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    posted a message on The Library (Minecraft Community Dropper Compilation)
    lol i just sat and watched your sigs in sync...its kind of funny.
    but in all seriousness, are we allowed to make a map that has multiple jumps? like the kitchen in "The Dropper"
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    posted a message on Minecraft Adventure Map [Adventure Of Area51]
    not very good.
    -needs pics and a description!!!
    -work on your redstone
    -grammar is pretty bad
    -story is...okay
    -hide the dispensers
    -have more signs with rules and dont make it a game. i thought that you werent suppose to break blocks but you have to in order to beat the map?

    *good try*
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Zero Mercy - A Series of Insanely Hard Maps (Legacy Download Available!)
    its a good map, but if this is just training, then no one is gonna wanna play your maps. there TOO hard whether you explained it or not
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    posted a message on Pokecube Generations
    the mod looks great so far. do you think that i could help.
    im not the best coder but i can make mobs!!! :)
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    posted a message on [WIP] AVATAR MOD
    Seriously, no one cares about Avatar?
    I don't even feel like making it now.... :(
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    posted a message on [WIP] AVATAR MOD

    Have you seen and loved Avatar by James Cameron? And have you wanted it to be in Minecraft. Well its not out yet so hold on. I am currently working on adding Pandora into Minecraft!!! Here's what I have so far, but I still need some opinions:

    You enter Pandora through a portal that is crafted with wood and all sorts of plants, just like the Na'vi love nature. When you enter, your height will change to 3 blocks and you will turn blue. Humans will attack Home Tree at random time during your adventure, whether you are there or not. If not then you better hurry back before it's torn down. As an Avatar, you will be able to tame and breed native creatures. You will spawn next to Home Tree with a Hunting Bow and 7 Hunting Arrows. You will be able to craft better weapons later.

    You enter Pandora by crafting a special bed that you will have to sleep in and you will wake up in Pandora at Home Base. You can choose to attack the Na'vi whenever you want, after you have earned respect. As a human, you will need to craft greater weapons and build better ships to attack the Na'vi and dig up better materials. You will spawn in Home Base with an RDA Pistol and 1 RDA Grenade.

    -Cat Ear
    -Fan Lizard
    -Galactonotus Viperwolf
    -Glow Worm
    -Hammerhead Titanother
    -Wasp Viperwolf
    -Forest Banshee
    -Mountain Banshee

    -Battle Arrow
    -Ceremonial Bow
    -Child's Bow
    -Direhorse Bow
    -Fishing Arrow
    -Flaming Arrow
    -Hunting Arrow
    -Hunting Bow
    -Hunting Knife
    -Recure Bow

    -AG-MFM 332 Missile
    -AMP Suit Knife
    -Assault Rifle
    -Bush Boss FD-3
    -CARB Base Unit
    -CARB Submachine Gun
    -CARB Weapon System
    -Civilian CARB Rifle
    -Combat Shotgun
    -Daisy Cutter
    -GS-221 .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun
    -RDA Grenade
    -M60 Machine Gun
    -MBS-9M .50 Caliber Hydra
    -RDA Handgun
    -Standard Issue Rifle

    -Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson
    -AMP Siut
    -Hell Truck
    -RDA Boat
    -RDA Bulldozer
    -Samson 16
    -Scorpion Gunship
    -Slash Cutter

    Please leave your opinions and ideas.
    And yes I know that there are other mods out there, but I am still allowed to create my own.
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    posted a message on I need ops Join now
    i cant reach the servers..the blue thingy keeps flashing :(
    hope i can be an op. do i need to fill out application?
    if so...
    Op Experience: only on 1 server
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    posted a message on + ╬ ╬ Minnesota ╬ ╬ + [24/7] [Anti-Grief] [PvP] [Towns] [LWC] [Jobs] [Shops] [DynMap] [Large Biomes] [Join & Build] [100% Legit]
    1. In Game Name: Gordo368
    2. Age: 15
    3. Country and language spoken: English
    4. When did you start Minecraft (version): 1.2_01
    5. How much do you play Minecraft: Everyday for about 5 hrs.
    6. Favorite activities in minecraft: mining and building purposeless buildings
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    posted a message on [WIP] [CTM] Plaat's 'Endless' Series
    I cannot wait for this to come out. Good luck! I've been wanting to create my own CTM map but don't know where to start. Again, GOOD LUCK!!!
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    posted a message on [Surv] *Insert Creative Title Here*
    Quote from da_mincrafter

    sounds cool jungle definitely i love it and this should be in maps discutions

    Thank you for replying, it means a lot. I will definettly make a jungle island and have a sign or special object on that island named for you. Is there an item you want to have a special enchant on? Any item, any enchantment. Please make sure to tell your friends too. Thanks!
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    posted a message on [Surv] *Insert Creative Title Here*
    Mysterious Isle

    Hello everyone, I am Gordo368, and you have probably never heard of me. I'm not very popular, sadly. But to the reason why you're most likely here....

    I am planning on creating a survival map with tons of big islands to explore and goals to accomplish. You're probably thinking that that has already been done. Well, not by me it hasn't. It will be a mix between BarthVader's Minecraft Island Adventure Playset, Vechs' Super Hostile Series, and Megameatloaf's Castaway Island. If you're looking to play a map, well I'm sorry but I'm just here for ideas.

    The map will consist of around twenty (20)different islands with different treasures and difficulties. There will be a goal to get all of the different colors of wool (just like Vechs' maps) and at least fifty (50) goals to achieve. There will not be any rules except for Vechs' wool rules and the simple 'play on at least easy' rule.

    Now you're still probably wondering why I'm telling you this without letting you see any pictures or any complete information on the map. I am here to ask what the community wants to see in a survival map...

    -what should the name be?
    -what kind of scenery do you want to see?
    -what goals should there be?
    -what kind of non-overpowered treasures to you want to unvail
    -should you start out with tools or absolutely nothing?
    -anything you want to see in a survival map post here and I will try to add it!

    I have a few ideas on the islands, but will most likely not be final.
    -Sand Castle Bay
    -Jungle Jungabe?
    -Snow Island
    -Swamp Island
    -Skeleton Island
    -Nether Island
    -Creeper Island (Cove)
    -Dungeons on every island...

    Lastly, I am not sure if this is in the correct forum subject. Please inform me if I am not without being a jerk about it and rubbing it in my face.

    -Thanks a lot, Gordo368!
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    posted a message on Mythicraft
    For everyone that says the mod is dead, stop doubting us and get it out there. big mods like this are going to tak A LOT of time.
    and to my team members, firstly ADD ME TO THE TEAM LIST on the first page. i plan to hav my internet back withing 2 weeks, but i cant get my hopes up, so good luck without neon (and me).
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    posted a message on MythiCraft (In-depth RPG Mod)
    Quote from neonscorpion


    Thank you!
    -Neonscorpion :wink.gif:

    Don't worry Neon we haven't given up yet!!!
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    posted a message on Mineral Uses+ (not final name)
    Quote from RZB321

    This is an awesome idea, dude!
    I support it!
    PM me if anyone wants help with these textures!! :biggrin.gif:

    Yes that would be great. I am absolutely horrible with textures. Please help me out.
    Quote from predatorx

    I think the coal block should smelt 72 things. Since 9 coal would make a block and 1 piece of coal smelts 8 things. So 9x8=72.

    Ya that's what I was thinking too. But then I wanted it to have a little extra "umph". I might make it 72 but I'm still not sure. Thanks for the positive feedback too.
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    posted a message on Mineral Uses+ (not final name)
    Mineral Uses+

    Hello everybody, I am Gordo368 and this is not so much of a request for a mod, but a request for you inputs and suggestions. I am currently working on a mod that will add slime, coal, and redstone blocks for, not only saving room, but they will have special uses too. I also want to add more uses to gold and lapis.
    My current ideas are:
    Coal Blocks (saves room in chests and smelts 80 items)
    Redstone Blocks (save room in chests and light up when given power)
    Slime Blocks (save room and are bouncy)
    Redstone turns glowstone on and off
    Gold Bucket (iron bucket can only hold water; gold holds lava)a use for gold!)
    Gold Bars (another use for gold; they look like iron bars, but gold)
    Coal Pickaxe (gives the smelted version of the block it mines: mining stone gives you stone)
    Coal Shovel (gives the smelted version of the block: mining clay gives you bricks)
    Coal Ingots (to make the coal items)
    Redstone Tools (just because; i need a reason)
    Lapis Tools (because they'll be shiny)
    Ice Cubes (only a wooden pickaxe is delicate enough to make ice drop ice cubes; 9 ice cubes make 1 ice block)
    Colored Ice (used to make ice skating rinks without using wool)
    Tell me what you guys (and girls) think! Tell me what you do and don't like and leave suggestions. Please no negative comments (if you don't like it leave, don't put me down because it doesn't appease you; you never HAD to look at this) Thanks everyone!
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