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    Pillage Craft SMP!

    What is Pillage Craft?

    PillageCraft is a SMP server with a heavy focus on the ingame economy!

    How do we make money?

    You can make money in various ways! You can use the auction house, admin shop, complete jobs, level skills or you can kill mobs!

    How do I protect my stuff?

    Your first chest will create your landclaim anything inside of the glowstone and gold blocks will be protected!

    can use /buyclaimblocks <amount> to buy more claimblocks. You
    can expand your claim by right clicking the glowstone with a golden
    shovel and moving it where you want it!

    Is it laggy?

    No! My server is hosted by APEX so it does not lag!


    Absolutely no pay 2 win! This is a server for those people who love the grind!

    Custom enchants?

    Yes the hub has a enchanting wall that you can use to enchant items beyond the maximum ingame level!

    This will require money and does have a chance to not work!

    Who is this server for?

    This server is for anyone! We do our best to keep our community friendly for everyone!

    We off 2 different seeds 15000x15000 for you to play in!

    Both worlds are connected!

    How do I play?!?!

    Server IP:pillagecraft.apexmc.co



    will result in a ban you will not be unbanned! This is your only
    warning in regards to using hacked clients, autoclickers!

    Looking for staff and active players!

    I will regularly update the server to keep it up to date with new versions of minecraft!

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    posted a message on PillageCraft [SMP] {Land Claim}{Auction House}{MCMMO}{All Ages}{18+ Channels}{1.16.4}{Java}

    PillageCraft is
    a Semi-Vanilla SMP server, that adds plugins such as Land claims, rtp,
    and sethome to prevent greifing and allow easy access to your builds
    across our 15,000, by 15,000 world border (for increased player
    interaction). Join our discord to
    get together with other players and be a part of our server events for a
    chance to earn in-game rewards such as ranks, money and keys!

    Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/sxYTy5gnwC

    Server IP: pillagercraft.apexmc.co


      Blood Moon

      50% chance custom mobs will randomly spawn at night.

      These OP mobs drop BloodMoon keys, used at our spawns crates for a chance to get powerful gear using golden enchants

      like the sound of BloodMoons? Don't worry! They only last one night
      every 8 days, and the chances of running into these special mobs isn't
      very high.


      every day for free rewards and vote on the provided websites to get
      access to in-game money (don't worry, we aren't pay to win! Money is
      used for land claiming and the auction house! This means no one can simply buy their way to power)


      is a plugin that teleports you to a random location, while keeping
      player built structures in mind! (meaning you wont spawn directly on top
      of someone's base)

      18+ Channels

      to play the game with a more mature/older audience? Select our 18+ role
      to be given access to an entirely different section if the discord that
      has several text and voice channels! (This doesn't mean that younger
      players aren't allowed, it's just for those that would like the option)

      Present and Friendly Staff

      current staff plays on the server regularly, and are just a message
      away from getting some help with any issues involving the Minecraft
      server itself, other players, etc...

      We consistently ask for feedback and suggestions to make sure your experience is the best it can be!

      New Plugins and Game modes

      PillageCraft doesn't plan on stopping at SMP's, we plan on expanding to load of other game modes as well!

      PillageCraft is also constantly adding plugins to improve standards of living, gameplay and fun!

    all or any of the things mentioned above interest you, I heavily
    recommend you give it a try! The people we have accumulated thus far are
    quite nice and have conversations about progress, how-to's and just
    life in general. Of course, if you don't want to talk about your
    personal life you do not have to! If you have any questions or concerns,
    comment down below and we'll get to you as soon as possible or if you
    have an urgent question that you'd like to be answered quicker, contact GrandpaCrunkle#3763 or Fletchy#5812 on discord!

    Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/sxYTy5gnwC

    Server IP: pillagercraft.apexmc.co

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