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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [Detail] [Modloader] Wooden Slabs +
    This mod simply add 3 new slabs: Birch, Jungle and Redwood on the block ID 125
    I find they the most important thing to be added with the new woods.

    The recipe is 3 wooden blocks of the same type in a line.

    Modded Half Slabs doesn't have lighting glitches (didn't fixed the vannila slab because didn't wanted to edit vanilla classes)

    Download link
    [Requires Risugami's Modloader]
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][Detail] Sided Logs
    [1.2.3] Sided Logs

    When you place logs it will face you. Holding sneak key will make you place logs as always.
    This mod doesnt add any block, it just changes the texture depending on how you place it. You world doesn't corrupt if you uninstall this mod after placing logs but will make it look as usual.

    This mod requires ModLoader.

    (To install this mod just put its content inside minecraft.jar
    Put the Sided Logs.rar inside %appdata%/.minecraft/mods)
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Shearable Chicken!
    Hello audience, when we left off toby was playing minecraft once again and then he:

    And guess what? Guess what? he sheared it and nothing happens! because it doesn't have any frikkin thing to shear! Why cant he shears feathers off?

    So with this brilliant idea I just made this little mod:
    [1.0.0] Shearable Chickens
    (Thanks to Brandon, AKA TheSqueakersCraft on youtube for this awesome creative review!)
    This mod makes chickens shearable which drops 2-4 feathers! much better than killing all chickens around!
    Now, if you have a chicken farm the things are even better! chickens feathers grows back after a while! (Time to grow feathers is equivalent to the time of laying 2 eggs)

    Note: To install this mod you need ModLoader (for equivalent version of the mod): Risugami's Modloader

    Download Shearable Chickens Mod for 1.0.0

    Download Shearable Chickens Mod for Beta 1.8.1

    [1.0.0]. Sheep Wool Regen
    Now if you know about real life algorithms, you should know sheeps wool grows back eventually...
    Basically this mod makes sheeps wool regenerate after a while just like chickens feathers!

    Note: This mod does not need modloader

    Download Sheep Regen Mod for 1.0.0

    Download Sheep Regen Mod for Beta 1.8.1

    Now i gotta pause it. Thanks for reading and click the frikkin top middle download button to download.
    Bless yo face.
    If you sneezed during this mod-topic or died for no reason, bless you.
    Peace out.
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