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    posted a message on A factions server that STANDS OUT! PhoenixPvP features LEGACY FACTIONS, LAST STAND MODE, AND MORE!

    First things first:

    IP: mc.phoenixpvp.org

    Website (not quite complete yet, still ironing out a few wrinkles): phoenixpvp.org

    Plug.dj: plug.phoenixpvp.org

    Our mission statement: To provide a quality old school factions server with new twists that helps it to stand out amongst the money grabbing half finished servers that plague the forums and smear the name of Factions.

    Quality staff, plenty of new and exciting plugins, legacy factions for 1.8, and much more make this server an awesome place to play. To really get a grasp on what makes us one of the few good Factions servers out there, read below. I know this looks like a long read, but once you read this you'll understand how we can argue we're one of the few good Factions servers left. We would really appreciate you reading this letter from the staff of Phoenix PvP to you:

    So many factions servers saturate the world of Minecraft today, all offering the same thing: a fun experience… for those who pay. Some of these may be fun but in most of them, they’re racked with abuse, partially because the owners select staff based purely off who their friends. Corruption is rampant and many are colossally pay to win. Creative mode, force teleportation, spawning in items, and ridiculously OP kits are all offered to those with deep pockets.

    For those of you who hate it when you join a server and everyone has better stuff than you, you'll love this! We've got no fly or creative mode, so your bases you cleverly hid, tucked away from plain sight will be much more safe unless someone sees that it's claimed.

    Oh, yeah. Claiming. That's another thing: We have legacy factions, the old version of the plugin, but modified to fit 1.8’s UUID changes. This means it has all the old and easy to use commands/interface, but supports name changes, etc. You won’t find many servers offering this new, modified version of Legacy Factions on 1.8.

    We've got a ton of other stuff, such as last stand mode, which makes it so that if you are killed in PvP combat, you enter last stand mode for a certain period of time. Last stand mode is a mode in which you can't eat, pick up items, your health slowly drops, and you have slowness and blindness. A teammate can revive you with a golden apple (normal, not enchanted) while you are in LSM. However, an enemy player can kill you in this time, "showing no mercy." This makes it so that your teammate can finish off an opponent who's put you in LSM, while you take cover so that he can revive you.

    We have IceBreaker Boats, which makes boats able to break ice if they hit it while they’re in the water, and an increased tick time which means less time waiting for your crops to grow, and more time building and raiding. MCMMO levels up skills you use a lot like swords, brewing, and mining. They give you perks that help you with the tasks you already perform, and can give you an edge in combat if you know how to use it effectively.

    We’ve also got a bounty plugin. Do you have some guy who keeps raiding you, whose skills you can’t even hope to match? With the bounty plugin, it becomes the job of someone else, someone better equipped to take care of him. It’s as easy as typing in a simple command, typing in an amount of money, and he won’t be messing with you again. Also, if you are a skilled fighter, you could take on the job of a mercenary, tracking down and assassinating the players with prices on their heads to get easy money. And, once killed, you’ll receive the player unlucky enough to cross swords with you’s head, which you can use as a trophy to show your accomplishments!

    Do you hate factions servers that practically give the server away to anyone who gives them cash? Our ranks can be bought with in-game money. The amount of money require doubles each time you upgrade, which seems like it might cost a lot, but once you get the perks of the higher ranks it gets easier and easier to do, so we had to make the ranks more and more expensive to keep up with it. Of course, there is the option of donating to receive a rank, but the amounts are small and each time you buy a rank with real money, we subtract the amount previously donated form your next donation if you choose to upgrade your rank again. This is how we chose to hit a happy balance between keeping our server afloat and letting players who don't have money have the same chance as those who do. And, EULA-wise, don't worry. As long as we have an ingame currency equivalent to the donation ranks, we should be in the clear.

    And, finally, do you hate going on servers where all of the staff are corrupt, unhelpful, elitist, and play favorites? Well, PPvP is the place for you! All of our staff have been watched for at least months before being selected for their position. Any new additions will have to be held to that same standard, so that you can feel safe being protected by the staff.

    And, finally, the rules. These should be read thoroughly and adhered to throughout your stay at PPvP. We the staff are friendly and nice as much as we can help it, but we won't hesitate to lay down the law.

    1. No hacking. This includes xray, flying, forcefield, spawning in items, etc. You will be banned. Consider hacking as pretty much anything installed that gives you an advantage over people. Optifine is ok.
    2. Be nice to staff. Staff, be nice to players. Players repeatedly disrespecting staff will be muted. Staff disrespecting players will be demoted.
    3. If you think someone is breaking the rules, please take a screenshot and post it here. Helping someone break the rules or covering up the fact that they're breaking rules will result in you having the same punishment as them.
    4. Don't spam. You will first be warned to stop. If it continues, then you may be tempmuted. If it continues, you may be permamuted. If it's serious, you may be banned.
    5. Raiding, griefing, stealing, etc., is allowed. However, expect them to take revenge, and don't complain too much when it happens.
    6. Moderators and above cannot do involuntary PvP, raid, grief, steal, etc. You can't be at the actual site of the raid, either. If you want to do these things, you will need to get an alt. Otherwise, you will have to devote your account to peaceful endeavors. Not complying with this rule will result in a demotion.
    7. We can tell if you get on with an alt. Using an alt to avoid a punishment on another account will result in:
    8. Having the punishment applied to all of your known alts. (And chances are that we know them all because we can see your IP any time you log in.)
    9. Having the punishment increased.
    10. You will be IP banned if it continues.
    11. Keep all caps to a minimum. Remember that all caps is the internet equivalent of yelling. You will first be warned, then tempmuted, then permamuted if it continues.
    12. You're allowed to trash talk other players, but keep it in game. Don't make racial remarks/slurs, make fun of their economic status, etc. This will result in a mute, depending on the severity of what you said. Furthermore, keep away from illegal things, such as IRL threats, DDoSing, hacking their account/computer, etc. If you do even threaten to do any of this, you will be IP banned on the spot.
    13. Staff are above you in their discretion. They can punish you for something, even if it's not in the rules. If you think that a staff member did something wrong, report them here.
    14. Don't try to find loopholes in the rules. The staff are allowed to use their discretion and the exact wording or anything else of the rules won't be of any help. If anything, it'll make your punishment worse.
    15. Don't pester staff about things. Things get done in their own time, so be patient.
    16. Advertising a server will result in an automatic permaban.
    17. Have fun!
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    Amazing support and amazing prices! I have filed, like, 6 tickets because I'm a bumbling idfiot in the server world, and they reply within 1-20 minutes usually! I'm renting a ~1.5 gig RAM server for ~8 bucks a month, insanely low prices.
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