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    dont buy acer. buy asus. better for gaming. you can play minecraft on pretty much anything made within the last 3 years so if you are only going to play minecraft get something cheap and save your money.
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    posted a message on Sick of skyblocks and parkour maps!
    Quote from Zhexe

    Im going to make a map for Halloween. Puzzle or Adventure? :3

    adventure! right now im really into the walking dead so i downloaded zombietown and im going to start playing that tomorrow morning.
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    posted a message on Sick of skyblocks and parkour maps!
    briefly glancing through the adventure map section i noticed that most of them were skyblock knock offs or parkour maps. can someone please point me in the direction of something different?
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    posted a message on [Surv]♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠11 Islands in the sky♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠
    Quote from Neo3dc

    Oh that would be awsome well if you do finish it and i cant find it on your account just add me on youtube neo3dc or post the video link in one of these posts and ill post it up

    im also doing a lets play for you. mine is rather short though...i rage quit when a creeper blew up my entire island. www.youtube.com/gnarkill1524lp

    they should be up soon im uploading one as i type this.

    [Edit] here's the vids:

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    posted a message on Need a partner? Why not me!
    Quote from Speker97

    If your looking for someone that can host a server, then you've chosen the right post! As long as you can record, i can do the server stuff! Simply post a reply telling your Ign name, what you use to record(preferably Fraps), and your Skype name(yes, you must have a mic). I will PM you as soon as i can.

    you are perfect! i have been looking for you for days!
    my ign is gnarkill1524
    thats also my skype
    i have a mic
    i record with camtasia studio

    i have some videos up on youtube.com
    search for gnarkill1524lp. episode 1-4 had some issuse as i was trying to figure out my software but i got it fixed now and just put episode 5 up.
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    Quote from Awesome Pie

    I read the whole series except the Atlantis Complex. I read them in this order:
    1) The Opal Deception (Spanish Version)
    2)Artemis Fowl 1
    3)The Opal Deception (English Version)
    4)Box Set that included Artemis Fowl, The Arctic Incident, and The Eternity Code.
    5)The Lost Colony
    6)The Time Paradox
    My personal favorites are The Eternity Code, The Opal Deception, and The Lost Colony.

    i read the first three when i was in 6th or 7th grade. i remember when the third one came out. lol i didnt know there were 7 of them now. its a pretty good setting huh?
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    posted a message on I Have the Boardwalk Mcdonald's piece.
    they only print 1 boardwalk out of over 6 million pieces so i doubt you have it. buy like 20 large fries and you will most likely get a few park places. odd of park place are 1 in 11.
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    posted a message on Looking for Server Host!!!
    Quote from Thisrunner

    IGN: runner15
    Skype Name: runner.15
    Mic?: Yes
    Have you hosted servers before?: yes
    How long have you played Minecraft?: year
    I will record

    one more thing, where do you live? for timezones sake
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    posted a message on Looking for Server Host!!!
    you need to have skype and a microphone and be able to host the server. i can record it. leave a comment.

    Skype Name:
    Mic?: Yes or No
    Have you hosted servers before?:
    How long have you played Minecraft?:
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    posted a message on My First Let's Play!
    Hey guys, here is my first ever minecraft lp. i know its kinda boring and the music is a bit too loud but i fixed it in episode two. please leave comments and suggestions! thanks!

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    posted a message on Stopping snow on my Route 29
    get the mod called optifine. you can turn off weather.
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    posted a message on Best Buy's "Policy"?
    i have no idea. my friend just started working there so he probably wont know either. its not that hard to make an image of your hard drive though so you could just do that onto an external hard drive. im glad you fixed your problem!

    EDIT: also never trust geek squad. my friends computer stopped working and they told him it was either the cpu or the mobo which is complete bull. turns out it was the psu which was only 70 dollars for a new one. they didnt even run a check to see if his psu was faulty! thats the first thing you are supposed to do!
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    posted a message on Really frustrated, please help!
    Quote from Barroth8

    I have been trying to download a mod, the Merchant Mod (and ModLoader), but have blackscreen failed about twenty times. I keep reloading the jar when I blackscreen. Can someone either walk me through it or do it for me?
    BTW, here's the mod's URL: http://www.modsforminecraft.com/archives/210#more-210

    did you delete META-INF?
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    posted a message on Cant Update
    Quote from cpfuzzy

    Ok I deleted my .minecraft beacuse evertime i joined a server all it did was fall from the sky the whole time and lag and its not the server. So now its stuck I tried reinstalling it and everything and it will not work HELP!

    just let it sit and download i guess. mine took a while to re-install today too.
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