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    Quote from Mineshopper»
    The collapsible has two options when being placed: don't adjust sloping on placement, or; try to match slope to adjacent pieces. The type of functionality you're looking for sounds more like "match slope of adjacent piece." Unfortunately, I don't have this as an option. How often would it really be used if I managed to squeeze in some way of handling this?

    Enough to deter me from trying to make anymore greek pantheon roofs with it how it is now, lol. Actually now that I think about it, from your end it would probably be infinitely easier to just throw in another slope block, but with half the angle, half block high. That i could see being widely used.
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    Tar seems weird, you can set it on fire, but it just goes out. Can't pick it up, bucket it or destroy it. You can also dig underneath it and it floats. Any plans to change tars behavior?
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    Hey EdgarAllen,
    Been using this for a long while. While applied energistics is king, it's bloated and takes far too much time and CPU/RAM I'd rather spend on more enjoyable mods. Posting because although you have said this mod is feature complete(heresy! :P) I do have one suggestion that might or might not be fun to code in.
    Linking to containers. Right now you can pull from one inventory, but that means always keeping it stocked with multiple items that are rarely related storage wise, and it has to be placed on that container. So my suggestion is to make a Super Linker, or whatever lol, sneak-right-click a crafting frame, then sneak-right-click a container/barrel and it links the two. Allow multiple links so a frame can pull all materials needed from a players storage area and the time spent in the crafting room is squashed ten fold. Thinking on drawbacks to this would be managing those links. To keep it simple and uncluttered, maybe a second button below the "pull from player/inventory" button could be a "clear links" button. I can't imagine needing much more than that. Shouldn't be any laggy ticks, just a quick for loop going over the linked containers until it finds all the materials needed if their not in the players inventory.
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    Quote from Keybounce

    The Naga should appear when you go near the center of the courtyard.

    From a distance, you should see (might have to use a zoom mod, like optifine) a "spawner" that has nothing inside it -- that's a trigger for the "not yet defeated Naga", and if you leave the area, the Naga goes away and the spawner returns.

    If you get close, the spawner goes away, and a Naga is generated.

    Tried your advice several times, in different ways, but still nothing. When I'd first gone into the dimension it was there, but I was never able to kill it, only wound it before running away. Would that have something to do with it?
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    This is Melty the cow(not sure if I should name tag him as I don't think his face will live long), perhaps the dumbest animal I've run across. He hasn't moved from there since I started the world.

    If you've got a dumber animal to share I'd love to see em. And Melty could use the boost in confidence.

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    For a less sketchy link, try the actual post in the japanese forum...


    or just google the japan forum and control-F for his name, pretty simple to find.
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    Have you seen the Soft Hardcore mod? Every death removes a heart permantly, lose em all and you lose the game. Expensive to craft heart containers can regen a heart you lost but each one can take at least an hour or more to find the resources and build it.
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    Next 20 posts summarized: "92%"
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    Names a work in progress lol. It's going into an adventure map of mine but I thought I'd post it here as it's quite fun imo all on its own.

    download from mediafire(it scans it after uploading, so no, not a virus :P ): http://www.mediafire...o5acj8xc0s1a6xx

    Basically you are locked in a room and zombies start dropping and you have to knock em into all 4 pits to escape. You are given a shovel with knockback and unbreaking. Best played on hard difficulty.

    Note: if you die it will reset smoothly allowing you to try again and giving you another shovel. If you beat it though the reset circuits get a little buggy(especially when the zombies start jumping up and down in the pits lol, still working on that).
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    I don't think we should stop with just fixing boats fragility. What if I want for example flames on the side of my boat, or a motor on the back?

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