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    posted a message on Arcana Network | Looking for free GFX Designers!
    What is Arcana Network?
    Arcana Network is a network server focused on different gamemodes and giving players fun
    and a modded experience inside of vanilla. We have finished one gamemode and now focusing
    on other gamemodes such as Roleplay, Prisons and Skyblock etc.

    What makes you different from other servers?
    We use custom plugins such as slimefun to make vanilla turn into modded. We have plugins that bring
    Tinker Tools into the game and much more.

    How can I apply? Is it a paid job?
    You can apply below and fill out all the questions. Including a portfolio of your designs.
    This is not a paid job and should be free otherwise we cannot accept you.
    (P.S. You can also add images without a portfolio but we will check if it is yours or not!)

    Application Format

    How do you want us to call you?
    What is your discord tag?
    How old are you?
    What experience as a GFX Designer have you had before?
    Please send us a portfolio or some images of your designs.

    Discord Server
    Feel free to join our discord server and talk to us about becoming a GFX Designer.

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    posted a message on Looking for a free designer | Just Dig
    Quote from JojHeywood»

    whats the pay

    I did say looking for a free designer.
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    posted a message on Looking for a free designer | Just Dig
    What is Just Dig?
    Just dig is a 2d survival game with similar graphics as terraria. However it has a whole different story, system and universe.

    What type of designer do you need?
    We need a 2d pixel designer. However we do not want the sprites that Terraria uses but completely different ones. The first 3 sprites we need are:
    Creation of Light
    Creation of Eternity
    Creation of Darkness
    If you can do these 3 things please do apply since we really need sprites for them.


    How old are you?
    How should we call you?
    Why would you like to create sprites for our game?
    DISCORD IS REQUIRED What is your discord username?
    Please send some of your work and designs. A portfolio also works.

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    posted a message on Enlightened | Need Web Developers
    Hi! My name is Martin and I am a Helper from the Enlightened server. We are currently looking for Web developers that are willing to take some of their time to make us a custom website. If you are interested in helping, please join our discord by clicking here. Thank you for being interested in Enlightened.
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    posted a message on Do You need help for your Server? *CLICK IF NEED*

    Did you steal the name Avast from the antivirus Avast?

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    posted a message on ►►►►HUB SERVER NEEDS STAFF◄◄◄◄

    Discord invite expired. Please create a new one and I will be able to help.

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    posted a message on Server Helping

    NVM Ill be going back to it now because there is nothin else to do :P

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    A lot of you may know me because I helped your server or you were staff with me (perhaps not because I changed my whole account) I am BeingGod/Mr_Tn. I have been helping servers for a while and I found it quite boring now. So I will be taking a break from it for some time. But I will come back to it soon. I just wanted to let some people know because I am always pinged in discord for help and I just wanted to let you peeps know that I am leaving Server Helping for some time.

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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR STAFF (Builders, Mods,Co-Owners,Admins, Logo Designers etc.)
    Quote from _DA2_»


    It is ****ing impossible to apply on here. You look for the tiniest mistakes in applications and deny because of them. For example someone misspelled mod.
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    posted a message on If school exists in Minecraft

    So I wanted to start a thing like Orepros and ExplodingTNT. But I need actors. If anyone is willing to help join the discord here. https://discord.gg/EdkDs46

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    posted a message on Looking for staff!

    Forum closed! Official owners will make a new post!

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    posted a message on Looking for staff!
    Quote from vlekje83»

    need some ideas? i can help, :D

    We need staff not ideas. But you can post them in our discord server in the future.
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    posted a message on Looking for staff!
    Hello, My name is Martin, Godfilms or BeingGod.
    We are looking for staff.
    If you are interested please join https://discord.gg/8sghfrX
    Thank you for your interest in our server

    What is our server called?
    We don't know yet. But we will find
    a server name soon.

    What gamemode(s) will we have?
    We also don't know yet. We will update
    this post when we find out what we want.
    Also keep in mind the server was created yesterday
    so it's new and we don't know anything yet.

    -Server Moderator
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    Co-Owner application

    Name Martin

    Age 19

    In game name BeingGod

    Discord (must have) Martin#4390

    Timezone Luxembourg Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00

    Experience I will list all my experiences as a staff member here

    Moderator I have been moderator on a lot of servers. All I can say is more than 5. I have been a good staff member in my and other's opinions.

    Admin I have been admin on about 3 servers I guess. But another 2 on another video games called Terraria and 4 on other video games.

    Head Admin I have been head admin only twice. Plus another one on a Terraria server too if that would count.

    Helper Once for like 2 days but the server was shutdown and there was nothing to help with anyway.

    Developer I have been a Developer once but I didn't really like it so I decided to leave.

    Builder I have only been builder on the same Terraria server. But I don't know if I should send photos because it's from another game. But I didn't really like builder either.

    The reason I want to become Co-Owner is because i've never been one. I've been staff on a lot of servers all around video games but one thing I never experienced was to become a Co-Owner.

    History (bans?) I have been banned sometimes on Mineplex and Hypixel and other servers for hacking. But I was hacked so it wasn't really me. If you see posts on my account that say i'm 13 that is the hacker who posted those applications. The hacker somewhat knew I liked become a staff member so he decided to troll me and I couldn't play MC for a year.

    Maturity level (out of 10) I would like to say I am a very mature person. I can have fun with the players sometimes however most of the time i'm serious.

    Are you able to record? Yes. I got OBS for recording incidents that happened or if I was accused of something I didn't do.

    Why do you want to be a staff member? I see a lot of potential in this server. I only pick servers that I see potential in and this is the lucky server. But I also love being staff members on different servers so this is another reason i'm doing this.

    Why are you the Better candidate? Because I get unique ideas and builds. I can also code a little bit and make simple plugins. I can be funny sometimes and I can also give staff members the satisfaction to work on the server. I can make players have fun and control them so they don't do anything that is rule-breaking.

    What can you offer our server? I can offer anything except for money. I need to use it for my family and food, rent and other stuff. But I can offer great voting numbers and make donations get higher. I can also offer the server to be more popular. But that is a staff member's job! I can offer anything a staff member needs.

    Additional information? Feel free to deny me. I won't get made like some other people. I will just understand I did something wrong.

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    posted a message on Looking to be Staff

    Hi! My name is Martin and I love to help out Minecraft servers. However there is a few requirements before you recruit me and PM me.

    Microphone not required
    This is because I don't have a microphone. Before you say that I am a kid and I don't want to show my kid identity I am not. I just seriously don't have a microphone and I have to spend money on other stuff other than a microphone.

    Paying/Being paid
    Here is also another money requirement. I am not looking forward to being paid or having to pay for a server/being staff

    Server gamemodes I support
    Now here is a list of gamemodes I support and help and list of gamemodes I don't support

    Gamemodes I support

    Multi gamemodes

    Gamemodes I don't support

    Everything else

    PM me if you need staff members

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