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    Okay, obviously we need to get some ideas rolling:

    Architecture, since Arabic architecture can mean many many different styles, I think we should go with the Khaleeji (Persian Gulf states) style of buildings, since they seem the best fit if we want this to be in a desert, examples:

    As you can see, arches and curves play a big role in this style of architecture, domes can be added too, obviously they were no specific buildings like bakeries and windmills, but we can easily make those up.
    Mosques are very complex, there are many things you need to take in account when making a mosque, the wikipedia article shows some of the features of a mosque, check it out/

    Second thing, names, Arabic names are different from French names and I think Hindi names, in Arabic cultures names go:
    [your name] bin/bint [fathers name] [family name]
    (bin/bint means son/daughter of)
    So in this town you'd see names like Zahra bint Ali Al-Maliki, Fahad bin Khalid Al-Thani and so on (although maybe it's a good idea to use fake family names as some might see it as disrespectful, I can easily make up a few)

    Third, food, for the longest time bedouin Arab diet consisted of dates (very important), camel milk and meat, bread (flat bread called khubz), seasonal truffles in the winter and of course, coffee and tea.
    Of course I'm no expert on food, so this is only what I know, if someone has any good links to beduoin arab diet please post them :smile.gif:.

    Okay, that's it for now, opinions~
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    Quote from bailliethomas002

    Asian chinese villages!

    We're not asking for suggestions here .-.
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    Farmer skin, which oddly looks more Persian then Arab.
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    Ahh what a huge thread, I hope someone sees my post @[email protected]

    Would it be possible to say, add different kinds of cultures that spawn on specific biomes? like, in the desert for example, you'd find maybe an Arabic culture, with a sultan and Arabic-themed architecture and names, or maybe in a jungle by a river you'd find a thriving Indian town, with beautiful ornamental houses and women dresses in colorful saris.
    As an Arab I'd love to help out with an Arabic themed town, things like names and sayings.
    I love this mod a lot and I think it has a lot of potential by going this way, you could add specific items you'd find in specific cultures, creating a sort of international economies where a Chinese culture would have different resources then a Greek or Inca culture.
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