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    When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!
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    Quote from BillTheBuilder

    Can you please just add a button for it? Minecraft doesn't use many buttons, compared to conventional PC games.

    Sprinting when I double tap W (or whatever you have it set to) is so damn annoying. Sometimes when you are building you have to make tiny little adjustments, and you end up double tapping W a lot.

    If you say it hasn't happened to you by accident, you are lying.

    Agreed, give us a customizable key bind.
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    Splash Potions work on dogs! I concocted some speed regeneration and strength splash potions and used them on my dog. He was a little terror on the battlefield. His health keeps ticking up because of the regen and he has stronger attacks and more speed. All I was missing was a defense buff so creepers won't one shot him.(which is how I lost him)
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    Blocking is useless, because your armor still takes damage when you block and arrow. If you don't have armor, you might want to run away instead of standing still blocking. If you do have armor, you take such small amounts of damage(like half a heart with full set of iron armor) from an arrow that is better just to rush in and kill the skeleton so you take less hits.

    Blocking attacks from hugging mobs is just useless in every case. Just attack back or run away.

    Crits aren't effective damage. Even with my potion buffed (strength potion) and enhanced diamond sword(Smite I) It still takes 2 hits to kill spiders, creepers and skeletons, even with crits. The only thing crits help with is killing a zombie in 3 hits instead of 4 with strength potion buff.

    Running knockback attacks against skeletons will push it further away before you can finish it off, so it can likely shoot an extra arrow at you.

    Out of all the new stuff. Only potions and enchantments actually matter in combat. My nightly gear is a Strength I and speed I potion, each lasts 8 minutes. Its just long enough to last all night. And a brand new set of iron armor, which is usually completely worn out by sunrise. Zombies die in 3 hits, creepers, spider and skeletons die in 2 hits. Don't bother with Endermen, they don't always drop EXP when they die. If you keep your food meter full, you don't even need health potions.

    I think if you do a strength II potion and get a Smite II enchanted diamond sword, you can 2 shot a zombie, I'm not sure if it needs crits too, though.
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    Its more about progression. You are challenged in the Nether. Then you discover the key ingredient you need, netherwarts. Then you can farm it and safely explore the rest of the Nether from that point onward
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    Quote from F0rtune

    As well as those coco beans. Either that, or just take out cookie all together. Since it's less practical than all other food source and it's too hard to get.

    This is what I want to see. Cocoa beans should be farmable. You Plant them in tilled dirt to get a plant that produces more cocoa beans, and then you roast the cocoa beans to get brown dye, or use them as is in crafting recipes for cookies.

    Apple trees should not be naturally generated, instead once you find an apple in a dungeon(like finding melon seeds) you craft a single apple into one seed. Plant that seed in tilled dirt and it grows into an apple tree sapling, which eventually grows into a full apple tree, which drops more apples when you chop it down.
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    Don't play an unfinished game if you can't handle it being unfinished. Wow some people..
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    Quote from FailedToOpen

    I have been very out spoken against Mojang the last couple of weeks. I've made quite a few threads addressing balance issues and broken content being pushed aside to code for snowmen and the response I see the most is "It's a beta" or "it's a pre release". Case in point I made a thread stating that the game has become easy and no longer provides any type of challenge therefore there is no challenge in the combat or getting diamonds. The response I got was "It's a pre release it'll be fixed once the actual 1.8 comes out" and behold beta 1.8 came out the next day with nothing addressing those problems.

    My problem is this. The tag of pre release or beta is becoming a excuse for the bad game design of mojang. No I don't mean bugs those are to be in any game fallout 3 is a very buggy game even in its released state, it is just the way the game is. However everything in fallout 3 has a purpose or at least some type of reason to be. Minecraft doesn't have this. My problem has been that mojang doesn't develop in a coherent pattern. How does one go from world generation to snowmen? How does one release villages and exp bars which have no use promising that "there will be a use sometime later" . They made slimes and slime balls which really had no use to be here, what do slimes add to the game other than a mix of diversity? The item they drop didn't even had a use for 3-4 months.

    Another point is there is no reason minecraft shouldn't have some type of mod support or at least optimization. I think modding support is the biggest let down so far. How do we not have any type of modding support at this stage of development? How many times has notch said he'd work on adding support for modding so that we wouldn't have to twist our arms to try and get mods to work (especially on mac). It saddens me to think that snowmen have been released before modding support. Snowmen which will be boring in a week will be released before modding support despite the fact that mods are what make this game more interesting.

    If notch just updated based off of one central idea that had many sub parts we wouldn't have to wait for the next update because we are bored of minecraft. Shallow features only make a game interest for a week or two and then you're back to the old ways of minecraft.

    It's as if I bought a CoD game and I found a gun that did nothing except have a message that popped up and said "This gun will do something later, we were too busy developing snowmen".

    If you take nothing away from this then at least try to understand that beta/pre release is a shallow excuse for a developer adding features that will one day be nerfed because they're OP or only throw snowballs and are cool for the next week or so. Hey maybe even have the whole patch be designed around a companion mob that nobody used after the first couple of weeks because they hurt you more than they helped you and are no considered an annoyance.

    I think you are missing the point. The game is not done. You didn't play Fallout 3 while it was in beta, so you have nothing to compare against. I'm sure it was missing a ton of content too. Ya, know while they were still working on making it!
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    Ok, this might need a few new blocks. A Spider Web block. It has a transparent texture of cobwebs. Touching or standing on this block slows down player and mob movement by half. (spiders excluded) It makes spider dens full of webbing very dangerous. Also, add a 2nd type of block, a web eggsack. These can be on the ground, walls or ceiling and they spawn spiders when the player gets near. They can spawn normal spiders or baby spiders, which are just smaller and do less damage. But baby spiders can squeeze through 1 block openings. (unlike regular spiders)
    Baby spiders only spawn from these nests, not anywhere else.

    If you are mining and break through into a cave and discover it is a spider nest, what do you do?! You have several options. Webs and egg sacks are extremely flammable. A flint and steel should set the whole place on fire and clear out the infested cave. If you have a bucket of water, you can use it to wash the webs away. Webs will dissolve away when it comes into contact with water. But water does not break egg sacks. Lastly, you can use tools or barehands to smash each web or eggsack block one at a time. A web or eggsack block will drop string when broken by the player or water. You won't get any drops if you burn it down.
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