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    Quote from Blfngl

    Denied. However, thank you for getting the RP correct XD. Your bio is a little to short and you missed some of the rules. Your power-gaming def is a little of as well.

    is (- Tell me how frugal you really are in your application) the rule i missed because i didn't really get that one
    and ya geas my bio is a little short ill try to fix that up tomarrow, it's hard coming up with that stuff at 3 am :3
    and it's been awile since i heard power gaming mind telling me what it is so i can fix it?
    and really you have got to be kidding me no one started spamming me hate measages, well .... it has only been one day :3

    and btw when you say you missed a rule can you please say wich one?
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    OOC -
IGN:------------------------------- GrayWolf448
Gender:--------------------------- male
Age:------------------------------- 14
Have you read the rules:---------yes
Have you read the lore:----------that is the one thing that i cant find

    RP Expierence:-------------------fallout 3,fallout NV,oblivion,skyrim

    Fallout Expierence:---------------fallout 3,fallout NV
Define Meta Gaming:------------using out of game rocorces to give a advantage for ex) a bet in RP you go to web browser and serch up question

    Define Power Gaming:------------when you force another player into RP (ya i know it's not that good writen somtimes i just suck at explaning things :/ )

IC -

Race:--------------------furry (fox) (hey trolls keep quiet. yes we play games -_- )

    Appearence:------------slim, light gray and white fur, 6 feet 4 inch, brown cargo paints, brown shirt,short snout,pointed ears
Signifying Traits:--------he's a furry(fox) , very friendly, slim 

    Signifying Skills:--------scavenging,very sneaky,specalices in semi-auto rifles,great sences(smell,hearing,sigh)
(40 points to distribute, maxes out on 10)





RP example:

    *alarm sounds*

    ...critical radiation levels detected...

    ...unengaging cryo-pot locks...

    ...reviving subject...

    "where am i

    critical radiation detected all personel evacuate!
    imedent meltdown in t-minus 10 minates

    russell starts sprinting to get out
    steel suport beam falls and covers door
    "THAT WAY!"
    he quickly turned and saw a ladder
    he got to top of ladder with the radiation levels rising to be leathal
    russell starts sprinting as fast as he can to try to make it trough the possible exit
    "OH SH*T!"
    while trying to run out the cealing colapses and traps russell in a room with dangorus levels of radition getting higher and highly flamable fumes in the air that will combust of he doesnt make it out soon
    "need to find another way out!"
    after looking around for a few seconds he finds a lose air vent on tha wall and pulls it off and starts to climb up the vent.
    close to the end of the vent the fumes in the room got ignite by a spark and fire rushed up the vent can blew russell 10 ft in the air.
    russell took a hard landing and after a few seconds he pased out right in the moon's light explosed to any mutated creature that romes the waste.

    Russell was a soldier in the United States army he was assighned at the alasken front to defend the US borders from the chines.
    the conditions in alaska were horibal to the soldiers and secretly the US govenment were working on a way to make people more able to withstand the bitter cold Russell the only soldier that was able to stand the cold and still fight was asked to volunteer for the expearament, Russell accepted for the greater commont of the people to help his fellow soldiers and to repell the chineas off US soile.
    the expearament was supost to be seacret, only Russell and the government knew about the expearament. The way they planed to create a soldier able to stand the cold was to mix human DNA and the DNA from a fox. most of the time russell was in a cryo-sleep pod
    to not take any risk of his body rejecting the changed parts. before they were able to finish testing and deploy the new soldier to the front line, the great war begain russell was the only one in the testing facilite the scieticte evacuated and went in hidding in other vaults but the vaults weren't sealed and they all died. due to the shifting of the earths crust the cryo-pod russell was in broke and freezed russell to the part of not being able to even dream. over 200 years the reactor in the testing facility was shifted by under ground quakes and started a meltdown. during the melt down hight levels of radiation started to leak out and trigered the emergency system in the cryo-pod and woke russell up. bairly making it out russell finds him self unconscious out in the middle of the wastes exposed to any creature that might dewll out side. this is where his story of life in the wastes starts out

    if you see any errors mostly because it's 3:14 am and my comp crashed so i hope to see you in the server :D
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    Quote from GrayWolf448

    so how would i join the server as a member not a mod or anything does it have a web sight or some other fourm where you post applies for member?

    nvm just found out how
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    so how would i join the server as a member not a mod or anything does it have a web sight or some other fourm where you post applies for member?
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    iv seen a 3k one
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