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    Here are a few of the things I've built

    First is just some walkways and such in an extreme hills biome. You can see my Tardis in the background

    This is the castle I've build in the sky


    Up the rail to the sky castle

    My dark room spawner

    The Front of my castle (FOV altered)

    A hallway

    Two views from one of the towers

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    Quote from aaronTbarratt

    Inspired by Counter Strike by any chance? De-Rats map?
    Really awesome work as well! :D


    Never played counter strike actually

    Quote from Randomness3333

    Wow. This is great. I'd suggest adding a window next to the door and some more kitchen objects to the counter such as a sink.

    Window next to the door is a good idea, the sink will be on th other side of the room actually. I plan on making this in to a full house hopefully
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    This is my progress from the last couple days on my first try at creative since I got minecraft a couple years ago. I'm looking for suggestions of things to add as well as any tips. I also plan on turning this in to an adventure map in the future. (Also, the Ice and water dispensers in the freezer side work)

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