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    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN:


    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat):

    Goldenstar.Sands (Note: I almost never use skype)

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?:

    I've been roleplaying since 2004, Perhaps a little bit earlier. I've join several different rp sites, poking around as I go. I am currently apart of a larger non-minecraft Rp group. But I figured I would spice things up. A few of the places I have rp'ed are: Gaiaonline, Secondlife, Minecraft, and Starbound.

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words:

    Power gaming is often seen as portraying yourself flawless and unstoppable. However realistically it's more of a lack of balance between players inability to let their pride down and having faults. It could be something as small as 'always landing a blow' to someone, to something Larger as 'walking away from something life threatening unharmed'

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words:

    Meta-gaming is the spreading and Mis-use of OOC information; or assuming your character knows something based on what the player knows, but not what their actual character knows. Which obviously leads to power gaming as well.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words:

    Role playing is stepping into the body and mind of character and seeing and acting out things from their perspective.

    ----IC Info----
    -Character name:

    Chi Hoshiko

    -Character race:


    -Character gender:


    -Character age:
    Appears to be in her late 20s

    -Character Occupation (optional, note you still must talk to the lord about loaning or purchasing any stall/shop for your character if he/she would have one. This more or less helps us to better understand your characters starting skill set):

    Herbalist / Alchemist / Wandering Merchant

    -Character description (At least one to two paragraphs describing your character’s visual appearance.):

    Small built, and generally shorter then most other human women due to her eastern heritage. She carries long black hair and fair-tanned skin and dark almost onyx colored eyes. While she isn't anything then average looking on the scale of beauty she tends to carry an exotic look about her. A noticeably odd trait would be he rather long black hair.

    Chi is often seen wearing large exotic eastern robes and silks to show off her status as a merchant, or at lest an upper classed citizen. But these large robes are not simply for show; but rather a simple means of hiding supplies; such as readily made oils and elixirs. Without her large overcoat of lush robes she is typically seen wearing much tighter clothing with straps meant to hang onto her body. Her robes typically weight about as much as she does.

    -Character personality and traits (At least one to two paragraphs describing their personality traits and/or quirks.):

    Despite having darker past she is a 'seemingly' sweet, nice and generally understanding person. She speaks rather well in the language of money and valuables and does believe one way or another that everything has a price. (Though some things many have a price too high to be worth it to pay) While within her trades she is best known for her herbal remedies, cooking and various rare and exotic goods. (Such as silks and gems) Though if she does not sell it, she surely seems to have a way of getting it.

    Beyond a charming accent and skills within herbs and massage does however lay a shader woman most would not aim to cross. for as much as there is a light side to Chi, there is equally a dark one. Selling and trading to the underground in the forums of poison, drugs and flased documents; it's not uncommon for Chi to also play the role of a back alley doctor; treating those who would otherwise be seen as unsavory to the general public... As much to be said, few tend to **** off the botanist healing them, more so when her specialty isn't herbs as much as it is poison.

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Originally from the lands far to the east, Chi Hoshiko has lived the last few years as a traveling merchant. She was once a more simpler villager of type among her people; daughter of a merchant and a farmer. Most would view this traveling merchant as shy and perhaps exotic, thou many would find it strange that she travels alone despite the growing number of bandits and thieves within these lands. The reasons for this may be unknown; but the truth be told she had traveled to these far western lands to escape her past.

    While her mother died young, her father lived being a firm tradesman, though his stubbornness and strong honored heart brought about his end. While Chi Hoshiko's family lived simply there where many merchant wars of sorts taking place in her homelands, and when land became in high demand many families where forced to sell. Though with Chi's father's stubbornness only brought trouble; being a smaller merchant but a large land owner made him a prime target to be 'forced' to sell, and while he refused many others to keep from selling his lands, when he came to refuse a more powerful lord in the area, it quickly lead not only to his unfortunate end, but also the loss of Chi's home and what remained of her family. However, it also quickly lead the said overlord's fatal end; fallen by none other then Chi's hand... Making it well worth the risk to travel to the more troublesome western lands.

    In her travels she would learn more not only of her mother's trade, but also by the aid of traveling monks more in the science of the world. The same science would drive her away from the same monks that took her in after the loss of her family. The monks warned her after she once became ill over the misuse of her own trades... But she would leave them behind once she was fully of age. Traveling from one land to the next.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    It wouldn't be the first time she would have been robbed... But by such tiny hands? Had she really let her guard down so much among the wave of people?... Hm.. She could travel after the tyrant.. However leaving her stall and risking further robbery?... She wouldn't... She knew well in her self the hardships for children in these times... Though she wouldn't be fooled so easily a second time.. She would finish closing up her stall for the night, and would better secure the remainder of her pocket money... If the child would come around a second time, she would be prepared.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    She would take caution approaching such an animal.. Though perhaps some things simply couldn't be helped... After pulling up the long silken sleeves of her robes she would grasp the wolf. Gripping it tightly by the maw while fiddling with the trap.. However strength was certainly not her strongest point and her grip would slip; and naturally the dog would bite down... "Pitty..." She would mumble under her breath as she drew back her now bleeding hand... As for the wolf however.. It wouldn't be long after it would start to foam at the mouth, an unknown poison sitting in... It wouldn't be long now... But in the wake of a lost wolf new pups would be gathered, tucked away into a basket for now.. As for the wolf? Skinned and left as a warning to other wolves... The hide would certainly pay well for the milk that would be needed to feed these now growing pups.. But then again they too would be sold eventually.

    Extra notes (Optional, could include theme songs, pictures, etc.):


    Only fill out below if you want your character to have magic capabilities. If you don't fill this out, then your character will be incapable of performing any form of magic. Note that it will take significant in character practice and experience to become any form of proficient in magic.
    (We only accept high quality magic applications!)

    -Magic Biography; Explain the reason you want your character to have magic through backstory application: (At least three extremely well-crafted paragraphs. You must describe to us why your character can use magic, what drives him to further his ability, how he learned that he could use magic, and what benefits magic brings to this character, what type of magic they’ll strive to use, etc. This is not a middle school paper! I will not accept applications that say “My character got my magic from x, and he wants to use it because it’ll help him! Also for RP!")

    While Chi herself Is not magical (yet) I personally would consider her magic sensitive, and generally knowledgeable of magic and spirits. But she herself typically tends to stay within her know understanding of Herbs and Alchemy. Push come to shove she likely could execute basic spells if she had directions in front of her. Much like an amateur cook reading from a cookbook to bake a cake.

    -Please give an example in your own words describing the limitations placed upon those who use magic (This should be at least one well-crafted paragraph):

    Magic, like Alchemy requires an exchange and a something to bind to it. You can not simply create something from nothing.. Ether physically or from your own inner life pool there must be an exchange. However while draining practice does ease the exchange. but even the greatest wizards are not without their drain points, and need to properly repair for spells.

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:
    Regardless of the path you choose magic has to be bound to a trinket or source power of some kind and certainly not something you simply command on a whim as ti takes fousc and time.

    -You are given a weak trinket of <Telekinetic>, you haven't had much practice with magic yet, but you will try your best. Describe some things you could/would do with this trinket:

    Knowing Chi she would likely use such a trinket to fool others into believing there is a Poltergeist. Or in more simply means use it to more easily tamper with people's belongings. Such as spiking drinks, robbing them or simply distracting people. Though in a more casual usage Chi would likely use it more in her crafting of herbal medicine. Being able to prep medicine much quicker with an unseen force.

    You start with one aspect only. You gain the rest of them (How ever many your race may have) of your own choice through further RP, however you will not be able to attain them immediately.
    Likely I see Chi gaining Ether Telekinetic or Earth... Though given the option she'd more likely take a Poison based one. But alas one is not listed.

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    posted a message on [Forum Suggestion] Changing The 'Roleplay' Tag for Severs.

    Well the default could be set to 'Casual Roleplay' and the more serious story driven severs could update their tags for the 'sever roleplay' option.

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    This would be a very small addition/change but it's something that has bothered me for a rather long time now about Minecraft roleplay severs.. Almost everything is labeled as a "Roleplay" Sever, to which if anyone knows anything about community story writing; not all sever are necessarily the same thing... For example a sever listed as "Rolepaly" could mean a typical RPG minigame map, or it could mean a pre-rendered map for people to act out stories and plots together... However finding severs with the actual story content is actually quiet hard because of this!

    I suggest Removing the Search tag for "Roleplay" And replacing it with two new easily understandable tags:

    "Casual Roleplay" and "Serious Roleplay"

    It's a pretty minor change that would make a huge difference for helping players find the sever thats right for them!

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    Is this an actual Roleplay sever with a story? or just another bucket sever?
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    IGN: Goldenstars

    Age: 28

    Information: I've been playing Minecraft since July 2011 (Just before the 1.7.3 beta update) I consider myself a decent builder and know a few things about redstone. Airships and Asian designs happen to be some of my favorite build styles. Although I normally spend most of my time farming and villager trading. All in all however I really just want to find a good realm to play on.
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    IGN: Goldenstars

    I've been playing Minecraft since July 2011 (Just before the 1.7.3 beta update) I consider myself a decent builder and know a few things about redstone. Airships and Asian designs happen to be some of my favorite build styles. Although I normally spend most of my time farming and villager trading. All in all I am just hoping to find a great realm to play on!
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    ING: Goldenstars

    Lady or gentleman?: lady

    Country of origin: USA

    Age: 28

    I'd love to join you all! You just don't see as many of these kinds of realms these days.
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    posted a message on Old Minecraft versions - Your favorite(s)?
    I have to say 1.7.3 was the best; mostly as it was the time when I really grew to love minecraft..

    Second best is 1.5 Because we finally where able to automatically put stuff in our chests which changed everything as we know it!

    (Also the main update before horses; out of all the awesome stuff they could have put into the game they added something as stupid and useless as horses...)
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    Coolbeans; also if anyone else has a realm to show me I don't mind taking a look around~
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    Sounds great! I'd love to check it out~
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    I'm 28, and wouldn't mind joining in on the fun~

    IGN: Goldenstars
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    1. Age:

    2. Microphone Yes/No:

    3. Skype Name (Required)
    Goldenstar.sands (Warning, I am not on Skype that much)

    4. Time Zone:
    PST (UTC -8) - However Due to a mixture of Real Life work and Insomnia You'll most likely find me around Australian Time zones (UCT +8,+9,+10)

    5. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    July 6, 2011 - Two days before 1.7.3 Beta came out. So I had the full experience of the good old days. :D

    6. Optional:
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    Well there are a few reasons why I'm not a huge fan of creative mode servers... The main part being is the people they tend to attract people who aren't exactly the best kind of company... Also while being in survival it keeps me playing the game as I have many goals to achieve as well as the challenge to build something without having unlimited blocks available to you.
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    posted a message on Help Me Find a Realm! +18 Player
    Sadly the realm I was playing on closed... So I am looking for another realm! ):
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    posted a message on Help Me Find a Realm! +18 Player
    Is anyone actually reading this right... o-O; I don't have a realm! hah... this is almost amusing... I'm looking to JOIN a realm.. silly gooses.
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