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    posted a message on [Noteblocks] Alan Walker - Fade [Download]!

    My first noteblock song, ever! So I present to you Alan Walker - Fade!
    Leave a like if you enjoy it, thanks! :) If you want more up to date projects, subscribe to my youtube channel as they will always come out on there first.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Zombies Trailer

    This is a zombie minigame I have been working on for awhile. You can play up to 3 players, and your team or yourself have to work together to fight off the neverending waves of mobs. You will have to spend money you will get from killing mobs, to open doors, open doors, buy perks, and much much more.Once everyone dies the minigame automatically resets everything, making gameplay simple and fun. Theres alot more, but wait until the release on December 18th!

    In the meantime, watch this teaser. When the time comes for the download to come out I will post in on this forum page :).

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    posted a message on Distributing /summon command

    OK. I have given up. I cant think of a way to do this, maybe its impossible?

    Lets say you have 2,3,4 etc rooms.

    At first theres 1 room, easy, just summon a mob.

    At ANY time though a player can open the next room, making two rooms. Now the mobs have to spawn in both rooms it doesnt have to be exactly even, but at least somewhat distributed.

    Same goes on with any amount of rooms.

    Is there any possible way of doing this? Thanks for the help :)!

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    posted a message on How to add multiple inputs?

    Not sure how to word this, but for example

    you have /execute @e[type=Zombie]

    How could you combine that command to have zombie and skeleton?

    Thanks alot for the help, I appreciate it :)

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    posted a message on Help with /testfor

    Hi, I'm wondering if its possible to test for mobs in a certain parameter. Is anything like this possible?

    Sorry for such a basic question, I'm trying to get back into the swing of redstone (Been along time :P)

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    posted a message on DedicatedPrison ~~~ 24/7 ~~~ Custom Plugins
    DedicatedPrison! We are a dedicated prison server that fixes bugs on the spot! This server is in beta so there still may be bugs, but for now, come on and play!

    We have custom coded plugins, shops and crafting recipes.

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    posted a message on Strange Mouse Actions?
    Whenever I go on MC, whether its a server or single player, my mouse seems to go crazy by itself when I move it just abit. I can make my guy,no problem.

    Noted facts:

    This ONLY happens in MC not outside of it.

    I turned my sensitivity down to 1% and it still did it.

    Help please?
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    posted a message on Got my source good? But I am having trouble with MCP.
    Alright well im going to make this short.

    So I got my source code and so far its only to craft one item. It looks fine and everything but I cant seem to get MCP to work. Each time I was a video on YouTube it always different then my MCP and im guessing because the video is a little old.

    Could someone make a step by step up to date on how to do it?

    Q: How to turn a simple (1 Item, craftable) into a real mod with MCP.

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    posted a message on [Minecraft Mob Arena]---[With Waves]---[Redstone Only]
    Quote from PleaseZombieMan

    THAT IS SO EPIC!!! How'd you manage to do that??????

    Thanks!!! I love comments like this! It makes me so happy :).

    And about how I made it and stuff, well lets just say it tooks "Alot" of work.

    I still dont understand why it has so much dislikes, whatever :P
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    posted a message on [Minecraft Mob Arena]---[With Waves]---[Redstone Only]
    Hey its Gonzxor here.

    Today I wil be showing you my Mob Arena. This did take alot of work so a simple like would be awesome!

    Click for Mob Arena Trailer :D.

    Know some of you guys are probaly like "You just press a button and it spawns mobs" no, that is not correct. When I made this I wanted to make it not a simple thing such as pressing a button. So instead I added an auto-wave start that starts the wave for you and when the player is dead the machine detects it. The arena also talks to you, dont believe me? On wave 5 the boss of the arena get mad and says.

    "How Dare You"
    "Let My Minions Spawn"

    After that 2 blaze will spawn.

    As I said in the video.

    50 Likes = Download
    100 Likes = Multiplayer

    [NOTE: By multiplayer I ment more than one player in the arena at once, atm you cant do it.]

    Know that was alot of talking but I think it did explain REALLY what this map is.

    Edit: The map is only in Beta and will hopefully be in its full release at 50 likes, if not I will release the Beta.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server: Spleef, PVP, Parkour, Economy, CTF Almost Done
    Join know the server has loads of plugins and an epic spawn in a dome. We have lots of stuff to do such as Drop Partys and the stuff in the title. CTF is still under work. Join know!!! IP:
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