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    posted a message on Need advice on gathering glowstone
    1. Go to Nether.
    2. Believe you can fly.
    3. Fly.
    4. Acquire glowstone.
    5. ????
    6. PROFIT!
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    posted a message on Do you guys/girls consider F3 cheating?
    No. If it's in the game without using third-party programs, IT'S NOT CHEATING.
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    posted a message on This sounds cheep
    Quote from Skylordvirage

    I do impossible stuff like this

    Actually, if you want to do difficult things, buy yourself a puzzle for roughly the same price as Minecraft and just avoid the hassle of asking a stupid question on this forum.
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    posted a message on Bravest thing in Minecraft
    Quote from redheadsrule

    once i came upon a skeleton dungeon with 5 bonus zombies and 5 skeletons waiting for me, i dug an access hole and put some water in the conjoining cave which they were gathering in which helped me pick the zombies off. when i decided to go and charge i changed my mind and tried to go back but because of the water i couldent so while taking a ridiculous amount of damage i ran to the nearest alcove next to the dungeon and blocked the entrace up with cobble. i then ate some stew, pork and bread which healed me from half a heart to full, i then dug around the dungeon and placed torches in on each wall from single block holes. the dungeon only had one cheast with a saddle and some other stuff which was useless and the mossy cobble wasnt thaat great wnyway because this was my third dungeon on this world. the only good thing about this trip was the ridiculous mushroom patch of 55 red shrooms in the nearby cave.

    My new bravest thing in Minecraft was trying to make sense of your poorly-capitalized post.
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    posted a message on This sounds cheep
    Quote from Skylordvirage

    I was gonna ask but my ps3 got the yellow light of death so we r focusing on that mainly

    Nobody will give you free money.

    That's not how our economy works.

    If it takes giant text to get this point through to you, that's what I'll use.
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    posted a message on Feet to meters?! WTF
    Yeah, feet are illogical. How many feet are in a mile? SOME STUPID NUMBER THAT I DON'T REMEMBER.

    Meters are the way of the future. The only country that doesn't use them is basically the US.

    So, 1 block is probably 1 meter wide. I think 1 meter is about 3.3 feet.
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    posted a message on shears secret use.....
    Quote from cosbraa

    bro you are derping to the max. i actually think you need to gtfo.


    Is anyone here tolerant of newbs? Because I honestly can't find a reason to be annoyed by OP. He found something cool, shared it, and you assholes give him this in return. Good job.
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    posted a message on GoombaVille - Over 1600 downloads!
    My old account and old thread are mostly history, so I'm making this new thread. It's about GoombaVille, my pet project that I've been working on for more than 5 months. GoombaVille is a town with almost anything you can imagine in it, and all the houses are unique (so it's a step up from BroVille). It doesn't have any wild grass in it because it hails from Beta 1.3, but just enjoy the fact that the leaves are all coloured right and the grass has nice biomes. There are many secrets, over many more houses. See what you can find! And remember, your input (positive or otherwise) keeps GoombaVille on its feet!

    Current Download:
    Version 9 (brand new!)
    Old Downloads:
    Version 8
    Version 7
    Version 6
    Version 5
    Version 4
    Version 4: Winter Mode
    Version 4: Zombie Apocalypse
    Version 3
    Version 2
    Version 1

    Pretty Pictures:

    This isn't the whole town, it's just a closer view.

    A lovely panorama.

    Advertise GoombaVille:
    I want your help to advertise this map! It's not hard: just put this code in your signature. Bam! Instant publicity! (You may have to remove a few links to outdated suggestions threads to make room).

    And this is what that code displays:

    Build part of GoombaVille:
    Yes, we accept guest builds! Just follow this handy-dandy guide on how to get your build accepted and included:
    Step 1: Download latest version of map. (Build somewhere out-of-the-way, we don't want your build overlapping with a new build of my own).
    Step 2: Build your creation.
    Step 3: Take lots of pictures, describe it to me.
    Step 4: Put the world file on MediaFire, send me the link.
    Step 5: I evaluate your build. With luck, it will be good enough to be added, and I'll use MCedit to drop it right in my copy of the map.
    - No swearing in signs. Yes, I swear sometimes in my own builds, but that's at a level that most people should be comfortable with. I don't know what other people consider "acceptable", and it's a bit of a touchy subject, so just don't swear at all.
    - No other general inappropriateness. Minecraft is played by children (like me... :tongue.gif: ), so adding a brothel to GoombaVille is a no-no.
    - Use proper grammar. I can fix your signs up, but I'd prefer not to have to.
    - Build nicely. It doesn't have to be beautiful, but make it something you can be proud of. Look around in the "show my creation" forum for inspiration, it's what I do.

    There! Hopefully I'll get a few nice creations. Keep building, guys! :smile.gif:

    Donate to GoombaVille:
    Money is a nice way of saying "Your map is so awesome I gave you money for making it". And at this point, you can either wait through an scam-ridden ad.lfy link every single time you download GoombaVille or tolerate the existence of this tastefully designed Donate button on the topic page: the choice is yours (although I think I know what most of you prefer).
    [donate button not yet created, maybe it will appear sometime next month]

    Watch GoombaVille videos:
    Two people have done 3-part video series of GoombaVille! That's pretty awesome. Here are two links to the series:

    Visit GoombaVille's Twitter page:
    Did you make a Twitter account because it was trendy and then promptly forget about it? Well, now you can use that account to receive updates about GoombaVille's current status. And you'll get exclusive information that's exclusive because I'm too lazy to repost it in this thread!
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    posted a message on [SMP Challenge] Make the Death Pool

    1. Create some water over a lapis lazuli layer.
    2. Place pistons so that when a lever is pulled, the lapis lazuli jumps upwards, displacing all the water and making the pool no longer negate fall damage.
    3. Lure players to your pool. Challenge them to dive from 30 blocks up.
    4. Pull lever.
    This will require constant reloading, but apparently it will be worth it. Give yourself a point for every player killed.

    This is the fifth challenge in "GoombaGeek's Series of Challenges Designed To Make Other People's Days A Bit More Surreal".
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    posted a message on Do you consider this cheating?
    Quote from Crashty

    Wiki says do it, So its not cheating

    The wiki can say anything I want it to.
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