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    posted a message on [Shader Pack] Just a water shader
    Sup. I am looking for a Shader Pack that only affects the look/reflectiveness of water.

    Not too sure if this is possibly, but hopefully you guys know.

    vv The general looks of the water, just w/o the overtaking look of the block shadows. (They can be buggy) vv

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    posted a message on [Seed Request] Sheer Mountain & Ocean
    Hey guys, so I am in a predicament. I need a seed, and I hope you guys are the ones with the product.

    I am looking for a sheer mountain, but the mountain is next to a large lake or the ocean.
    Not only this, but I would greatly like it if there was a Savannah nearby (or Roofed Forest.)

    I really hope you guys don't disappoint 'cause I really want something like this, thanks a million!

    Here is an example of how I steep I want the mountain :) (Not in amplified of course!)
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    posted a message on [Hybrid] (v18) (100+ Animations!) Blocksmith Hybrid Animated Default: Default Textures Given Life.
    I've been using this pack since July of last year and I still haven't gotten bored of it!
    I am really excited for what you bring in the next update! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on [Hybrid] (v18) (100+ Animations!) Blocksmith Hybrid Animated Default: Default Textures Given Life.
    Been using this pack for awhile now, and it still looks super snazzy! :)
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    posted a message on [Hybrid] (v18) (100+ Animations!) Blocksmith Hybrid Animated Default: Default Textures Given Life.
    This pack is hella fresh dude, I love it! :D
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    posted a message on Rising of a "Medieval" Village! (Needs ideas / Criticism)
    Anyone have any comments? :c
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    posted a message on Rising of a "Medieval" Village! (Needs ideas / Criticism)
    Hey everybody, I just wanted to show some of you the town that I am *starting* to build.
    It is in extremely early development,

    The Full Thing *earliest video of it*

    Super Minor Update

    I kindof need some support with this puppy, since it is relatively hard to stay motivated playing Xbox MC when playing on the PC is so much funner, haha.

    Soooo....if you have some ideas, PLEASE tell me - I really need them! Thanks for viewing this guys! :D

    Leave any comments that you have down below. c:
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's AMAA Post
    Hey Dire, do you ever plan making a vanilla survival world? It would be really funny to see you build some aesthetic vanilla buildings, and not all these super high-tech 9x9s. :)
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    posted a message on 12 slot Mindcrack, like server looking for mature players!
    Nickname: Czech , or Cloud
    IGN: Cloud9910
    Age: 14, but I am extremely mature. I'm very quiet if we were to have a server chat type deal, and I mostly talk to people older that me!
    Mic: Turtle Beach X12's, so yes! Also, I have Skype.
    Why should I pick you? I love playing SMP Minecraft! I watch some of the Minecrack people, (Bdubs, Nebs, and Etho) and am extremely jealous that they have a great server to play on. Other than that I am extremely friendly, can take a prank, and greatly enjoy building!
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    posted a message on Assassin's Creep [Hardcore RP] [Bukkit] [Spout] [Custom Weapons] [Whitelist] [Strict Apps]

    IGN: Cloud9910

    Age: 13

    Role-Play Exp.: When I go to play an RPG, wether it be a MCserver is a game like Elder Scrolls, I like to actually play my character as the lore says it is to be!

    Why Us: Assassin Craft looks like it is extremely popular, and since it is a Hardcore RP, I hope it will be great :)

    Time You Can Dedicate: I'll try to log on at least once everyday, but my most active days would be Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Have you played Assassin's Creed? Yes I have, I used to own AC1 on PS3 before my PS3 broke...sad times.


    Name: Czech Milon

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Fears: Unknowing of the surroundings, Sprits, and death.

    Personality: Very lonely. Never had the ability to love anyone.

    Skills: Creeping away, escaping, and showing no care for anyone.

    Nickname (Optional):

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Czech: But father!
    Dad: It is best son, we must never see each other again
    Czech: Dad, how shall I survive?
    Dad: You will find a way, like I do, I know you will live on.
    Czech: Please Dad! Don't leave me!!!
    Dad: It is what I must do son...goodbye
    Skin (Link, picture, description): http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/229347/bandit-male-skin/

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    When Czech was an early teen, his parents abandoned him because their poverty just couldn't support three people. When his parents left him on a corner, he had few supplies, such as the cloths on his back, and some simple foods. He set out and started doing simple jobs to earn a living for his lonesome self. Since his parents neglected him, he took the lonesome life, only talking to people who would give him work, or his few friends.

    Because he is starting to make a name of himself, he wants to move onto to bigger and better things, he wants to become an assassin, but he knows this will take such a long time to accomplish, if it ever happens. With his skills growing everyday, he is becoming a cunning person, with growing agility and ability to stay hidden.

    Since he is becoming a young adult, he is starting to wonder about his parents. Even though he doesn't want to find anything horrible, the thought about his parents is becoming a more large idea in his mind.


    What is Roleplay? An act where you "be" someone else, normally someone that it would be impossible to be.

    What is Metagaming? Saying/doing something your character couldn't actually know/do.

    What is Powergaming? Having your character do something he/she couldn't actually do (i.e. Fatman McFlabby kills 400 ninjas in the blink of an eye, because he can)

    What is Assassin'
    s Creed? A game where you go into the memory of Desmond in order to get information of the lives of his ancestor's lives.

    < * of justice >
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    posted a message on Epic's yachts, boats and anything that floats!
    These look awesome! Any chance of getting downloads of any of the three? I would love to see the inside. :D
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    posted a message on What is your LEAST favorite biome to live in?
    The Hell biome. ;)
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    posted a message on Friendly Small Vanilla SMP [No Griefing] [No Stealing] [No PvP]
    IGN: Cloud9910
    Preferred Nickname: Czech (My Gamertag is GoCzechYourself)
    Age: 16 (I don't talk much in chat so I wont be heard very often)
    Why do you want to join our server: Vanilla Survival servers are taking a dip in the numbers like the U.S Economy...
    How long have you played Minecraft for: 1.4
    What kind of building experience do you have: I go for nice looking building on some semi-important servers but I hope to go over the top on a good Vanilla server.
    Why should we accept you to our server: I will make some perrty stuff for the environment. I'm a good friend to others,even though I dont talk much. ;)
    What are our two most important server rules: No stealing,No griefing
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    posted a message on TechParadise [Tekkit] [Residence(Towny-like)] [PvP] [Whitelisted] [Dedicated Server]
    Do you have Tekkit experience? If so, please state: Sortof, I dont use Forestry, Im learning RailCraft, and I need some help with BC/IC2
    Do you have Residence/Towny experience? If so, please state: Yes, I have run a town with about 40+ people on a Vanilla server.
    What is your goal, if any?: To create a perfect sky/futuristic town.
    What hours do you usually play between?: Mon-Fri: 5:00 - 9:30 | Sat-Sun: As long as possible (EST)
    Do you agree with the rules?: They seem pretty fair! :)
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