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    Quote from Cire360»

    Personally I don't see an issue with the standard hostile mob cap, but I do have issues with both entity and passive mob counts including villagers. Lets take a moment to look at these in details and how they impact gameplay.

    First lets look at entities, the issue here is that anything that is dropped is an entity, and its shared with item frames as well. Sure items 'merge', and I believe the max count is somewhere around 200 entities, but this is a serious joke. 200 sounds like a lot, buts its seriously limiting, if one has say 20 or so item frames, you already down to 180 entities, Now lets say you want to use a splash potion to kill off a good number of mobs, your going to loose out on exp and or drops, because each exp orb is a entity, they don't merge, ect. Very few of us use splash potions to kill numbers of mobs just because of this reason. In essence you get more exp killing them off one by one, rather then a group, so controlled TNT isn't used, ect. This count needs at least doubled, if not tripled.

    Passive mobs, personally i feel that there really shouldn't be a count on this, and that the game should take a more PC approach, where it has a chance to spawn animals when the chunk is created, after that its extremely low chance of spawning animals. This would actually encourage breeding, and taking care not to kill off all the animals around us. Right now I don't run any type of animal farm other then sheep simply because its way to easy to run around for 5 minutes killing pigs/cows/chickens to get enough meat to last a couple of days. I think if people want to have a 500 cow farm then let them. 4J has taken it upon themselves to say no we won't let you lag your game with too many animals. We should have this choice and most players know that if the game is lagging because they have too many animals they'll kill a bunch off. Point is let us make the choice of how many passives we wish to keep. Yes the above alters gameplay but I think its for the best, and i think most will agree.

    Villagers count of 50 is another joke, it needs at least doubled, if not tripled. I understand that infinite village breeding can take place, but I have tested worlds with more then 800 villagers, and the xbox one handled them with next to no lag. This test was also coupled with a 64 stacked village producing iron golems, where i had over 200 iron golems. (800 villagers, 200 iron golems), and no noticeable lag. (2 players). The the console can defiantly handle increased villagers/golems.

    In respects to hostile mob limits, what has to take place is no so much a bump to the count, but more so fixed rates of spawn. The spawn rates of changed considerably, and this has seriously slowed down farms efficiency. If one looks at say an efficient endermen farm, its not hard to tell that the number of endermen isn't the issue, its the time it takes for the farm to actually restalk itself. I've done tests using the same farm on the PC/xbox one. The minute I begin killing off the endermen on the PC, they are very quickly replaced with new endermen, where the xbox one seems to take nearly 4x longer to spawn in additional endermen. I believe this is because back several versions (when witches were introduced and neither fortresses), 4J didn't use structure data, and this caused witches/neither fortresses to only work the first time they were loaded, after that they stopped working, in order to fix this they needed to alter the mob spawn code, and this additional code caused alot of overhead, and thus they at least halved (if not quartered) the speed it used to run at. Going back to endermen farms I can remember having a hard time killing off the endermen within my farm, for as quickly as I killed them off they were replaced with new ones, this simply isn't the case now.

    Now spawners on the other hand are a total different case. On the PC, spawners can go above and beyond the mob count, in fact if left unchecked these spawners can cause serious lag. I once accidentally left for 4 hours and came back there were over 3000 mobs, so bad was the lag the only way for me to solve it was to switch to peaceful. If they wish to impose a cap, spawners should have the option to go above and beyond it, so if they maintained the 75 mob limit, spawners should allow that limit to be 2x what it is, (IMHO)

    Anyhow sorry about the wall of text, but these are just my thoughts.

    Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.
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    posted a message on Add iron golem spawning mechanics to mimic the PC/MAC edition.

    I'm not sure what spawning mechanics your referring to, but Iron Golems can be either spawned with 5 blocks of Iron and a pumpkin for the head, or, Iron Golems can/will spawn naturally with the right conditions (with the required # of doors and villagers Golem's will spawn naturally). PS3 is the same in ese regards to the PC version!

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    Quote from Swatcommader6»

    Really? It applies to MC:PE.

    MC:PE =/= MC: Console

    As stated above MC:Console is handled by 4J while both MC:PE and MC:PC are developed and maintained by Mojang.

    and as stated the TOS (Terms of Service) restrictions on Mods and Modding are not allowed by Playstation and Microsoft, which are console platforms not PC or PE platforms.
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    posted a message on Sharing Diamond, Spawner, etc. Coordinates for 'bigworldcivilization'

    Have you explored the full map?

    What Biomes are available?


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    It was a bug but it was patched

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    Here's an issue I came across yesterday.

    I found that both zombie's and creepers will path find a player in the overworld, but will not cross over rail tracks to actually encounter the player in the overworld.

    I first noticed it with a zombie, who follow-up me the length from my main base to my secondary base containing my villagers. This zombie followd me 112 blocks in a straight but not once crossed over the rail tracks to actually get a me, it was pretty funny.

    On the way back I saw a creeper and replicated the same outcome (albeit not as far a distance).

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    posted a message on Looking for ravine seed

    Try: 107038380838084

    From what I gather it has both a ravine and a mineshaft crossing from one edge of the seed to the other!

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    Quote from Msgtomni»

    Actually I found all ps3 duplications are patched. There has been no sand generator since mid 2015, I'm running out of glass in my world's to be more precise... I've nearly harvest all my desert in my worlds... I just don't see why the developers would patch a Redstone sand generator...

    Sorry, I missed responding to this part of your post the other day.

    You should never run out of glass, and you should never run out of glass because you've smelted all the sand.

    FYI, Glass can be purchased from villagers, and as such, glass is an infinite resource without need for a generator.

    Hope this helps!
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    posted a message on Ideas to fix limited resources.
    Quote from Msgtomni»

    Actually I found all ps3 duplications are patched. There has been no sand generator since mid 2015, I'm running out of glass in my world's to be more precise... I've nearly harvest all my desert in my worlds... I just don't see why the developers would patch a Redstone sand generator...

    Ps. The current duplication glitches are for online (just got patched) and the newest exposure requires to turn off a autosave feature which is ps4 not ps3, I understand ps3 does have the option to turn autosave off, in the option 's menu but due to the fact it does not function the same way the ps4's "button" function. We cannot duplicate the same result.. And to be perfectly honest I do know why they did this.

    Talking in terms of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 : our minecraft glitches have all been patched. Diablo 3 has also stopped updates right before getting the update for the Kania Cube. Terraria has stopped (or seems like) getting updates since the release of their ps4 Xb1 counterparts... It's more than likely that Sony and Microsoft is paying off all these developers to "Force" people to buy into their new systems... I for one can not afford either of these systems... I just want the developers to give us a way even if it means intense grinding, for a better game play experience that includes near infinite resources because I cannot afford their scam.

    Edit: I didn't mention, Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 has everything from x-ray glitches to duplication, D3 continues to get updated, and terraria will update for these consoles before last gen consoles.

    Though if yourself and other think this topic is indeed pointless, then please post a link showing a 2016 after patch exploit that I can use. It would be very appreciated.

    They aren't all patched, it is possible to duplicate even now.

    Have you seen the dup. glitch for diamonds, coal iron etc.?

    fill up you inventory with garbage except 2 slots, one with 9 diamond blocks the other empty. Open up your crafting table, and then flip from creating diamond ingots to diamond blocks, I can go from 9 to 20+ in about 1-2 minutes.

    this link will show the glitch, although note this: This Youtuber also claims this glitch is patch in a new video. FYI, this glitch is not patched and still works to this day.

    And I am not trying to be little you, and I certainly am not saying that your thoughts are pointless, I just want to help you understand that most every item is completely farmable or has the ability to duplicate.

    And even when some say that a glitch is patched, sometimes they aren't ;)

    Another option is to look for PC 1.8 glitches, sometimes you would be surprised what glitches get ported from PC to console!
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    posted a message on Ideas to fix limited resources.

    Simple answer, most of the items you desire can already be farmed to unlimited potential, if it can't be farmed it can almost undoubtedly be duplicated easily enough! just google (or youtube) the resource you want to duplicate or farm, and you'll find loads of tutorials available.

    Also, a console exclusive gives you the ability to reset your nether an unlimited number of times, which gives you unlimited nether resources.

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    Quote from Aoifa1211212»

    So i have a few questions about future updates:

    1-My friend had a problem where she lost her worlds when she updated her minecraft. If i save my worlds to a USB and unplug it and then update and plug it back in will i experience this problem? (i don't have Xbox live BTW)

    2- Are horses, Ocelot and jungles added? If so how do i find them in a full loaded world.

    3- Is there a way to reproduce coco beans?

    4- When is the next update???

    5- About my friend she hadn't backed up her worlds or anything so is there a way to get them back?

    Thanks guys!!!!! :D

    1: Should be okay
    2: Horses will spawn in Plains Biome naturally (if you have a Plains Biome). Ocelots spawn naturally in the Jungle Biome, so if you have a Jungle Biome you are set.
    3. If you have cocoa beans and Jungle wood, then you can grow and farm them
    4. ??
    5. No
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    posted a message on I Have A Question About Wither Skulls
    Quote from deathgod2024»

    gonzo2095 is right it is all about chance. About 2 days after I posted this I got all the wither skulls in one day with my looting 3 iron sword.

    lol, it's the sick karma this game produces, glad you got your skulls, now go get another 3 :)
    Quote from thewicketn9ne»

    I read that if you aim at their heads while killing the Wither Skeleton they are more likely to drop the Wither skull

    I think this is a myth, or wishful thinking, The only way to increase the chances of a Wither Skeleton dropping their head are:

    Looting Sword I - 3.5% increased chance
    Looting Sword II - 4.5% increased chance
    Looting Sword III - 5.5% increased chance

    killed by charged creeper (provided the 2 mobs encounter each other) - 100%, but it is a pretty tall order to get a charged creeper and Wither Skeleton together.
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    posted a message on Please help find spawners

    What I would recommend, is star up a secondary creative world with this seed number, blow out the underground and find the spawners you desire, then switch to your survival world and mine to the co-ordinates of the spawners you found from the creative world of the seed.

    Give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish :)

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    posted a message on How skilled are you?
    Quote from Cire360»

    I'm a newb, hardly know dirt from a tree.

    Did you know you could harvest both with a pick axe?
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