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    posted a message on New Gamemode
    In all honesty, these gamemodes are extremely overpowered and unfair.

    You die within one hit of anything, there's absolutely no point playing these modes, let alone spending the time to develop them.

    Unfortunately, no support from me.
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    posted a message on minecraft 2
    A "Minecraft 2" is such an idiotic idea. One of the benefits of Minecraft is that the updates come with more features and bug fixes, and Minecraft is still being worked on. I don't even see how this is a suggestion, let alone a post looking for support for "Minecraft 2".

    Unfortunately, no support from me.
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    posted a message on Linking Items in Chat
    In my opinion, I know exactly where codewow is coming from, by suggesting to link items into chat and I agree with this and hope it gets implemented.

    It would be a pretty good addition to the game, being able to show enchantments and possibly durability.

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    posted a message on Drilling Machine!
    I don't see the point of this at all.

    You want to add a drilling machine into Minecraft, where one of the main aspects of the game is mining for materials.

    If I've read this correctly, it's just plain lazy. Creating a machine that will mine for you, when mining is one of the biggest aspects of the game. Additionally, it already is easy enough to place TNT and use that to mine if that is what you prefer, however there is no need for a drilling machine in Minecraft.

    Unfortunately, no support, from me.
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    posted a message on Potion of Disorientation!
    Hey guys!
    The point of this suggestion is to add a potion to Minecraft, hopefully becoming successful and somewhat appealing.

    [The Idea]

    The Potion of Disorientation [subject to change] is a negative effect potion of which disorients the player for a certain amount of time, depending on the tier of which the potion is at. Obviously, no-one wants to be disoriented, so the duration of the potion will be extremely minor, but proves to be worth something, both on and off the battlefield.


    The Potion of Disorientation can be used both with or without splash, depending if you want to disorient yourself, and proves to be worthy both in PvP and PvE:

    [In PvP situations]
    As the duration of the potion will be extremely minor, it will give no longer than a 1-3 second window of opportunity for the attacker to gain an advantage upon you, assuming that the attacker has the advantage in terms of both hearts and armor, and throws the potion at you.

    Additionally, the Potion of Disorientation can come in handy when losing a fight you don't necessarily want to die in. Assuming the attacker has the advantage, and you throw the potion, it gives a very short window of opportunity for the prey to run away.

    [In PvE situations]
    Again, the duration of the potion will be extremely short, allowing the player to either run, gain an advantage or finish a mob when using the potion.

    Brewing is simple:

    Firstly, create a mundane potion.. By doing so, it will allow us to expand on the potion.
    Secondly, use the mundane potion to create a potion of weakness.
    After this is done, by using a spider eye, instead of giving us a potion of poison, it will give us the newly introduced potion, the potion of disorientation.


    • Length: 1-3 seconds [dependent on tier]
    • Effect: Disorientation [character is uncontrollable, moving around independently for a short period of time]
    Benefits and Downsides:

    1. Allows a disadvantaged player to either gain an advantage, or run away.
    2. Allows an advantaged player to easily finish their prey.
    3. Short duration, as to not leave player completely uncontrollable for too long.
    1. Leaves player uncontrollable for a short duration of time.
    2. Could change the fate of a battle between one another.
    Thanks for reading this and I appreciate every comment...even hate.
    Please, if you think anything should be changed, comment and let me know, it helps to hear a lot from other great minds in the community.
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    posted a message on Colored pressure plates
    This post is redundant.
    Quote from QJohn
    As we all know there is only 1 kind of pressure plate.
    False, there are several:
    • Wooden
    • Stone
    • Weighted
    The use of the pressure plate, especially because everything mentioned is wood, is exactly the same.They power redstone and can be powered if items are placed on them.There is no need for variant types of textures for 1/7 switches of redstone.

    Unfortunately, no support from me.
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    posted a message on Minecraft MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Server
    There are 11 million Minecraft players out there, and to host a server for 200 people costs a lot of money already. Slots are a big issue regarding money, and so are hackers and rule-breakers.
    The idea of having one huge community would be great, but the ramifications highly outweigh the benefits:
    Hackers: These guys come out of nowhere, break the rules and give themselves unfair advantages and would be hard to find, even when an Admin IS online.

    Time Differences: Administrators have to be hired accordingly according to TimeZone, as there may be a window where no staff are online and "­ could go down", if you will.

    Pricing and Slots: The slots, according to price, would have to be a LOT, considering it would have to cater for millions of people, and the price would be insane, especially as people might not donate towards the server. This'd probably be a major part in deciding if the server actually gets made or not.

    Those are three issues concerning me and what I believe are the potential obstructions upon the start of the server.

    Partial support!
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    posted a message on (Thread Backfired, Closed) Minecraft 1.6: For Better or For Worse? Discuss
    Firstly, I'd like to say that we have to consider the fact that we receive these updates for free, and there is no reason why Mojang would intentionally butcher their own game.
    I'm tired of those posts that explain every single flaw in the new update just because one player disagrees with it.

    The 1.6 update in my opinion is amazing. It's altered the game and how we play it for the better.
    Horses can be rode into battle as trusty steeds as you attack on onslaught of zombies with their new detection range.

    A lot of new features have been added as well, especially for decor around the house, such as Hay bales and Carpet, which, by the way can be lit from underneath.

    You just have to utilize the new features and then you'll enjoy it!
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    posted a message on Herobrine Mode
    Unfortunately, when I read the suggestion it felt a little like reading the plot of 'Slender' about how:

    Quote from Calebcraft10

    Then he vanishes and you have to survive while he stalks you.

    This would only corrupt the current existence and conspiracies about Herobrine, and as ChildLink mentioned:

    Quote from ChildLink

    It would also be a nightmare because the people who are obsessed with Herobrine would never shut up. I would imagine posts like this:

    Unfortunately, no support from me.
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    posted a message on High tide - Low tide / High and low water during rain and drought
    I'm pretty skeptical about the whole tide thing...

    I mean, on one hand, it'll add a whole new feature of realism to the game, and possibly further introduce natural disasters such as floods. This'd be an interesting thing to come up against.

    Whereas on the other hand, what it'd do is make farming a lot harder, extremely larger farms outdoors.
    Some farms depend on the sea to keep them hydrated, and a possible raise in the water could affect the whole farm.

    Apologies for the incredibly indecisive post, but an argument on both side sometimes helps.
    Unfortunately, no support from me.
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