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    posted a message on Planet GCB Ftb unleashed 1.5.2 [20 slot] Fresh start server [whitelisted]



    Skills/Experience in Vanilla Minecraft: Im a great builder and iv played it for 2 or 3 years now

    Skills/Experience in FTB: I can make really cool inventions and i have played it for year 1

    Have you been banned before?: No

    Location/Time zone: Pacific time

    Do you record on YouTube or stream on Twitch? (Link please.): No, but it could i may in the future

    How often will you play?: Least 1 to 2 hours a day

    Picture of best creation (Not needed, but will increase chances of getting on the server.): I only got builds of vanilla sorry, http://imgur.com/94GVTwz - http://imgur.com/PENLfyP

    Why do you want to join? I want a fun communtiy to play with and not have to play smp all the time

    Why should I pick you?/What's special about you?: Im nice and love to help people when they need it

    Anything else I should know about you?: I go on vacation almost every summer so i would be on at a long time during the summer
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    posted a message on [18+] [Survival] [FTB Unleashed] [Bukkit] [Whitelisted] TheDarkSide Server Seeking New Members
    • Age 15
    • Minecraft Name God_of_Purple
    • What Timezone you are in Pacific Time
    • Can you use Teamspeak Yes
    • Do you have steam, if so what is your username. HappyLlama
    • How much will you play everyday that i can for least 1 hour or more
    • What you want to get out of a server/group of people I want kindness and everyone to be happy
    • Have you ever been banned from another server before? (If so, why) No
    • Would you be able to donate if the server needed to be upgraded? (has no affect on getting accepted, but being able to donate would be greatly appreciated) Depends at the time
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    posted a message on New MindCrack Mod Pack Server *whitelist* Private
    Strengths:(like the mods your're good with) Love all mods why i dont play much vanilla minecraft and i study them on single player
    How much time you will be able to put into the server: Few hour or more a day i have school
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    posted a message on [1.7] -=YouCraft=- Mature Community -=Enhanced Vanilla=- Like Mindcrack
    How will you benefit the server?:I love to build and make people have fun
    How will you benefit from the server ?:I will make people laugh and bring happyness
    Favorite Minecraft feature and why?:Redstone, you can make best contraptions with it
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    posted a message on [FTB] [24/7] [NEW] Oceania FTB server! [WHITELIST]
    What is your IGN (in game name):God_of_Purple
    How long have you played Minecraft for: since alpha
    Do you have experience with mods like these: About 3 months worth of tekkit/FTB mod playing
    How old are you (don't lie): 16
    What made you apply to this server?: Like new servers the play on (cause diamonds arent fully mined) and new communitys with lag free so we can chat and have fun :)
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    posted a message on Small FTB Server
    Username: God_of_Purple
    Age: 16
    Experience With the Mods: I knew everything about tekkit so i can help out alot some new things but i can all ways get old wiki out
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    posted a message on Brand spanking new 1.4.1 Vanilla world, Australian hosted.
    why you want to join:I'v been waiting for a nice server that is in the new patch and will have a fun community and freind to play with!
    Age: 15
    Previous Bans, and why: I got banned from blammed for greifing and the owner was 10 and dident know what to do so he banned me.
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    posted a message on New MindCrack-Like Server
    IGN: God_of_Purple
    Age: 15
    Skype: God_of_Purple
    YouTube: Purple3845
    What you're skilled at in MineCraft: Building and helping people
    Why you want to join: I cause i want a fun exciteing community to play and build with
    Something to make me like you more: i am a nice guy and have alot of paticents and love helping you or any one in need with there server
    A corny joke: one day there was Anne and Jack it was there annervery and anne got jack a new xbox (he was a gamer) and jack forgot the annerversy and anne got really mad and she yelled at him telling him i want a new car in that driveway by evening tomarrow so later that day anne woke up and saw somehing in the driveway she got her robe on and ran out the door and in the box was a scrubing tool for the bathroom and jack was never seen agine xD
    How much time you can dedicate: 3 hours a day on weekdays and more on weekends
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] ScrewCraft v2 A Mindcrack fan server-Looking for mature Dedicated players
    IGN: God_of_Purple

    How old are you?: 15

    Why do you want to join this server?: I want to have a fun community and freinds to hang out with and play minecraft on a exciteing server

    Any projects you already have in mind?: i want to build a big castel and huge buildings

    Have you played on a server like this before? What was your experience on it?: i have but the owner was really rude and he banned me for no reason he had anger problemes and took it out on me

    Who do watch play mindcrack? And how familiar are you with how it works?: i watch mindcrack and im fimiliar with all the players on there

    What is your minecraft specialty?: building and makeing people laugh

    What is your skype?: God_of_Purple

    What will you do on the server?: Help people in need and make community buildings for new people

    What is an acceptable prank? What is unacceptable? i acceptable prank is being creative and makeing it take along time to clean up a nonacceptable prank is not using common sense and takeing it to far on people

    How much time will you dedicate? And will you play for a long time? Will you be a good member of our community? : i can be on everyday for least 3 hours and more on weekdays

    And finally do you know how much fun this server will be?: I cant wait but my guess is Super duper triple idk where this is going fun
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    posted a message on MineCrack Like - 50 Slots - 24/7 - Whitelisted - Pranking - 1.3.2
    In-Game Name God_of_Purple
    Skype Name(If you don't have one make one) God_of_Purple

    Mic (yes or no) If its a yes you will automatically get in Yes
    Age (anything under 13 will be declined) 15
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    posted a message on [12w42b] Snapshot Server [Whitelist][Offline]
    In-game-name: God_of_Purple
    Your age:14
    Region/Country: (optional)Canada
    Do you agree to follow the rules: allways,yes
    Reason for joining: i want to meet and play with a community
    Have you ever been banned from a server?:yes
    If so, for what reason?:my freind got on my account and greifed he dont play on it any more after i yelled at him tho
    What is the secret word?: Enderman
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    posted a message on [12w38b] 1.4 Vanilla Snapshot Server [Whitelist]
    Minecraft username: God_of_Purple

    Your age (recommended, but optional):14

    Country (optional): Canada

    Do you agree to follow the rules: yes

    Why would you like to join this server?: cause iv been playing single player and i wanted to give a whitelisted server a try and try out new patch comeing up and meet a freindly community

    Have you ever been banned before? If so, why?: yes i was banned because my freind got on my account and greifed and then i got pissed and now he willl never play on my account agine
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    posted a message on Small Community SMP Survival Server [Whitelisted] [nearly one year old!]
    when will you accept us?? of decline us?
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    posted a message on Small Community SMP Survival Server [Whitelisted] [nearly one year old!]

    1. IGN:God_of_Purple
    2. Age:16
    3. Skype:God_of_Purple
    4. Do you have a youtube channel and do you post videos? (link if yes) If not will you be willing to in the future? i will make one in the future if you would like
    5. If you don't have any videos, posting some screenshots of builds would greatly increase your chances of entrance. It's not hard, just upload to an image hosting site and post a link here.
    http://imgur.com/tIHe4 and http://imgur.com/3VGpB if you want more just tell me
    6. How long have you played minecraft for? after alpha came out
    7. How active would you be on this server, and for how long? (ie think you will stop being as active after ___ event happens.) i will be on every day in the afternoon cause i got school
    8. Give a brief explanation of how you think you can be a good addition to this server: (3 Sentences minimum.) i can bring joy and fun to the server.Aswell i love helping the community.And makeing community build for others to us
    9. Please tell me a joke. So bob was in trouble he forgot his wifes anerversary (sorry about spelling im tired) and she is mad so she said i want a new car in the drive way in the morning she wakes up and looks out the window and sees a box in the drive way and she gets her robe on and runs out the door and finds in the box a srubing tool for the bathroom and bob was never seen agine.
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