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    Welcome.... TO YOUR DEATH!

    By Got2Survive


    Note: for posts regarding current version/progress on the map, skip to page 10

    Seeking fame and glory, you convince yourself to head to the ancient dungeons, where many a hero has perished, seeking the same as you do now. Reaching the end and collecting the sacred gems rumored only to exist inside of the dungeons is the only way to prove that you have completed the journey. So, grabbing your gear, you rest at the shack nearby and set out at nightfall.


    • Hand-crafted dungeons, complete with multiple levels and rooms that connect like a maze!
    • Massive caves!
    • Hand placed mobs with custom named and enchanted armour!
    • Masterfully planned gameplay, with expert pacing to keep you on the edge!
    • Loads of custom loot!
    • Custom shops!
    • Total boss fights so far: 4
    • Creative use of new features in 1.4.7 and up.
    • Supports multiple players! (Don't go grabbing 20 of your friends, though)
    • Side Quests! (2 Side Quest so far!)
    • Hidden Lore books hidden throughout the map!
    • 3+ hours of gameplay!
    • And more to come! Map isn't finished yet, only V3! You decide what I add next!

    (May contain spoilers?)

    *Italics are things that were requested. Bold are major additions. Underlined are major changes.

    Repriced shops.

    Added more checkpoints

    Added more bosses

    Buffed the Baconator

    Reworked the mob systems. Files got corrupted so I had to completely recreate original mobs from scratch
    and re-place all of them.

    Added hidden lore books throughout the map. Current books are in the form of journals.

    Added railway systems (boy those were fun to make).

    Added another sidequest (with optional boss!)

    Made more piston stuff

    Added another beacon room

    Added another big drop

    Tripled total map size

    Made starting area more interesting

    Made the map way harder

    There are now more mob variations then last time.

    Added a couple more traps

    Added an area with a scarcity of loot (trust me, it's needed).

    Fixed shop villagers being out of clicking distance

    Made some shop items conceivably buyable (not the set of death, though, I intend for that to be end-game stuff)

    Added button checkpoint system inside of main shop

    Added tutorial section that will hopefully help you figure out how to use the checkpoint system

    Added a few more dungeon rooms

    Filled empty dispensers
    Filled empty chests
    Filled most of all empty rooms with mobs
    Added more mob varieties (11 more than last time!)

    Added second boss fight, way harder than Baconator (Almost died twice on easy)

    Added another checkpoint

    Added another eeeeeevilllll trap > :D
    Added sidequest about a fallen knight
    Added room with beacon
    Added more aesthetics to areas from V1
    Added more variety of loot!
    Added food into some chests :D

    Made areas more worth it to visit!!!

    Various other minor fixes




    Please support these YouTubers who have gone out of their way to make some videos on my map :D


    Bren Tenkage (Current version of map!)


    dbzethioboy (first to make a video!)

    xAIMx (Youtube: xAIMxv2)


    GigiRAR Channel


    Bren Tenkage:
    "It's gunna be a lot harder than it looks..."

    "Notch help us all once trapped chests are included in the next update..."

    McTavesh (WombatCombatGaming):

    "...It's really impressive, actually, it brings something new to Minecraft that you don't normally experience."

    "Nice map, I played about half of the first dungeon and it's better than I thought it would be-the map is perfect for taking out rage on hordes of zombies, good job."




    V3 (12.81 MB)

    Thank you and please give me some feedback in the comments below, it's my first map since 1.4!
    And don't forget to switch to at least easy before playing the map!

    Recommended texture packs are default (as I created the map using it) or the John Smith texture pack. DokuCraft Dark is also nice!

    Thanks to people who have repped my post!
    Thanks to people who played my map ^.^
    Thanks to all who have made videos of my map!
    Special thanks to Piefarmer for making sig+banner for the map :)

    Ye olde milestones

    OVER 450 DOWNLOADS AS OF 26/11/2012!! THANKS GUYS!
    OVER 500 DOWNLOADS AS OF 27/11/2012! THANK YOU!
    OVER 600 DOWNLOADS AS OF 27/11/2012! THANK YOU!
    OVER 700 DOWNLOADS AS OF 28/11/2012! THANKS!!!
    OVER 800 DOWNLOADS AS OF 29/11/2012! :D
    OVER 900 DOWNLOADS AS OF 30/11/2012! Hoping for 1000 soon!

    OVER 1000 DOWNLOADS AS OF 1/12/2012!!! Thanks!!!

    Over 1200 Downloads as of 8/12/2012! Thank you!
    OVER 1900 DOWNLOADS AS OF 17/12/2012! THANKS!

    Over 2000 downloads as of 24/12/2012! Merry Christmas everybody!

    Over 4000 downloads as of 5/2/2013! Never thought the map would get this far, really, thanks to all who helped out!

    Over 6000 downloads as of 16/3/2013. I have now exceeded my final goal of downloads. Thank you everyone for your support!

    Over 8000 downloads as of 09/12/2013. (Yes, I still do check this thing :P) V4 coming soon, I promise! I'm hoping to get it released by the new year.


    Support DUNGEONS! by putting this as your sig!

    Outdated banners/sigs (don't know if anyone would want them, but here they are anyways)

    and the sig

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    Making An Adventure Map.A tutorial/guide by Got2Survive.
    Over the past few months, I have seen a great rise of quality in adventure maps. But unfortunately, I have seen an even larger fall of quality as well, especially in new map-makers. I am here to hopefully help out in the softening to the blow that new players have made onto the community by teaching and guiding them to become better map makers. In this topic, I will be covering: Stuff You'll Need, Types of Adventure Maps, Telling a Story, Building Your Map, Redstone, and finally Publishing Your Map. So, without further delay, let us begin.If you do not wish to read the entire article, please at least read the publishing section, as this is the section that most newbies to the forums will get wrong. The publishing section is at the bottom of this post, near the "That's All, Folks!" Picture. Have a great day :)
    So, you want to make an adventure map? Well it sounds pretty easy, doesn't it?If you think making adventure maps is easy, you should not become a map-maker.Map making is hard. It's supposed to be hard. Anyone who says differently is a heretic and a disgrace to the name 'map-maker'. It also takes a very long time to make a good adventure map. But, most people don't see the behind the scenes processes and can sometimes complain about the map taking too long. This can be motivational to some, but for most this is an extreme hindrance and causes the map maker to take even more time.With this in mind, it is natural when map-makers run into difficulties. Yes, even the pros run into some problems, but the difference between them and other map-makers is that they have enough experience to quickly solve this problem without much delaying in the making of their map. Eventually, you too will be able to solve similar problems. But for now, I will assume you know next to nothing about adventure maps.
    Stuff You'll Need
    Well, first of all you'll need a paid, full version of Minecraft, updated to the latest version. If you don't have that, well then you're an idiot and should probably leave now and go buy the game. NOW!If you expect the next major update to be released soon after your map is released, hold back until it comes out. But be warned, many map-makers have abandoned their maps waiting for the next update, including myself. Don't make that mistake.If you plan on making a map including mods, you will obviously need that mod, as well as the standard stuff that you'll be needing.Here's a list of things that you'll want to have, just off the top of my head (bolded are must haves):TMI (TooManyItems)MCEdit (a map-editing software)NBTEdit (This one is extremely useful if you know what to do with it)INVEditWorldPainter (Only really need it if you're making huge landscapes)SinglePlayerCommands or some other variant of that mod, along with WorldEditNon-cracked, full version of MinecraftAn account on the Minecraft Forums7zip or WinRar, or some other file-browsing program (needed for uploading map)
    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:
    Types of Adventure Maps
    Before you do anything further, you will need to decide what type of adventure map you're making. There are many different types of adventure maps, but I will only be covering the main ones.
    Parkour maps are jumping puzzle maps, which usually only include jumping or obstical courses. Some maps include optional jumping puzzles with rewards, or hidden chests containing valuable gems to collect throughout the map, with the player posting their high-score on the forums. This is by far the easiest one to make and most common adventure you'll see on the forums.
    CTM stands for Complete the Monument (or Capture the monument, don't know where people got that idea). I usually hate it when people do this type of map. This is because many of the maps are essentially rip-off of each other. Every single one of these maps features a slow progression through survival stages that can get boring quickly. However, if executed correctly, it can become very enjoyable!
    Hack 'N Slash
    One of the most enjoyable and most challenging type of adventure map, Hack 'N Slash maps are exactly what they sound like they would be. Generally, most YouTubers avoid these types of maps because either they suck at them or just straight up hate them. I personally love them. They're just so awesome :*)These maps often don't contain a story and don't really make sense, but have arguably the best gameplay mechanics because that's all they really have going for them. There are exceptions, however, and if a map-maker expertly pulls on of these maps, it'll be a guaranteed hit.
    I hate survival maps. They're so bland and unoriginal-not to mention I could make one in about half an hour. 99% of these are SkyBlock or survival island with a new title and maybe a couple of blocks shifted around. If you are thinking of making one of these, please just save your time by NOT making the map. They're terrible. If you want to do something similar to survival, just do CTM.
    I can't even tell it's so terrible...
    Sometimes, things just go bad... these maps are the result of when it happens. Often because of laziness, not playtesting the map, or simply just not having the knowledge of how to make a proper map. Most of these could possibly fall under Survival, Parkour, or a combination of both, but I just would put them under a whole separate category because when it's really that terrible, I seriously can't even tell what the map is supposed to be.
    Puzzle maps are extremely fun if built right, but have very little re-playability. These maps always include a lot of redstone, or even a few minigames as well. A good puzzle map has either challenging puzzles with obvious solutions, or puzzles that appear to be easy but have solutions that you really have to think about. Putting a bunch of switches and making a random code, expecting the player to figure it out without any reference what-so-ever is completely unacceptable!
    Minigames are generally maps that either don't fall under any other of the categories, or they are actually minigame maps. Minigames are not necessarily games that are mini. Sometimes, the minigames are gigantic! I remember playing a Sonic the Hedgehog minigame map, and the words to describe it were far from 'mini'. A minigame is often just a short game contained within another. Technically, all adventure maps are minigames, but for the sake of simplicity, maps like that Sonic the Hedgehog map or maps dedicated to making Mario Party minigames would be something that falls under a minigame map category. These are short and sweet, but a lot of time to make and attention to detail is put into these.
    Ah, the classic. But not the one that started it all. But still, a classic. Adventure maps are too broad a topic to describe every sub-category, but they all generally follow a pattern. An adventure map is a map that progressively and usually chronologically follows a storyline, with a beginning, middle, and end. Popular adventure maps almost always include a cliffhanger and have a sequel. A very good example of a traditional adventure map would be Hypixel's 'Herobrine's Mansion', or The_Forgotten's 'The Monarch of Madness'.This type of adventure map is always the most remembered and loved.____________________________________________________________________________
    Okay, so now you've chosen your type of adventure map. Unfortunately, different maps have different requirements and methods to create them, so I initially won't be able to cover all of them, but in time, you will see the disappearance of this sentence and the appearance of all of those methods, etc.Most maps you won't be able to complete in one week. Some, not even a month. Some, not even half a year. And some not even in a full year will you complete the map. This is why there are many different methods to use in creating maps, to speed up this process and make release dates closer than they were going to be.If you are wondering how professional game developers are able to release new titles yearly, then please click the spoiler below.
    Let's take video games for example. You've just finished the latest COD game, and you can't wait for the next one! You have to wait a full year for it to come out. If you are smart, your saying something along the lines of "Wait, one year?! That's crazy!"And you're right, that is crazy. But if you're even smarter then you've already figured the next part out. Game developers don't actually make their games in one year. In fact, several years before the game is released (usually around 3-5) is the actual time that game developers start to work on games. Now, companies like Activision aren't stupid. They have lots of money and they're going to use it. How exactly? Well, they hire another team of game developers to make the next game while another team is working on the current title. So, while Team A is working on the next COD, say COD 7, Team B is working on COD 8, while Team C is working on COD 9, and so on. So, in reality, the games don't really take a year to make.
    Telling a Story
    Okay, back to the original topic. You've chosen what your map is going to be. Now you have to lay some foundations down, and start the work on the map. I highly suggest creating your story before starting any sort of physical work on the actual map itself. If you need inspiration, try looking through old children's books and expanding on the stories. You don't want the story to be too complex, or else the player will be too confused and the fun will be lost. If it's too complex then you also might not be able to actually build everything you want to.You want to keep your story short and sweet, with really simple concepts and ideas, and then to branch out from those ideas. Let's make an example (yes, I give you permission to use this example, you lazy butt)Alright, I needed some inspiration, so I went through my old childhood books and found something a three yr. old could read: The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.But I can't just copy the story, it has to be fresh and original, so I need to take one of the ideas from the book and turn it into something completely new. This is always how new media is made. Even in your sub-conscious you are using ideas from elsewhere to create new pieces of art.Okay, so what idea or event am I going to be using from the old story?Well, let's change the animals into people to make things a little more real, for starters. Now here's where things get interesting. Now that I have changed the wolf into a human, he now needs a new motive, other than to eat the pigs. Why is he destroying their homes?Here is my concept so far: Three people living in their homes, and one man comes over and knocks them all down.Now I can expand on my concept. Let's say those three people are Kings, and their homes are kingdoms. The 'Wolf' is an evil force, and naturally I would have to include a boss fight, so who could he be? Well, let's have the wolf be the Ender Dragon so I can easily create a boss fight, and so that it makes sense for him to be able to destroy a whole kingdom and be allied with monsters, etc. And now I've got the basics of my story, so I can begin to work on the map while polishing out details.Map making isn't about painting a canvas, it's more like creating a giant block and carving a statue out of it.If you still need help making a story, ask yourself some of these questions, and remember to save the title for last!
    Do I want my map to take place somewhere specific?Will it have any terrain? If so, will there be any specific features? Caves, mountains, raging rivers? Will the terrain be focused on a theme? Why is the terrain like this? Did a battle happen, etc.What happened before the player arrived in the area? Did a bomb explode, did two kingdoms start to go to war?Will there be a theme for the entire map?Is my map a holiday special?What will the genre of your story be, will it be a fantasy story? Or perhaps a zombie apocalypse?Will the map have a moral (a message, ex: Don't kill creepers, all they want is a hug)?Do you have any cool traps or redstone machinery that you want to highlight in your story?Will there be a final boss fight?What does the player gain from following the quests? Is it for gold, or for the princess locked away in the tower?
    Building Your Map
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    Before you go any further, please make sure you are familiar with Minecraft on a very good level. If you're still a 'noob' at playing Minecraft, you'll want to pretty much master the game before you build anything.--Alright, now that you've gotten your basic story and you're ready to build, we can do just that! Some people like to start building terrain, and then to build structures on top of that. This is the stage in the map-making process in which you'll thank me for making you download all those tools that seemed pointless until now. There are a couple ways to start off. The first way is to start off with a 'null map' which is a map with no blocks at all. Not even bedrock. I personally find this to be pointless because of the superflat presets, but hey, who knows, maybe you would like it?The second way to start off I already mentioned. It's probably the most useful way to begin making your adventure map. Use the superflat presets. I'm including a video down below for a tutorial on how those work. Once you've generated the superflat world, you can use MCEdit, WorldEdit (my preffered method), or WorldPainter to create your landscape if necessary.
    The third way to start off is to just use a default world, a large biomes world, or if you have a seed you can know what biome you're generating. This is very common amongst expert map makers, and even newbies. Again, once generated, you would start editing the world with your editing tools.The fourth and final way to start off a map is to select a custom terrain map that you really like and then edit and build off of that. Be warned, though, if the creator doesn't let you use it, you're in deep trouble.
    The more things you build and the more you keep building them, you will get better and better at making your creations pretty. We call this 'aesthetics'. Aesthetics are one of the most important features of a map. It's what separates a good map from an amazing map, and what separates the amateurs from the professionals. I am unfortunately not an expert in the field of aesthetics, but hopefully I can guide you in the right direction.Squares are your enemy- I know this sounds a bit silly, but it's true. Even if you have to make something rectangular, it's still better than square. Take the time to make almost everything not square. You can be surprised how quickly things start to look better.Themes- Theming your build can be a very powerful aesthetical tool. Use it well, and your map will look nice. If you do have a themed creation, then it is very important that you use a texture pack that will enhance the look of the theme. For example, a futuristic Portal-inspired texture pack will not look good applied to a medieval wall.Medieval, Oriental, Futuristic, and Post-Apocalyptic themes are very common, and they are common for a reason! I highly suggest using one of these themes because there are tonnes of builds and tutorials on how to use and apply these themes.Inspiration- Inspiration in aesthetics is key! Every single architect of all time had inspiration from something, whether it be their previous works, other architects, or even nature. If you're looking for inspiration, just pull up your favorite search bar and do a quick images search. Here's some I found:
    DETAIL!- Every single aesthetics master I have listened to has said the same thing time and time again: DETAIL! Put detail into your work, and the outcome is highly rewarding. There was a saying a while back that went something like "The bigger the build, the more space for detail!"Now that we have so many different blocks of different colours, shades, and sizes, there's practically no limit to the amount of detail you can put into something.Again, I am not an expert in the field of aesthetics, so I am not going to cover absolutely everything. If you would like to learn more about aesthetics, I will soon be providing links, but for now you will have to scour the forums for something good. Sorry :(Make everything connected. If the map is not connected, how can you expect the player to find their way around? They'll practically be walking with a blindfold on! This kind of simple error can lead to a decrease in the quality of your map, and it's really sad when it happens because sometimes maps could have been perfect if they just told you where to go a bit better.How do I connect everything? Well, it depends on what type of map you're playing. Usually, contrast is a great way to show the player where to go. It catches the eye easily, and that's all you need to do. It's really quite as simple as just placing a torch in a pitch black room. The player will inevitably walk to the light, attracted like a moth. You can also make pathways, a central minecart or teleportation hub, or just make the important things big. But I don't just mean like 10 blocks higher than everything else... I mean big.Whoever made this mountain did a really great job on making me want to climb it... I wonder what awaits me on the summit?
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    Redstone is often the enemy of many map-makers because they can never figure out for the life of them how it works. The more you practice, and the more example designs you see, the better you will become at designing redstone masterpieces. Now, I am not an expert at redstone, but nor am I a noob, so I will be able to give advice in this section.Once you begin to master redstone, the illusion of complexity will wash away, and you will begin to see the true simplicity of redstone. It's quite an experience, but unfortunately for you to get there, you'll need help.I will be providing hundreds of links in this article because it is imperative that you understand what I'm talking about. Later, I might create an all-in-one video tutorial, but for now I will simply provide links to others' work.Basic RedstoneTo understand and apply concepts you will learn about redstone, first you must learn the basics and move up from there. The minecraft wiki page does a great job at that (link).Logic GatesThis is where people get confused and redstone work gets tedious, but you shouldn't be afraid to play around with logic gates, because they can be really useful, actually. If a map's redstone was done well, it will definitely have some sort of logic gate in there somewhere. For a really good tutorial on logic gates, click here.Tips N' Tricks
    • Getting in the habit of placing many repeaters is good, especially if wiring is spaced out.
    • Using coloured wool in complex redstone is a good habit if you are planning on re-creating your machine.
    • Command blocks simplify many of your problems
    • Dispensers are more useful then you think
    • Pistons. Use them. Especially sticky ones.
    • When in doubt, invert your signal. It might just solve the problem.
    • Hide your redstone! It makes you look more professional and that you know what you're doing!
    • Water is your arch-nemesis when using redstone. If it's in your design, save water placement for last.
    • If you're having trouble with a design, consult a tutorial, or try building your design on a superflat world. It will save you the trouble of having to re-make your design over and over again on your adventure map, which is a real pain.
    Command BlocksCommand blocks in the 1.4(?) version of minecraft were a new revolution, a new toy to play with. The new pistons or horses. Command blocks were also the start of the Adventure map revolution. Never before had anyone seen an easier way to make amazing adventure maps. The first map maker to use these command blocks in a very creative and innovative way was Hypixel, who is now one of the most famous adventure map makers. It just goes to show how famous you can become if you are original and innovative with your work.Command Block commands are, unfortunately, even more complex than redstone, and require a good deal of memorization and a certain cunning to apply them to adventure maps. I will be providing commands straight from the wikipage. Vanilla multiplayer server commands may also be used, provided that a target is specified.Targets: in order for any command to be executed, one must include a target first.
    @p = Command affects the player nearest to the command [email protected] = Command affects a random [email protected] = Command affects all [email protected] = Command block itself. (see 'me')
    The /effect, the /testfor and the /say commands can be really useful.
    • /effect for cinematics or particular situations in the which the player needs an effect.
    • /testfor to trigger some redstone without using pressure plates or trip wires, because to me those things break ambiance in some inapropriate areas.
    • /say to make some dialogues, also re-naming command blocks with anvils so the names will appear in the dialogue. (Ex: renaming the command block "Jerry" will make text from /say commands appear as "Jerry")
    • Cinematics for the story with /tp and /effects, (dialogues too but in the chat rather than pannels) invisible detection, all of these are compatible with a lot of maps and can only make them better.
    Thanks to LucasHalo for additional information on command bloacks :) For more on command blocks, please visit the minecraft wikipage.And that's all for redstone! Have a great day :)
    Publishing Your Map
    Oh dear, the dreaded publishing. This part is arguably the hardest, especially if your map becomes unsuccessful after all that grueling work. I will keep this part brief.Don't just shove a download link in my face. On the internet, almost everyone is a stranger, and if I haven't seen any of your previous work without any information, then I will likely not download your map and on extreme occasions, warn my friends not to download it as well.Grammar: Grammar is the single most important thing in publishing your map. Get your grammar right, and you will entice more people to play your map. I don't know anyone who doesn't trust a person with better grammar than a person who is too lazy to even capitalize their 'I's.Use cool words: Just saying "OMG OMG OMG JUST PLAY MY MAP IT'S COOL AND AWESOME AND EPIC" might work on a couple children, but adults and the general internet populace will not play your map. Let me tell you, kids aren't the only people who play Minecraft. In fact, studies have shown that most gamers are actually adults and teenagers.Pictures: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of trying to describe how your map looks, use a picture. This also entices the player to download the map because they can see in the picture just how awesome your map is! On another note, including pictures will also help with internet trust issues.There's a reason the saying "No pics no clicks" exists!You will need a photo-hosting website to use your photos on the forums, though. I use tinypic. But, if you have a good bucket full of screenshots, you will need to include them in 'spoilers' to speed up loading times for those with bad internet.An example spoiler:
    Here's how you make it: (just remove the dot)[.spoiler]What you want inside of the spoiler goes here, which is usually a picture.[./spoiler]Here's how to post a screenshot:Go to your photo-hosting website (I'm using TinyPic)Click browse beside "File:"Find your Minecraft screenshot or pictureEnter an anti-spam code if necessaryClick UPLOADCopy the text under "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards"Paste it into your forum post.And voila!Don't worry if the picture doesn't show up at first, though. It will remain as text until you preview of post your topic!DOWNLOAD LINKSDownload links are the actual most important part of the map-making process because if nobody can play your map, then what was the point of making it? Download links should be clearly indicated and easy to reach. I personally prefer mine at the bottom of my post, so that the user will truly know if they want to play my map or not before they download. The download link should be separated from the other text, should be enlarged, and should be underlined, bolded, and put in italics.I personally use MediaFire to upload my maps because it's free, easy for me and the downloader, and I can keep track of how many downloads my map has all in the same place.How to make a download linkGo onto your preffered file-sharing site. I will be using MediaFire, and I suggest you do as well for simplicity's sake. Do not use Dropbox. Dropbox is amazing, but it makes files harder to access because it is designed to be private files, not public, mass downloaded files. Anyways, back to the subject.Here is a step-by-step instruction proceedure detailing how to upload a map onto MediaFire, and then share the link on the minecraft forums.The first 15 steps are for accessing your saves and making a zipped folder for it. If you know how do it already, just skip those steps.
    1. Go to your start button and in the search bar, type 'run' (alternatively, just open run). I highly suggest making a shortcut for run on your desktop because it speeds up the process.
    2. In the run search bar, type '%appdata%'. This will open your internet based files.
    3. In the top bar it should look something like this, "Owner > AppData > Roaming"
    4. Open '.minecraft'
    5. Open 'saves'
    6. In saves, find the folder that has the name of the world you made your map in. Be careful, it might be named what you originally named it when you first generated the world, and not to a re-named version of it.
    7. If desired, you may re-name the world by right-clicking and then selecting 'Rename'.
    8. Now, right click the folder and copy it.
    9. Paste the folder onto your desktop
    10. In a new folder, paste the map inside again. This will be your back-up folder in case anything goes wrong.
    11. Right click your desktop. Hover over new and click 'Compressed (zipped) folder'
    12. Drag your map folder into the zipped folder. Make sure it's not your back-up copy.
    13. Create a new notepad document inside of the zipped folder like how we made the zipped folder.
    14. To ensure that the player knows all of your rules and that nobody copies your map, insert a bit of text about your map in the document, make sure to include your Minecraft Forums username, and then click Save As... and call it Readme.
    15. Exit out of the zipped folder, and name it your map name.
    Now we are on to the final publishing stages!16. Go onto MediaFire and sign in to your account. If you don't have one, make one. It's free and I haven't been spammed by them yet.17. Under My Files, click the big, friendly Upload button.18. Click Browse and find your zipped folder on the desktop.19. Click upload!20. On the minecraft forums, create your post if you already haven't, and make a seperate section for your download link.21. Now we need to provide two download links. One, simply copy and paste the web adress to your map in the post, the second, click the link button in the editing bar, and paste your link in, then click done.Wow, 21 steps, yet I'd say it was worth it, wouldn't you?Here's a good example of a download link.Notice that I have TWO links that go to exactly the same webpage. Also note that the links are bigger than the other text. This is vital, you want to catch the reader's eyes.My Maphttp://www.mediafire...nd3ceo17z4nmcn7Please feel free to add anything you wish in the comments below. Especially if you're good with aesthetics :P ~Got2Survive*I do not claim any copyrights to the material used in this topic, all content used is for educational purposes only.
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    The Game is called "Fortunately;Unfortunately."

    The game starter makes a sentence that is neutral. The next person says a negative sentence that starts with UNFORTUNATELY. The person after that says FORTUNATELY, and so on.

    You can't change the events of a previous post. An example of what not to do would be this:
    1: The barbeque blew up
    2: Bob made some burgers on the BBQ

    You can make another FORTUNATELY or UNFORTUNATELY post every other post.

    Example game

    P1: Bob tied his shoes....
    P2: Unfortunately, Bob's shoelaces were actually rattlesnakes....
    P3: Fortunately, Bob was a trained snake charmer...
    P4: Unfortunately, Bob didn't have his instrument with him...
    And the game would continue.

    You CANNOT directly kill or say that the main character dies.

    I will start the game.

    Jimmy went to the bank to get some money...
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    Got2Survive. If you can't do this easily, you should really learn to type. Gets very useful :)
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    Quote from Minor107

    Fortunately, Jimmy becomes extremely powerful when he's exposed to acid rain!

    Quote from Frog81

    Unfortunately, the acid rain is extremely combustible, and Jimmy becomes extremely weak when exposed to fire.

    Fortunately, these two facts balance eachother out, and so Jimmy is unharmed.
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    Unfortunately, the word 'save' on Kluton means to brutally murder someone.
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    Quote from weterman

    new terrain generator.

    Psshhhhhh as if that's ever going to happen...
    Even though everyone's complaining about it.
    All the time.
    Please fix your game....
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    I changed my vote from yes to no because I played the recent snapshot and I personally felt that the surface terrain had been fixed, which was what I was complaining about.
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    Yes you would name a villager either "King" or "Steward" (if you want the king to go like 'go give it to the steward I'm lazy')
    Then, in that villager's trading menu, you would filter the mob so that it wants to trade the book for your reward (a sword, etc). If you go into INVedit and change the number of books to 2 (it HAS to be a signed book written with the book+quill) then it will work. Re-writing the book will NOT work.

    Here's an example scenario I've given you:
    1. Save the villager
    2. Redstone mechanics give the player a book called "Reward letter X" (X being replaced by the quest number or something)
    3. Redstone continues to make the villager say "Here, take this to the King and claim your reward!"
    4. Walk to the King
    5. Look in trade menu for the trade menu (which you will create) with the book "Reward letter X"
    6. Trade the book for your reward!
    7. ???
    8. Profit!!!

    EDIT: I can make a tutorial video on how to do this if you're confused.
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