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    posted a message on [Snapshot] Mindcrack-style server looking for mature members - Beyond the Edge
    Added, thanks for your application Stevie2015!
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    Quote from JojHeywood

    "Oh, don't worry. As you're appart of the vocal minority we'll try our best to please just you. We value what you have to say".

    You see, here's the problem with your, and everyone else's petty ranting.
    What you're saying right now isn't going to help the mod go anywhere. Scottkillen has bent over backwards trying to make the mod not edit any base classes and still work with the limited knowledge of how the mojang biome code works. He tried to make the RPG expansion compatible with 2.0. but three things stopped him.
    • The unexpected dropping out of TDWP-FTW. It was his own decision.
    • The way TDWP coded some of the biomes made them hard (or impossible) to convert to non-class editing files.
    • The team as a whole wanted to put out a mod what works and adds biomes.
    One of your arguments is that most of the biomes you want are in the RPG expansion pack. But are you completely satisfied with the same six biomes vanilla generation has? Six biomes? Don't know if you've noticed but this adds at least ten unique biomes on it's own without the RPG expansion.

    Oh, and incase you didn't notice, but Scott also made it so you can easily un-install the mod if you're not satisfied with it by dragging it out of your Mods folder. Don't diss it until you've tried it, and even then, Please don't come back begging for the RPG expansion to come back. Scott made an API you can make your own biomes with, with nice little instructions on how to use it.

    Moaning on a thread to strangers you don't know isn't helping the development of the mod, yourself, or anyone else.

    I apologise if I offended you in any way, but I would not call my post "petty ranting" or "begging for the RPG expansion to come back". I was extremely disappointed that the RPG expansion had been removed completely, and I was merely expressing this.

    I'm sure this mod's creator has worked very hard on ExtraBiomesXL and has dealt with the withdrawal of the RPG expansion in a professional manner and will continue to improve it. I may well try out this mod, and I thank you for informing me on the API and the easy installation.

    However, please understand that, for example, a Birch Forest or Desert Mountain simply aren't as exciting to me as a Mystic Forest or a Crystal Cave, and, at the time, when I was unsure as to how easy installation of the mod was, I didn't know if they justified doing so. I'm sorry that you feel my post was "moaning", and I hope that this clears things up.

    Also, sorry to be a pedant, but Minecraft currently has 9 biomes, not 6 :)
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    That really is a shame. I found out about this mod a few weeks ago and thought it looked amazing, but I decided to wait until Mod API was added to Minecraft. However, I found out that Mod API has been delayed (yet again) to 1.4. I got fed up of waiting and looked at this thread again, only to find that ExtraBiomesXL RPG has been completely removed because of a dispute. I'm not sure whether I should even bother with this mod any more, as most of the biomes that I wanted were in ExtraBiomesXL RPG.
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    posted a message on Why does the game feel weak? Because it's far too easy
    Quote from Locklear308

    How Minecraft has became to Easy, and the reasons for it. (Compared to Alpha 1.26)

    1.) Caves were less common, meaning you dug your own mines MORE often. It's not minecraft now, it's Cave Explorer Craft. If caves were super rare, you'd dig your own mines, which makes sense, because it is "mine" craft. When is the last time you dug your own mine? Chances are you didn't, or if you are like me, very few.

    I agree to an extent, but caves increase the exploration value and are often quite small.

    2.) Iron was NOT plentiful. You had to search and mine around for it, not just walk through a cave and come out with 64 iron. This made you treat it with respect, you didn't just make tons of iron tools all willy nilly like. This also made leather armor actually useful, since iron was hard to come by.

    I agree. The spawnrate of Iron has gone up a lot since Beta 1.7 and is now too high. Finding iron used to be an event, but now it seems as common as coal was.

    3.) Armor damage reduction was based on remaining durability, meaning as your armor took damage and lost durability, it protected you less, requiring more materials to make fresh armor more often, Now a set of iron will last you for several days to weeks. And it doesn't get weaker as it loses durability.

    The durability thing didn't make much sense and was basically a glitch. Anyway, they've balanced out the armour in 1.1 now.

    4.) Mobs were in greater numbers, and density, if you think a zombie is weak, your right. But 3 zombies, 2 skeletons and a creeper, in a small cave, that's no so easy anymore.

    As far as I know aggressive mob spawnrates have not been altered. It's probably just because you're used to Minecraft now and find fighting easier.

    5.) Food wasn't stack-able, now it is and you can auto heal, actually I like the food bar feature because it makes lots of food a necessity. But I will not say it makes it harder, it does make it easier. Food should NOT be stack-able.

    Being able to regenerate health instantly was more difficult than taking two or three seconds to eat and then slowly regenerating your health? No. They had to balance it out. Perhaps, 64 is too much, but not making food stackable would be harsh.

    Differences from Beta

    1.) Beds had to be inside a secure house, you couldn't just stick one outside. Now you can just kill the mobs around, and sleep outside, ridiculous. It was once about building a shelter and surviving, but now you can sleep out side? Ruins the flow and feel of the game. Makes the "threat" from the outside world feel like a joke.

    I agree to an extent, but the old system had so many glitches.

    2.) It used to be the mine-craft thing, that you'd walk outside and get blown up by a creeper. So we made defenses against it. Now it's pointless, because that never happens but very rarely now.

    I've often been blown up by Creepers right outside my house.

    3.) Certain blocks took longer to mine, Obsidian, Redstone ore, Bricks, Stone Bricks, this made them "feel" more durable. Now everything mines a bit faster, which makes the game go along too quickly.

    Mining these blocks was incredibly boring. I'm very glad of the changes.

    While I do agree with some of your points, I think the main reason you find Minecraft easier is that you have become used to it and know the best way to kill mobs etc.
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    posted a message on What the ocelot?
    If Mojang concentrated solely on bugs and glitches, then I'd lose interest in Minecraft. It's nice to get new stuff.
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    posted a message on Jeb is making Golden Apples easier to craft
    I presume it will be the same, but with gold ingots instead of gold blocks.
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    posted a message on The end of the world of Minecraft
    Quote from EmpireDYF

    I remember him saying that all alpha buyers would get free downloadable content or something along those lines but I don't remember him promising. Plans can change.

    Actually, I think that plan is to continue with the free patches, but also include DLC that is free to alpha players and *may* not be free to those who bought Minecraft after alpha. However, Mojang may not be doing this any more. Either way, there was nothing about pre-alpha players.

    Introducing Mod Support will not end Minecraft. A lot of people don't use mods, and even if they did, a lot of the mods would be incompatible.
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    posted a message on Do you realize how much bad things were added since 1.8 ?
    You haven't really listed that many things, which contradicts your title. Clay was way too rare before, especially if you wanted to make a large structure out of bricks. Personally, I haven't found any floating mineshafts since 1.0. Also, I've never heard of Endermen block-carrying ruining landscapes before.
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    posted a message on Thank you, Notch!
    Jeb does have a lot of ideas, it's just that Notch's probably took precedence. For instance, in the Mojang documentary, Jeb suggests scarecrows that attract enemy mobs, and everyone else says that that's a good idea, and then Notch suggests snowmen and everyone laughs.

    And, of course, Snow Golems were added but scarecrows weren't.

    Also, Jeb is much more mod-friendly than Notch and more open to ideas from the community. Still, Notch is working on Minecraft, just not as the main developer.
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