About Me

Hi! I'm GranataPacifica, but my friends call me by my real name (Alessandro) or Granata, from my in-game name of GranataPacifica.
I mostly play minecraft on multiplayer with my friends and without, but for no-limits stuff that I like to create like custom items, I use singleplayer worlds.

I have a YouTube channel where I post random videos about everything. I'm very friendly and always willing to help, so if you have any questions about some reply that I made for extra info, or anything, really! don't be afraid to ask me.

Also, I post rarely, because the questions that I have I usually search them up on google and I almost always find the answer, so If I am asking something here, I must be REALLY desperate. (still tho.)


In 3 words? I-Like-Minecraft. I love messing around with commands to create custom items, build maps and create resourcepacks. I'm currently working on a resourcepack of mine, but as of right now since it's incomplete it's private, I will release it when it's complete.

Profile Information

Minecraft GranataPacifica Steam granatapacifica Discord GG GranataLOL#0852 PMC Granata08YT