 Xp
    You got 3 diamonds? Here's 2 more.

    1: Kill 5 Pigs
    Reward: +5 Xp
    I'm done with this.
    2: Kill 10 Cows
    Reward: +10 Xp
    See number 1.
    3: Kill 20 Chicken
    Reward: Chain Armor, +5 Xp
    4: Cook 10 Pork, 5 Steak, 8 Chicken
    Reward: 5 Emeralds, +10 Xp
    See number 3.

    Quote from Crazychicken100


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    Quote from AlmostLiberated

    I support IF AND ONLY IF these become gamerules

    Yes it would make more sense as gamerules, but I feel like this is simpler.
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    While already implemented, this is simpler and more reliable. Support.
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    Who thinks I should add spectator features? (I already did, but now they seem overpowered)
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    Quote from LeGaming

    No Support. There is the Chat and Backslash to do the job.

    Did I not say in this post that the reason this could be added is because the Chat Box has a very low character limit?
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    This idea is based off of a comment on another topic.

    Original Post: http://www.minecraft...and-block-item/

    Okay, let's get started.

    It gets annoying having to pick up and place a Command Block everywhere for commands, and the very low character limit of the chat box doesn't help, so here's a solution.

    The Command Remote!

    The Command Remote is a portable item that's a mix of the Command Block and the Chat Box. It's portable, has a long character limit, and has 2 new features.

    To Create Commands

    To type a command in, you shift + right click to open a GUI. The GUI looks like a regular Command Block, with a new button that says, "lock". When this button is pressed, you can no longer open the GUI.

    To Execute Commands

    To execute a command, you just right click, then everything works as normal. If the item is locked, then unlike the Command Block, the output goes in the chat, so if a command is working because Cheese isn't a real mob, then it would go like this:

    (In the remote)
    /summon Cheese ~ ~ ~
    *presses lock button*
    (in chat)
    [@]: Unable to summon entity

    Also, if locked and the command cannot be executed, it conveniently unlocks itself.

    Other Features

    Only one extra little feature: Anyone not OP cannot open this remote.



    DarkStar634 - for the Lock Button Idea
    DogeAlmighty - for the autolock if not OP idea
    Talons7331 - for giving me worthless internet points if I made this thread
    Vman_2002 - for the actual idea, obviously
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    Heh, kinda good.
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    Quote from DarkStar634

    I like this idea, but I would rather just be able to change the texture of swords than this.

    Partiail support!

    But then you can't change the durability or damage.
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    Quote from Ridash

    I don't see how this is vague. I explained everything about tomatoes that there is. I did not make this post because I like DevineRPG. I just think it would be cool to have tomatoes in Minecraft. We have potatoes, why not tomatoes?

    No explanation on the look, how you get it, how much food it heals, if you can grow it or not, and other missing details.
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    Let me edumacate you using Theriasis' guide.

    Quote from Theriasis

    Threads You Are Not Allowed to Make
    Unless you have a "getting my own threads locked" fetish.

    Vague Ideas
    It won't kill you. Explain your idea in more than 2 rushed "I have to go to school soon" sentences. Vague ideas usually get locked instantly here, so you may lose that chance to edit your thread for the better.

    Excuses You Shouldn't Use
    And you should feel bad if you use them.

    "Game X has this, so Minecraft should have this!"

    I actually seen a thread where someone suggested that hot water magically heal you because a Legend of Zelda game had sauna's that could heal you. Uhhh okay.

    We get it. Some of you like Skyrim. Some of you like Call of Duty. Some of you like Mario games. That's fine, but don't shut your brain off and start copy and pasting crap from those games. Shooting fire from your hands doesn't work in every game. Using your UAV killstreak doesn't work in every game.

    Basically, you liking something in a game doesn't mean Minecraft should have it. Try to think outside yourself and not base the community around your thoughts. At the very best, if you're gonna copy and paste an idea from another game, at least reshape it so it's more balanced.

    Presentations You Need to Avoid
    Because people will probably hate you a little if you don't avoid them.

    "Add this mod!"
    Thank you, FrozenS2M

    Gotta love it when people forget why mods are mods. Anyone at their own liesure can use the mod or not. Yes, we know there are mods you like, but that doesn't you should make a thread and go "add this to the game I'd really appreciate so yeah bye and support". Duuuumb.

    This is usually caused by users with that mentality of "everyone else's opinions always match mine so errr yeah!" No. They don't. I'm sure you'd get all giddy if Mojang added the "Mo' Creatures" mod just for you, but the other 10,000,000 people that play this game may not. And those other 10,000,000 people, believe it or not, might have a different opinion than you! Woah! Strange right?!
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    Thanks for the support guys.
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    Eh, the idea is useless. I could see why you'd want a portable command block, since it has a much longer character limit than the chat box.

    To improve, here are my ideas:

    1. Call it the "Command Remote" and make it look like a remote with the command buttons and an antenna. (might not fit into Minecraft though.)

    2. Get rid of the ability to choose commands, that's USELESS. just make it so that you can type in a command.

    3. Instead of it doing the command right after bring typed, you should be able to hit shift + right click to type the command, and just right click to activate it.

    Here's my picture:

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    Quote from tyler1555

    Quick question to everyone, would you rather wait for the next content update to come to 1.8 and have a quicker update or push out new content pre-1.8 but go through a lengthy update process?

    The first one depending on the content.
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    Yes please.
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    Where's Yoshi9048's handy dandy rubrick when you need it...
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