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    IGN: gonat0100

    COUNTRY: Canada

    POSITION: Admin or Mod

    WHY?: Really enjoy the people on the server and would like to keep it in a clean state. I plan to be on the server a lot and having mods with different time zones is always helpful to running a server.

    HOW MATURE ARE YOU?: Mature when I have to be. Not going to say that I don't joke around and have silly moments, but if someone really needs it I'll be more serious than most anyone.

    WHAT MAKES YOU A GOOD LEADER?: I'm a really strong speaker, and I'm good at making friends. If someone needs it I'll kick them in the ****, if someone needs help I'm willing to help. Etc, etc...

    WILL YOU BE ABLE TO TAKE ON BIG CHALLENGES?: Five times over. I'll be willing 100%, able may not be a certainty though :P

    STRENGTHS?: If I see a build style I can mimic it. I'm really good at making friends. I can keep a cool head in most situations, and I seem to be really lucky with terrain generation.

    WEAKNESSES?:Little to no plugin knowledge, and I occasionally can't come up with an idea as to how to begin a project.

    SKYPE: If you need it I'll message you with it, but I'd rather not post it for all to see :P
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    I edited my RP section, please respond when you have the time. :)
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    Hmm Decent but fix the couple grammar errors in your backstory and make your rp ex a bit longer (maybe more action or talking).
    For now denied

    Nice try mate, I'm not quite trusting of you. I'll take that from the big boss ;)
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    : Gonat0100

    Age: 15

    Role-Play Exp.: Very little, but I've read through the rules and I'm really genuinely interested.

    Why Us: This looks like an incredibly well run and moderated server. I'm looking for a server that has an interesting twist.

    Time You Can Dedicate: 5:00-10:00 on weekdays, much more on weekends.


    Name: Nathaniel Razzi

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Fears: Heights >.<

    Personality: Cocky, but unable to take most things seriously, (in order to forget fear and anger). Very unlucky.

    Skills: Parkour running, bows.

    Nickname (Optional): Nat

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Nat: When have things ever gone my way?

    Jakob: Never, but it's till going to take more than skill to get in and out of the bank of Roma.
    Nat: What, you think 200 guards can catch me once I start running on the roofs and get to the hideout.
    Jakob: It's the arrows I'm worried about if you come back here with an arrow in the knee I'm not sure if you'll run again.
    Nat: Don't worry so much Jakob, It's bad for your heart, besides, Alex will be covering me. I'm in no trouble I can't get out of.
    Guard: You two should move on, I don't abide loitering.
    Nat: What ever you say sir...
    *Nat and Jakob head over to a market district of the city, Nat grabs an apple off the produce stall and sinks his teeth into it*
    Jakob: Well, the market seems to be bustling with activity today.
    *Still with a mouthful of apple* Nat: They seem to be headed to the gallows, let's follow.
    *They make their way to the center of the district, the gallows towering over the spectators casting a shadow of eminent death upon their shocked faces*
    Nat: Heh, serves them right for getting caught.
    Jakob: Your callous disregard for human life scares me. These four men face death, and you are amused?
    Nat: They are simply assassins, it doesn't matter if they live or die, they failed in their mission, and now are likely glad to die.
    Jakob: I don't like assassins any more than you do, but these people are about to die. You don't feel anything about the cruelty before you.
    Nat: If I cared for the cruelties of other men I wouldn't be here now.
    *Nat, finishing his apple, tosses it behind him and catches a guardsman in the eye*
    Guard: Who threw that?!
    *Nat snickers, and the guard sees*
    Guard: Oh, so you think it's funny eh? Well we'll see if you're laughing with your guts on the pavement!
    *The guard draws his sword and rushes, straight into an arrow fired mere seconds before*
    Nat: We should go.
    Jakob: His name was Antonio. He had a wife.
    *Nat grabs Jakob by the shoulder, hauling him away from inspecting the corpse*
    Nat: We'll be twice as dead as him if we don't move!
    Jakob: Fine, but remember Antonio, and be sad for his widow.

    Skin (Link, picture, description): Long haired, male, mainly brown clothing, with a blue eyed, pale face.

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): I my childhood, I was very privileged. living in a small town not far outside Rome, I found life grew boring when I got what I wanted, when I wanted. I had money, women, power, and the village (run by my father) I was about to inherit. But when I got to age 16 I left for Rome, saying it was a short trip, I didn't plan to return. I started with very little money, but worked my way up through back channels.
    Within those back channels I met my best friend Jakob. He was recently killed, and I will stop at nothing to see that he is avenged. I'm certain it was a guardsman who had a grudge against me, so I enjoy tormenting guards wherever I go. I made a small name before then by robbing as many stores as possible. I began running across rooftops parkour style because of this. I can only do this by frogetting my fear and always looking straight ahead. I like the finesse involved with marksmanship, and so I'm always ready for target practice. I'm not yet extremely well known, but I plan to be.
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    My specs are OS X Tiger 10.4.11. The problem is that if I try to join any server that I've tried, it says connecting for about a minute, then tells me my argument is invalid. I'll continue to try and I'll try to create my own server. Thanks for your help. If I get a server up you'll be the first to get the IP.
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    I use a Mac 10.4.11 and I'm having trouble. Whenever I try to get on a server that I have the IP for it tells me

    java.net.SocketExeption: Invalid Argument

    I got SMP to work once in the really early stages, but haven't again. I'm not spouting nonsense this is extremely annoying. Do I need to upgrade my Mac? Do I need to download something? Am I just unlucky at finding servers? Please help me!
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    Love the TP, played it for an hour, went to bed with a headache...
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    I'm terrified, the smiles, the FACES! :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS:
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    If you keep coming up with ideas, I could make a pack for you, I just suck at thinking :Notch:
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