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    posted a message on [1.7.2] [Forge] Recipe Expansion Pack (Version 0.2.5)
    IMPORTANT: I am currently working on a wiki for this mod that should be out in one to two weeks!

    IMPORTANT #2: A new recipe has been added for making Pennants. I don't have the time to create an image for it but it looks like this:

    X O O
    X X O
    X O O

    Where X is the color of wool block you want the pennant to be and O is empty or nothing.

    The "Recipe Expansion Pack" mod is a public Work-In-Progress (Alpha) mod that adds new items and and recipes to Minecraft. I put a large emphasis on making these items and recipes add logical features that make sense with the world Minecraft is set in. The current version of the mod (v 0.1.3) added in new items such as Wooden Buckets, Compost, Quivers, Flag Poles, White Fences, and Clear Glass. The mod also adds recipes in addition to items, these recipes include ones that allow players to easily create grass blocks, mossy cobblestone, flint, and ice blocks. If you are interested in seeing items/recipes that are planned for the future releases look at the bottom section of the post.

    If you enjoy this mod consider donating and supporting my work. Buy me a soda?

    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.2.5]

    • Iron Flag Poles have been added.
    • Leather Chain Armor has been added.
    • The message is better for when the plant book is used now.
    • BUG FIX: The Plant book now takes durability damage when used.
    • BUG FIX: No longer a double "thank you" message when the mod is run.
    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.2.2]

    • BUG FIX: The Chisel now takes damage when used to make Truks
    • Recipe has been added for Pennants
    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.2.1]

    • Pennants added for all 16 colors of wool (only available in creative mode - recipes have not been added yet, they will be in the next version.)
    • New Recipe: Wheat = 3 Seeds
    • New Recipe: 9 Ice = Packed Ice

    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.1.7]

    • BUG FIX: A flag would be removed from a pole but not dropped on the ground if the player's inventory was full.
    • 7 new flags have been added (There are now flags for all 16 colors of wool)
    • Clear Glass is now as hard as stone, this way it does not break instantly

    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.1.5]

    • BUG FIX: Quivers did not correctly work in survival.
    • 2 new flags have been added. (A dark blue one and a brown one)
    • Skeletons now have a 1 in 25 chance of dropping a quiver on death.
    • BUG FIX: Additional "ghost" grass seeds dropped when using a shovel.

    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.1.3]

    • BUG FIX: Error on server start up in multiplayer.
    • BUG FIX: Messages in the Update Notifier system were not properly colored

    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.1.2]

    • Updated to 1.7.2
    • Added an update-checker
    • Imported grass seed icons from warlordjones
    • Imported compost overlays from warlordjones
    • Added a new way of obtaining ice blocks
    • Added 3 flags and a flag pole.
    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.0.6]

    • Added Clear Glass
    • Added White fences
    • Updated the mod to work with 1.6.4
    • Added Quivers (still experimental may be some bugs)
    • Wheat that is composted now looks visually different (Carrots & Potatoes soon)

    Recipe Expansion Pack [0.0.1]

    • Recipe Expansion Pack v0.0.1 (Initial Alpha Test)
    • Contains 4 new items and 5 new recipes

    Installation Instructions
    Special thanks to the YouTuber Delta249er who made an installation tutorial. Go subscribe to him!

    Step 1: Go to http://files.minecraftforge.net/
    Step 2: Download the installer for the latest "recommended" release.
    Step 3: Run the installer (the file should be a .jar)
    Step 4: Download this mod (When downloading over adf.ly never click anything but the skip ad button. Some recent ads try to trick you into clicking them and thus downloading the wrong thing.)
    Step 5: Click the start button in your windows operating system, and then go to run.
    Step 6: In run type %appdata% and click enter.
    Step 7: Click the .minecraft folder and then click mods
    Step 8. Drag "RecipeXPack_vX.X.X.jar" file you downloaded earlier into the mods folder.
    Step 9: Launch minecraft (making sure you are running off the Forge profile)
    Step 10: Enjoy!

    Helpful Screenshot

    WARNING: Some recipes from the mod are missing here but I am currently working on a wiki that will have lots of accurate information about the mod and recipes. It should be out in one to two weeks.


    Wooden Bucket

    Base (Component for Flag Pole)

    White Wooden Fence

    Compost (10 Different Ways to be created)

    Clear Glass

    Chisel (Tool used to carve Truk)

    Truk (Component using for making a flag pole)

    Grass Block (Uses Grass Seeds not Seeds)

    Flag Pole (Requires a Truk, Base and Pole)

    Upgrading a quiver (can only be done twice)

    Pole (Component in Flag Pole recipe)

    Ice Block Recipe

    Flags (Same can be done for dark green and yellow wools)

    Mossy Cobblestone


    Item Information
    This following section gives detailed descriptions of what each new item does, and how it is obtainable or created.
    Grass Seeds
    Grass seeds are a new item that is used to easily create Grass Blocks. They currently have the same texture as seeds (See the Help Wanted Section) making them easy to mix up, however, they are a completely different item and will not stack. In order to get a grass seed simply right click a grass block (that is on the ground) with a shovel of any type in your hand. This will change the grass block into a dirt block and drop seeds. Also, please note that when you use your shovel to get the seeds, durability damage is done to it and loses durability just as if you used it to dig.

    Wooden Bucket
    Wooden buckets are designed to make farming come quicker early game and to make it easier to carry mass amounts of water around. Wooden buckets can only hold compost, water, and milk though, no lava. However, they are quite cheap to make (see Recipes) and stack to 16.

    Flags and Flag Poles
    The newest version of this mod adds flags and flag poles. Flag poles are two blocks tall and can be created from a Base, Truk and Pole. The recipes for these are at the top. There are currently 3 rectangular shaped flags, (red, green, and yellow) more will come with the next update which will also include triangular flags.

    Compost is a new item that this mod adds. There are a total of ten different recipes to create compost (See Recipes), five using Wooden Buckets, and five using Iron Buckets. One bucket of compost can be used on 6 different plants. After a plant is composted there is a cool animation (if particles are turned on) and a use of the bucket is deducted. Compost can currently only be used on Wheat, Carrots, and Potatoes (more will be added soon). Compost doubles to triples the harvest of the plants, making it very handy when used in addition to Bone Meal.

    The quiver is designed to increase the efficiency of how arrows are stored. The first quiver you will make will only be able to hold 64 arrows. Which is not anymore efficient than simply storing the arrows in your inventory. However, when you use you a quiver, your bow pull back speed is quite fast, much faster than in vanilla minecraft. As you get more leather you may want to upgrade your quiver to store more arrows. A quiver can be upgraded a total of two times. The first upgrade increases storage capacity to 128 and the third to 192.

    Now you may be wondering how to place arrows in a quiver, in order to place arrows in a quiver simply right click on the ground with arrows in your hand while you have a quiver in your inventory. The arrows will be removed from your hand if there is enough space in the quiver and then placed. Eventually I will create a more professional looking GUI for the quiver that will offer more advanced features. When you upgrade a quiver though you will loose all the arrows in it. So in order to keep them you will need to remove the arrows from the quiver before you upgrade it. To do this simply right click the ground with a quiver in your hand. This will drop the arrows inside of the quiver on the ground.

    Known Bugs
    This list includes bugs in the current release of the mod (right now version 0.0.6) If you notice any bugs that you can replicate. Please report them in this topic by posting descriptively and coharently what makes the bug occur. When every new version of the mod is released all bugs in this section prior to the release will be fixed and this list will be cleared.

    • "Composted" Wheat Plants can grow untilled soil
    • Wheat can not be instantly grown using Bone Meal if it has already been "Composted"


    Download links have been moved to my website click the link to below to access them:

    Help Wanted
    The following are things I could use help with developing for this mod. This mainly contains of artwork, although some programming help may be wanted. If attempt anything on this list and want to send it to me you can either post in this topic, or send me a PM. Your contribution will be listed in the Credits section (Will be added when there is someone besides myself to credit).

    • Help with the programming end of the implementation of a Sleeping Bag
    • Create 32x32 and 64x64 versions of the current textures
    • Create a 16x16 (maybe 32x32) image for the flag pole
    • Create a better 16x16 image for the Ice Cube.

    Mod License
    This document is Copyright © 2013-2014 by Glorfindel22 (A.K.A RichardPlaysMC) (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only MinecraftForum.net and mcmodcenter.net is able to host any of The Owner's material without consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission.


    Source Code
    The sourcecode of this mod is available on Github, however, it may only be used for educational purposes (helping others learn how to make mods) and for the benefit of other programmers who may want to help. Again distributing compiled code or source code from this mod without my permission is prohibited.


    Planned Features
    The following are features that will be implemented overtime into this mod in the next various releases. If you have an idea that fits with this mod and stays in focus with Minecraft's overall setting, feel free to suggest it may be added to this list.

    • A GUI for changing the amount of arrows in a quiver
    • Spears
    • Apple Pie
    • Beefstew
    • Crossbows
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Craftable Corner Stairs
    • Leather Chain Armor
    • Ability to enable/disable each recipe
    • White Fence Gates
    • Plant Books
    • Obsidian Boats
    • Smelting records
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    Over 500 Downloads!
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    Looks great! I really think it deserves more attention. I'll try to make a video about it.
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    Yes we just reached 150 downloads!
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    Rocking at 136 downloads. Keep it up guys let's reach 150! :)
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    I wasn't bumping it I was updating it. LOL
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    This texture pack has been updated see top post.
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    Yeah you could if you had that version backed up like I did. However, this makes it easier for people who don't
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    Also a download link for the map is in the video description.
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    UPDATE: Whitelist has been take down. No application is required anymore.
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    MineQuest is a new server where people can build together or fight each other in PVP battles (Coming Soon!)

    Survival World


    Greif Prevention Usage Tutorial:

    PVP World (Coming Soon!)
    When the PVP world is implemented it will be accessible from the main city in the Survival World.

    There are many ways to support the server. The most obvious is donating (Coming Soon!). However you can also download my maps on adf.ly And tell your friends about the server!

    The server is whitelisted to keep greifers off of it. However to apply for the whitelist all you have to do is fill out this simple form and post it in the thread:

    IGN (In Game Name):
    Time Zone:
    How much time will you be:
    Which world will you probably spend the most time in (PVP or Survival?):

    IP Address:
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