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    posted a message on This Ghast is STUPID!
    In fairness, Ghasts do DROWN in lava, which that Ghast is probably doing right now.

    So, you saw a Ghast drowning itself, and said to yourself "Let's call it stupid on the internet!" The Suicide Hotline must hear about you a lot.
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    posted a message on Grief Tactics
    My greatest work thus far is replacing all the blocks of someone's house with gold blocks, then leaving a sign by their door that read "Sorry. -Midas"

    Or covering their floor in pressure plates. Not hooked to anything, but they don't know that.

    I really hate "DERP LAVA AND TNT" griefing. It's uninspired and unfunny.
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    posted a message on gold nuggets=RP currency?
    Seems like a grand idea at cursory glance, but further analysis reveals it to be a terrible idea.

    Let's say, for the sake of example, we have two communities; One which uses lapis, and one which uses nuggets. Next, let's say one enterprising young lad from each community decides he wants to get rich, so they each go get lapis and nuggets in the field.

    The lad from the lapis-using community must dig for some time to find any significant amount of lapis. This, combined with the fact that a) His digging is not only adding more lapis to the economy, but also stone and iron and other such things from digging into the economy, and 2) lapis is needed for blue and blue-based dyes, meaning there's lapis being taken out of circulation (if only a trickle), means that the economy regulates itself to some degree; Whenever more lapis is added to circulation, it's never a lot, and other stuff is being added, too.

    However, the lad from the nugget-using community goes to the Nether to kill zombie pigmen. Not only does he get more nuggets considerably faster than he would lapis, but that's all he's likely getting in any significant quantity. Ergo, when he comes back from the Nether, he'll be adding tons and tons of nuggets to circulation, but not much else.

    Post WW1 Germany found itself needing to pay some pretty hefty debts; Debts which it paid simply by making more money and giving that to the people it owed. Of course, since there was then more money, each individual unit of money was worth less. Think like collectibles; It's worth a lot because only so many of them exist. This lead to "Hyper-Inflation;" scenarios where people would go down to the grocery store with a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread, or would paper their walls with money, because it was cheaper than using the money to buy wallpaper. I can foresee similar things happening to a nugget-based Minecraft economy; Prices would simply continue to spiral upwards, since everyone would have more and more gold nuggets, but the amounts of other stuff would largely remain the same. Left unchecked, you could easily reach a scenario where buying anything was literally impossible, as no one would be able to carry enough gold nuggets in their inventory.
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    posted a message on Why would they remove silk touch getting spawners?
    Quote from parvomagnus

    Alright, ignore the (admittedly jerkfaced) asshole. The point is, by the time you get to the point where you can harvest mob spawners, a pig spawner is not going to give you any real benefit that you don't already have - you probably have a decent food system set up by now anyway - you probably wouldn't get that far without it. Harvesting spawners just adds flexibility to the later game period.

    My point is, you can't cheat with it. The amount of effort needed to get a silk touch pickax is much, much greater than basically any other method of ensuring food, so it should be left alone.

    My stance is, there is absolutely no reason, so far as I can tell, to remove Silk Touchable Mob Spawners.

    There is absolutely no reason, so far as I can tell, to not remove them.

    They are massively useless to anyone who can get them, and unobtainable to anyone who would want one for any reason other than to have one. They are, in fact, more pointless than dirt, since you can grow trees on dirt.

    As such, I can not bring myself to give a single **** as to what Mojang does with them. If they want to remove them, out of some kind of professional standard, or because they don't like the idea that people might grind out an enchanting table and get a lucky enchantment before their initial food bar drops, or just because, it will have ****-all impact on anything.

    @demijan: Your entire quote assumes mob spawners retain their original spawn, when they actually just revert to basic pig spawners.
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    posted a message on Is Notch going to fix the chest being visible with X-RAY tex packs?
    It was suggested on the front page that a server "force" a texture pack onto players. What about the opposite; Since texture packs are enabled via the Minecraft menu, couldn't a server conceivably request the file name of the currently enabled texture pack whenever a client logs in, and then spit those out into a text list that the admin can scan and look for anything out-of-the-ordinary?
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    posted a message on Why would they remove silk touch getting spawners?
    Quote from plaze2

    My god you are stupid!

    Every food source is unlimited and free, except cookies and apples. Once a melon stem grows melons just sprout out rapidly, once your wheat farm grows you can double it from the extra seeds, and now animals are already unlimited at the cost of two wheat. And mushroom stew, one of the best foods in the game; one brown mushroom plus bonemeal = 20 brown mushrooms, one red mushroom plus bonemeal = 20 red mushrooms, one red mushroom plus one brown mushroom = food.

    Getting to level 30 to even get the enchantment takes hours even when constantly grinding at the mob spawner. Getting the 5 diamonds and 4 obsidian is kind of hard too, so is finding a spawner, and securing it.

    So no that is balanced you dumbass.

    "Food is easy to get, so Mojang shouldn't take away my ability to get more food even more easily than before!"
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    posted a message on Why are Mob Traps NOT considered cheating?
    1) If a person is using a mob grinder to get everything free forever in SSP, it's none of your damn business.

    2) If a person is using a mob grinder to get everything free forever in PvE SMP, tell them to stop, go find another server, or ask an admin to ban mob grinders.

    3) If a person is using a mob grinder to get everything free forever in PvP SMP, I assume using the arrows and gunpowder to kill the **** out of you and the string and flesh to make their garbage disposals useful, then maybe you should do what any sensible human being would do and SMASH THE **** OUT OF IT.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Archaeology

    When I first heard about Minecraft and was a noob, I thought that all mob spawning was controlled by dungeons. Perhaps it was once so. The civilization bottled the evil within the dungeons, but then they perished and the evil broke loose and now floods all of Minecraft. Maybe in my noobiness I struck a treasure.

    This is what I've always figured, too.

    So, we're talking about at least three different civilizations here: The Overworld Strongholds, the Nether Strongholds, and whoever made the mines. I feel there's pretty strong evidence that the Nether Strongholds were made by the Pigmen. The people who made the mines and the strongholds can't be the same civilization, because why would they mine into their own fortresses? Also, I'm fairly certain they were not originally built underground, but rather sank there over time. So, the question I'm musing is, are the Testificates the same people who made the mines? Are they the same people who, generations before, made the fortresses? Are they humans, or are they some other, human-like species?

    As to that last question, I submit that they are a different species entirely. First, let's look at a Testificate:

    Er, I mean:

    Now, let's look at Steve, a human:

    Note, there is a rather extreme difference in the nose and shape of the head; If we assume Steve has a standard-sized nose for humans, the Testifcate's nose is 20x it's size. Also, the Testificate's head is considerably more tall and narrow than that of Steve's. All Testificates also seem to be bald, though it is unknown at this time if that is because they do not grow hair or simply shave it. I believe that these differences are significant enough to classify Testificates as a different species, rather than simply a different race.
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    posted a message on How about instead of porting Minecraft to other platforms...
    Quote from CruorBlossom

    As has been stated, other companies are making the ports so the entire argument is irrelevant.

    off topic: for some reason after I read the title I thought "How about instead of porting minecraft to other platforms... we port other platforms... to minecraft...?"

    Yo dawg, I heard you like playing Minecraft on your phone, so we put a phone with Minecraft on it in Minecraft, so you can play Minecraft on your phone while you play Minecraft on your phone.
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    posted a message on 1.9 be gone petition
    I call XP "a progression system." I call potions, enchantments, and dragons, "a fantasy setting." A fantasy setting with a progression system does not an RPG make.
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