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    posted a message on Kevin SMP - White Listed Vanilla Server - Recording Required
    For anyone interested we are still looking for new players
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    posted a message on Kevin with Goldcap
    Hey guys! My name is Goldcap and I run a server called Kevin, It is for letsplayers, and recording is a requirement. You can add me on skype at "Venius.goldcap" for inquires about joining. Here is my series!

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:

    Episode 4:

    Episode 5:

    Episode 6:

    Episode 7:

    Episode 8:

    Episode 9:

    Episode 10:

    Episode 11:

    Episode 12:

    Episode 13:

    Episode 14:

    Episode 15:

    Episode 16:

    Episode 17:

    Episode 18:

    Episode 19:

    Episode 20:

    Episode 21:

    Episode 22:

    Episode 23:

    Episode 24:

    Episode 25:

    Episode 26:

    Episode 27:

    Episode 28:

    Episode 29:

    Episode 30: - This episode is mis titled but heres the explanation for episode 30

    Episode 31:

    Episode 32:

    Episode 33:

    Episode 34:

    Maybe I should put these into a play list.

    Thank you for your time even if you didn't watch any of the videos :)
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    posted a message on Kevin SMP - Whitelisted fun group for Lets Players
    Hello! My name is Goldcap and I run the Kevin server. Kevin is a group of people that has been around for 7 months. We are on our second map and we are trying to make our tight knit community a little bit more active. To join the server you must either send us a link to your channel, or make an application video to join the server. The application is harder but it shows dedication and you will have a higher chance of getting in. To apply you must send us the following information

    Skype name:
    Reddit name:
    Application video(not required):

    In addition you have to have the following things:

    Team Speak

    All of those things are free and easy to get, but you should do that before we tell you if you get in or not.

    You can add me on skype at "Venius.Goldcap" if you need any clarification

    You can look at the server and its members at www.reddit.com/r/kevinserver

    The application will have a 48 hour voting period so as many of the members as possible can give their opinions, and you need a 100% yes to get on. This is to insure that there is no drama in the group
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    posted a message on Kevin SMP - White Listed Vanilla Server - Recording Required
    We are still looking! Please drop an application on us :)
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    posted a message on Kevin SMP - A whitelisted server for semi-mature lets-players! - Referral/Application thread
    The point of this server is that you have to record :P

    Letsplay is a video of gameplay and commentary

    A letsplayer is someone who makes that

    Youtube is a video website

    A youtuber is someone who makes videos on youtube.

    This server is for letsplayers/youtubers, not just players. Sorry :(
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    posted a message on Kevin SMP - A whitelisted server for semi-mature lets-players! - Referral/Application thread
    You don't have any videos on your channel, so I cant gauge your personality at all :( Sorry
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    posted a message on Kevin SMP - A whitelisted server for semi-mature lets-players! - Referral/Application thread
    Kevin SMP

    Hey fellow Minecraft-ers!
    From the title of this Thread you can see that the Youtube server Kevin is now accepting Applicants to join the Whitelisted, 1.8, Survival server.
    Don't worry how big or small your YouTube channel is as we pick you because of your personality not how big or small you are on YouTube. The only thing we expect from you is to at least upload videos of the server of you solo or with other members. Personality and activity on the server are the two most important things.

    As a community we come together to create a Spawn filled with shops, contraptions, and homes. We hope to do many group events over time.

    As well as all that we may also host UHC events as a group.
    If you are interested in joining the Fun, Friendly server please fill in the Application below!

    We use reddit, Skype, and Teamspeak as our primary methods of communication, and they are required to have, however if you don't have them they are free and easy to get. You can watch videos on the server at www.reddit.com/r/kevinserver

    As a final note, we recently lost a bunch of members mainly due to their own inactivity. We are now filling up the hole that they left

    Name/What you want to be called:
    Why do you want to join Kevin?:
    YouTube Channel Link:
    Reddit Username:

    (your application will be posted to the private subreddit and voted on. You need a 100% yes, so be sure to make a good application! If you feel more comfortable doing so, make a video application
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    posted a message on Need a host who can handle sethblings building game and some plugins
    Your age:I am 13 years old.
    Name of proposed server: BuildingGame
    How much RAM you want: .5GB
    How many player slots: 7(or maybe 8 for spectating)
    Describe your server idea: Sethbling has released a game called the building game. It has become quite big in the youtube community. Lots of people want to try it out for themselves. I think that a 24/7 automated building game server(possibly network) has great potential, and could provide many hours of entertainment. Using a plugin(not yet developed) I could remove all the redstone, preventing some lag, and I could have automatic map resets. I could Imply a timer that actually stops you at 300 seconds, and I could remove griefing other players.
    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: 8.75
    Proposed Plugins: Sethblings building game(not yet a thing), nogreif, essentials
    Donation Plan: Donors will get a flair stating their rank, and will be able to get into full servers by kicking people
    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: I will be getting players through telling my friends; advertising on the forum; and hopefully they will bring in their friends
    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: Because as far as I know this would be the only automated building game server
    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: I don't have enough money
    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: A PM works just fine, but my skype is venius.goldcap
    What you will do for the company in return?: I will put your name in announcements, and advertise you to all end. I will tell my friends about you, and put your company as my banner on the forums. I will mention you on my small youtube channel, and try to buy a server from you in the future.
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    posted a message on Building Team Needed
    Minecraft Name: Goldcap
    Age(10+): 13
    What do you want to be?(Builder,Resource Pack Maker, Redstoner, Command Block Worker): Builder
    Why do you want to join?: I love building, and working with other people.
    Screenshots of your work:I don't have any screenshots, and I am not on my computed at the minute, so I can't do this part.
    Skype name: venius.goldcap
    If you don't have skype, any other form of contact: N/A
    Are you gonna Grief anything?(Be honest, otherwise I'll turn you down): No, unless I made it, and it looks bad.
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    posted a message on Package deal for aspiring youtubers! (Skin, Youtube backround, Youtube icon)
    Quote from Mr_stoneminer

    Hello! will you make pictures for me to my youtube channel? if you will i want like a mining theme with my skin. :)

    channel info?
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    posted a message on Package deal for aspiring youtubers! (Skin, Youtube backround, Youtube icon)
    Just request a theme, and I will make you a skin, and a channel icon, and a YouTube background.

    I don't need to be payed, all I need is publicity, so please click on my banner, then share my channel with as many people as you can.

    Youtube channel:
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    posted a message on Clan anyone?
    Quote from SOULxEATERx169

    wana play minecraft

    Stupid much?
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    posted a message on The Peasants. [Recruiting Youtubers and anyone else!]
    A Peasant is a med-evil lower class, living in the walls of a castle. They preform various tasks for the king, and pay tax to him.

    The concept of this clan is to have a group of talented players, with a variety of skills to serve one another in the long run.

    We need Pvp pros, Survivalists, Redstoners, Builders, Adventurers, Mini game pros, people with good Real life traits, video editors, video recorders, and all that jazz.

    Skype*you can PM me:
    Youtube channel:
    IRL name:


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    posted a message on Looking for Cool Youtubers to do Simple Let's Play with!
    Name/Nickname (Pretty Much just what you like to be called): Bodhi, Gold, Goldcap
    Youtube Link: youtube.com/user/vgoldcap
    Program used To Record:fraps
    Skype Name:venius.goldcap
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    posted a message on Looking for youtubers with 10-1000+ subs to join in a network
    Getting big on you tube is one of the hardest things on the internet. The easiest way is getting subs directed from a larger channel. if you had 4 channels directing their subs to you then you would get a lot more subs.

    If you want to join this network, then just fill out the application.

    Goldcap:Youtube partner, currently at 27 subs

    Youtube channel:
    Skype(You may PM me):
    Application video:
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