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    Hey its Gonzxor here.

    Today I wil be showing you my Mob Arena. This did take alot of work so a simple like would be awesome!

    Click for Mob Arena Trailer :D.

    Know some of you guys are probaly like "You just press a button and it spawns mobs" no, that is not correct. When I made this I wanted to make it not a simple thing such as pressing a button. So instead I added an auto-wave start that starts the wave for you and when the player is dead the machine detects it. The arena also talks to you, dont believe me? On wave 5 the boss of the arena get mad and says.

    "How Dare You"
    "Let My Minions Spawn"

    After that 2 blaze will spawn.

    As I said in the video.

    50 Likes = Download
    100 Likes = Multiplayer

    [NOTE: By multiplayer I ment more than one player in the arena at once, atm you cant do it.]

    Know that was alot of talking but I think it did explain REALLY what this map is.

    Edit: The map is only in Beta and will hopefully be in its full release at 50 likes, if not I will release the Beta.
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