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    So, a wanna-be troller has lead me to attempting a project. If you think what im doing is impossible, or cannot be done, excuse the language, but **** off. Really. Back to point, i will try to export a full minecraft pc experience to my own app. I will be working on this for a bit, so expect nes and updates weekly on progress. I believe it can be done. Guess we'll see how much cam be accomplished.

    EXPECTED FINISH DATE : May 10, 2012. Be patient. I do have school, testing, ect.'(almost end of year)
    FEATURES : Full features of pc, if not, a vanilla type version. Some things absolutly cannot be done in pocket editon because of controls. Like speech in game. It will be close tho.

    I will be using thr original minecraft as only a REFRENCE. I will not be copying files, because this can easily lead to file corruption. So. Raw is the way to go. Anyways, hope you guys stay tuned, and maybe something can be accomished. If not, there will be lots to learn from it. gonna flame, i will simply ignore your replies.

    AS OF NOW IT WILL ONLY NE FOR IOS. I do not own an android device, so. Yea. Ill leave that up to a friend who will be coding beside me. Not on minecraft, but other mods.
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    A forum within a forum? forumception e.e
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    Been reading alot of the ideas on this thread, really nice to see alot of your guys's ideas :) Well, heres a list to i suppose :)

    100% NEED
    - Creepers. Ohh yes that Ssssssss never gets old.
    - Redstone foundation at least. I do love making secret rooms.
    - Buckets - Hex editing is getting old.
    - Crafting
    - Smelting
    - The ability to pick up ore
    - TNT
    - Running
    - Being able to do that crouch move to go further off the edge. Really....need...

    - Original mobs ( cows, chickens, skeletons, spiders, ect )
    - No infinate items. To un realistic in Minecraft Logic x)
    - Multiplayer
    - Further render distance/ less fog. I hate that.. So so much..
    - Items such as eggs, zombie flesh, diamond, bones, the basics. Need them.
    - Exp system
    - Food system
    - Armour system

    - Smart AI
    - Actual inventory system. Its to un organized in my opinion.
    - Being able to see the front of your skin. I like steves face :D
    - Larger maps
    - More bioms
    - Something like the More items mod in survival. Idk, would make survival projects easier. Like testing mob traps.
    - Less mob spawn rate in the same area. Swear 10 mobs spawn like right beside eachother..
    - Enchanting
    - Minecarts/ tracks
    - MCedit so creating "dungeons" or things like the spell bound caves, will be easier.

    - Nether
    - Future mobs/ more creative mobs ( Ghast, blaze, wolfs, ect )
    - An a actuall lava level above bedrock
    - Infinate world
    - Infinate height
    - The end

    - Screwed up textures like on pc. Just... Ew...
    - Super advanced AI. I want to make mob traps, not a holding cell.

    Thats all !
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    Honsetly, i do not really mind if it comes out anytime to soon. Of course, i do want a reasonable time.. Id like to see a modding feature, that allows players without a jailbroken device, or use of iexplorer, to Have the capabilities everyone with it has. Also, like a topic i started, property editor. Id love tnt that can create a desert ya know xD anyways, crafting, definantly creepers. All i want right now. Maybe smelting for different tools as well.
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    Quote from maces006

    you can simply use the original minecraft textures as a baseplate and design your texture from the original ones using a program such as paint.net, i wouldn't advise using microsoft paint becuase it doesn't support transparencies.
    Like, use the terrain.png for example? Upload to paint, edit, put back in in?
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