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I'm Wilson and I'm 14 years old and play Minecraft A LOT, and I mean A LOT! I love building in minecraft, and can't wait for pistons to be implemented into the game. I love science, and would consider myself a nerd. I have a macbook air, an iPod nano, an iPod Touch, and an iPhone. I live in Chicago, IL, and love studying the history of the U.S. and Chicago especially. My favorite thing to do is pretty much read, play video games and fish at my summer house in IN. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is mine and build. I use mods, but I don't use them for my legit world. I have the More Trees mod and the coral reef mod, Marglyph's too many items, Zombe's mod pack, and single player commands. I like to watch youtube and have an account but don't make videos. :SSSS:
Interests Minecraft, Astrophysics, Xbox, Halo, BF3, Computer Programming, Cooking, Karate, Swimming, Tennis, Geocaching, Making YouTube videos

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