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    posted a message on [Forge 1.7.10] Bleach Mod [SSP/LAN/SMP] Hollow Test Update Available!

    Meanwhile, I hope it comes out atleast in summer it would suck if it came out when summer ends because that's when everybody would have to go back to on paying attention to school.

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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! []

    I would like access ign-gjhgytrre657

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    posted a message on Naruto-Anime Mod

    1. Jutsu's should go away after being there for around 15-20secs because imagine having a server filled with jutsu's that haves destruction power or such you should put it so that if you turn on mobgriefing it will do those affects sure explosion will do damage but wont grief anyblocks and jutsu that spawn things like blocks will disapear after awhile

    2. You should make it so that Susanoo will follow you when moving.

    3. You should nerf some buffs and weapons I know Naruto is an anime of soo much power that are powerfull but somethings are abit OP if you agree?

    4. I know there's chakra scrolls that can boost up you're chakra back to full but there should be atleast a chakra bar that is bigger than the little one a represents the points and body also there should be a chakra charging jutsu.

    5. You should have items that will give you all the family jutsu's properties like Uchiha gives you Uchiha powers and Uzumaki gives you Uzumaki powers while clicking this items such as that system so it be easier to have you're family jutsu's then finding releases and mixing them together right?

    and people withoutlast names should just get a subsitute name until the last name is somehow revealed.

    6. With a summon you should be able to ride it.

    7.Those Chakra boost like tailed beast will put on tailed beast armor but if you spam it, it will dupe more armor. Can it work so that if you get tailed beast chakra boost that it will put on some armor but you cannot take off the armor but it will upgrade during tails growing. Because people could just easily spam armor and give it to anyrandom person.

    8. Rinnegan AlmightyPull is actually Universal Pull just to notify you, and have more powers than pushing and pulling things.

    9. Great work on this mod I gave you these suggestions just because this can be useful if someone wants a balance server with this mod in it also I do like this mod it's pretty amazing and sorry if it seems like i'm being abit bossy. -Thank you for reading this

    The picture I will post is what I mean about what can the Chakra Amount Bar picture can be. I did not make this picture just found it along surfing the web.
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    posted a message on [DEV] Bleach Mod Shikai Submissions
    I can design some on my spare time if needed.
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    posted a message on [DEV] Bleach Mod Shikai Submissions
    Hi these are some more shinkai designs.

    1. Wind Type- Golden WindCharm- Charm it (Insert Zanpakuto Name).

    2.Healing Type- The Bladel - Be Precise (Insert Zanpakuto Name).

    3 Poison Type- Scorpions RathSting- Strike within (Insert Zanpakuto Name).

    4. Water Type- SeaCrown- Wrath Of The Sea (Insert Zanpakuto Name).
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    posted a message on [DEV] Bleach Mod Shikai Submissions
    Hi these are my Shinkai Design I'll list the typing by order of the swords 1-5
    1. Obviously Lunar - Perk up (Insert Zanpakuto Name)!
    2. Light Glimmer through the darkness (Insert Zanpakuto Name)!
    3. Dark Spread the shade (Insert Zanpakuto Name)!
    4. Fire Smash with a burning passion (Instert Zanpakuto Name)!
    5. Ice Frost through the wrath (Insert Zanpakuto Name)!
    More Designs
    6. Water Sprinkle (Insert Zanpakuto Name)!
    7. Healing Break the harm (Insert Zanpakuto Name)!
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