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    posted a message on [1.7.3][First Mod!]The Ultimate Dirt Mod
    This is so stupid.
    Why in the world would dirt be able to make diamonds, this makes the game boring ans easy.
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    posted a message on Regarding 1.8 Pre-Release [Version 2 Released]
    Found a bug already, game crashed if OpenGL is truned on
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    posted a message on So, I was reading about 1.8 updates...
    Quote from Writr

    The fact that Notch coded in Java proves that he doesn't give much of a damn about people playing on low-end computers...

    Aesthetic blocks would be nice, but are unnecessary.

    I hate when people say this about suggestions. NOTHING in Minecraft is necessary. You don't NEED to make a house, you never even NEED to make a workbench. Its entertainment, not real life, not everything needs a purpose other than to look nice. Explain colored wool.
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    posted a message on (Parody) Cow Challenge
    My challenge was dead serious and i am offended by this rude parody. This is just impossible
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    posted a message on how do u make seeds?
    DAMN lol i dont think ive even seen poor spelling to this degree
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    posted a message on sticky sticky pistons why dont you stick?
    You should definitely change the title of this to "STICKY PISTONS, Y U NO STICK!?"

    By the way, to get screenshots, take it in Minecraft with F2. Then goto tinypic.com and upload it by going to appdata>roaming>.minecraft>screenshots. Once its uploaded copy and paste the "IMG code for forums and message boards" code into your topic.
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    posted a message on Biome Improvement Suggestions [UPDATE 2]

    I enjoy the different biomes notch has made in minecraft, but i do think they can be improved, here are some ideas i had that i think would be very effective:

    1. Water Color- The deep blue water is nice for an ocean, but i think the color should change with water according to biome just like grass. Water in tundra biomes could be darker, in swamp biomes it could be a dark green, and in a desert oasis or tropical island it could be a teal color.

    2. Another thing i think would really define biomes, specifically swamp and jungle biomes, is different trees. In real life, swamps dont really have short trees only twice your height, they have very tall trees, like in the following pictures. The only problem is that you wouldnt be able to easily cut the whole thing down, and there would be floating trees everywhere. a simple solution is to have trees slowly regrow their trunks back to the ground.

    3. Back to trees, it would also look great to have vines hanging from larger trees in swamp biomes. These would be made from the same block shape as a fence, but with a green texture obviously.

    4. I dont want to say MInecraft doesnt have enough biomes, but some are just out of place. Why can i find grassland trees on small islands? I think there should be a new "Tropical biome" that only appears on small islands. around this is where the teal water i was talking about would generate. The biggest difference between this and other biomes would be Palm Trees. There could also be double the amount of flowers as normal. This could even be the place to find Cocoa beans that are currently only available in dungeons. Obviously the palm tree in the picture still needs new textures.

    5. This one i think would be very easy to do and would look nice. Rocks. Sure theres stone in the walls in minecraft, but no rocks. These could be of all different sizes and would basically be a few amount of stone blocks randomly generated on the ground.

    6. Lastly (And this ones kind of a stretch, but would be cool) I absolutely love the new tall grass, it makes minecraft look so much better, but it think it has even more potential. With it, you could create a Savannah biome. It would be a very flat biome made of nearly all sand with Tan colored tall grass covering it. It would have very few small watering holes, and very few, new trees. Along with the tropical biome, it wouldnt make much sense to have chickens cows and sheep running around here. The same goes for biomes that are already in the game, like tundra and taiga. Perhaps it's time for new mobs?
    Sorry i dont have a picture of this one, MCEdit crashed. use your imagination :smile.gif:


    Proposed Problems Solved-
    - What Happens when different water colors collide? I thought they could just fade into the other color over a span of around 5-10 blocks, just as grass does, demonstrated in this screenshot.

    -Vines are too thick... Yes, i just built it quickly with fences, didnt take the time to change the whole texture, just wanted to get the general idea across.

    - Would rain water be the color of the biomes water, green rain? I think rain for all biomes, even if water color never changes, should be a whiteish or at least a more pale blue color. ocean water does look blue so it makes sense, but ive never seen blue rain.

    -Would water in caves be the color of the biome its in? No i dont think so. Even as minecraft is, cave water should be mostly clear and colorless. Realistically, there is no sun and sky to give the water the blue color that oceans have.

    - Rocks are not needed... They are just for aesthetic purposes, they add a little character.

    Added Suggestions from others

    Benefactor: Flatter tundra biomes.

    Badprenup and zepprith: Bigger biomes, more of a transition.

    bobodamonkey: Running rivers. I especially like this one, just the sound of the water would add some nice ambiance to Minecraft. Just as the sound of a minecart rolling on the track would instead of being silent. He also suggested more and bigger waterfalls.

    Equeon: He made a picture with improved vines that i support. I still do like the thick ones also though, perhaps a mix between the two?

    Fyeth: Make vines, at least the thicker ones, climbable like ladders. The one disadvantage would be you couldnt grip on and turn around like ladders. It would make for a nice decoration Instead of always using the same colored ladders.

    RinOkami: "Perhaps make the vines craftable into rope? We could make rope ladders that would not necessarily require having a block behind them the way wooden ladders do. (Maybe if dropped from a certain height, all the "blocks" of rope ladder in your inventory would spill downwards until coming in contact with another block. And if you break the bottom block all the blocks above it come down as well. This would help keep them from being too overpowered..."

    I will continue to update as more suggestions and problems come in.
    Thanks to everyone who supports!
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    posted a message on Pink Floyd
    I made Dark Side of the Moon

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