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    Quote from Neo3dc

    Oh that would be awsome well if you do finish it and i cant find it on your account just add me on youtube neo3dc or post the video link in one of these posts and ill post it up

    im also doing a lets play for you. mine is rather short though...i rage quit when a creeper blew up my entire island. www.youtube.com/gnarkill1524lp

    they should be up soon im uploading one as i type this.

    [Edit] here's the vids:

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    get the mod called optifine. you can turn off weather.
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    Quote from Barroth8

    I have been trying to download a mod, the Merchant Mod (and ModLoader), but have blackscreen failed about twenty times. I keep reloading the jar when I blackscreen. Can someone either walk me through it or do it for me?
    BTW, here's the mod's URL: http://www.modsforminecraft.com/archives/210#more-210

    did you delete META-INF?
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    so after building a small dirt house in hardcore survival i dug a staricase down to bedrock. there i made a huge strip mine and after gathering all the resources i dug out the tunnel walls, making a huge room. i took out all the torches and went up stairs to store some items in my chest. i returned downstairs and found the room full of spiders, zombies, and skeletons! i quickly blocked it up with sand, went upstairs. took all my supplies, built a boat, and went to teh nearby river. from there i followed it from the forest, through the plains, through another forest, then through a swamp untill i finally found the ocean. as the sun was setting i sailed south away from the land insearch of new lands. then my game froze and crashed XD

    anyone else have an stories about hardcore survival?
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    Here is the way i do it. you put a cobble stone at the end of your track and at the beginning. then you replace the first rail with a powered rail but do not put a redstone torch next to it. keep it unpowered. then put another cobblestone next to the powered rail and put a button on it. place the cart on the powered rail and get in. when you press the button the cart will take off. when it hits the powered rail and cobblestone at the other end it will stop. here you need to look to the side before stepping out, do not look straight ahead or else your cart will get pushed and go down the rail again. heres a diagram.

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