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It will be quite pointless to message me for any reason by now since this profile has been dead for a long time, i am soon becoming a game hacker to get more content out of a game or to get unused files and turning them into parts of the game, along with me trying to find out how to get mods on ark xbox one, so by the time i find out how to have mods on ark console edition i will gladly tell those who don't know how to, since its easy to get true mods on minecraft console, if you don't know here is the link, but by the time i find out how to delete my account from this website, then i will, considering most have been treating it more like a nuisance rather than an average user, and if reading this is getting repetitive then my bad for it, considering this will be pointless anyway once i eventually delete this account, or if it does get hacked off by who i dubbed fatso the hacker, who likes to sabotage my computer, but i got sick of telling others about him since nobody else will still aid me on stopping him, honestly i have better things to do rather than commenting on this website with zero results and many insults, almost like rubbing salt into an open wound in cyber bullying form, but i doubt anyone will try to contact me on steam, but if you wish to then read further on my profile then, to make it simpler for some, its DeathGod632.

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