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    posted a message on [v7.0] CombatKits The KitPvP Plugin For You!
    Im going to upload the 8.0 version very soon
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    posted a message on [3.0] CombatKits The New Plugin! KitPvP
    Quote from ClockworkPVP

    Thank you sir. :D
    Any idea when the config will be ready? :3

    i think the config will come out in 5.0, if the plugin rich to 1200 downloads i will release the 4.0 version
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    posted a message on [3.0] CombatKits The New Plugin! KitPvP
    ====== CombatKits ======
    This is a KitPvP Plugin for PvP Servers that want kits in there server, The Plugin work with FastSoup And You need Permissionex, Give me an idea for more kits and i will do it and im gona do better kits.
    Config that you can edit kits,
    More kits (if you have an idea tell me),
    KillStrike System,
    Sonic -Left Click With The Feather It Gives You Speed 2 And Right Click To Stop It
    Viper - Can Poison People With Bone
    PvP - Permissions: CombatKits.pvp
    Archer - Permissions: CombatKits.archer
    Tank - Permissions: CombatKits.tank
    Pyro - Permissions: CombatKits.pyro
    Sonic - Permissions: CombatKits.sonic
    Spy - Permissions: CombatKits.spy
    Viper - Permissons: CombatKits.viper
    head <name> - Permissions: CombatKits.head
    pvpinventory - Permissions: CombatKits.pvpinventory
    Kits - Permissions: CombatKits.kits
    If you will do this command it will open Inventory with soups that you can take soups from it
    you can set permissions to it but you need PermissionsEx or GroupManager
    Now Like Fast Soup, Soups Are Now Healing People
    When Player Died His Stuff Are Not Falling From Hime
    Now You Can Spawn Heads Of A Players
    If You Want Kits With Signs Do:
    Line 1: [CombatKits]
    Line 2: <KitName>
    Type It On A Sign If You Want Kit With Sign. Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/combatkits/
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