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    posted a message on A few towns i made without mc edit -very cool- with downloads+pictures-
    so here are a couple of towns i made without mc edit, there not a cutsom map persay, but they are so cool i just thought i should share them with everyone, you can do whatever to these towns, but i would love for you to check them out :)
    -Christmas town-
    Made this one during cristmas, its the first hidden door i made with pistons :) My name is Tiffany, so you can ignore the sign on the house or whatever. there is a barn very far away, because i made this before when you could attract animals with wheat, The idea was i was an elf and only elves know where santa's workshop was :)
    so.... yea. thats about it.

    Christmas town download:

    Pictures of Christmas town (sneak peek):

    If you download, I hope you enjoy :) :)

    -Town with temple-
    So this is when i found a temple, and i thought it was so cool that i just had to keep building onto it, soon, i had an entire town in less than a day, its a very cool town and i just had to share this with somebody too :)
    I even added a little story, you should see that in the chest thats in your house (i hope you spawn in the correct place) the title is "hello and welcome"
    there is a little typo in the story, sorry bout that, but its not a map, you can do whatever just like the one above this one. I had fun making this town and i hope you get the same joy out of it :)
    I even improved the temple! :)
    And yes, i really did make this without MC Edit.
    P.S. I am NOT religious, but the story kinda went that way since there was a temple so i just rolled with it :) and remember, once you download this, its YOUR town you can do whatever with it :)
    -And i forgot the mine-

    Town with temple download:

    Town with temple pictures (sneak peek):

    If you download, I hope enjoy!!!! :D :D
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    posted a message on My first mutiplayer custom map "Testing center 2000 2.0"
    Quote from Halunae

    You posted in the right spot :D .

    You need pictures for the forum so people know what they are downloading.

    First go into minecraft and press f1 to get rid of the interface. Then press f2 to take a picture.

    Next exit minecraft and go to .minecraft and go to screenshots

    copy and paste those pictures to a folder of easy access(lets say the desktop)

    go online and go to a photo website( I use Imgur.com)

    download the pictures there

    Next copy the BBcode Which would say ([ img. ]somethingrandom[ /img ].)

    paste that into this post and voila Pictures for people to see.

    BTW if you cant find .minecraft go to start menu, press run or search and type in %appdata% and enter

    Hope this helps

    Thank you!!!!! It really helped im new to this and am still finding my way around, so thank you very much for helping me out! Means a lot :DORE:
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    posted a message on My first mutiplayer custom map "Testing center 2000 2.0"
    Hi there, i really don't know where to post my map and i am hoping that i am posting it in the right spot, if im not could you let me know so i dont annoy anyone?

    Anyway, when i got MCedit i wanted to make a very epic map, with checkpoints. And i ended up making a very hard custom map, (in my opioion) It's for at least 2 people you could play by yourself but that makes it a LOT harder. The buddie system IS recomended. Play on peaceful until you reach chamber 6. Play on normal in chamber 1.

    You and your friends, were kiddnapped by an evil scientest, you guys got fed up and tried to escape. But you and your friends got caught and was knocked out. When you wake up your locked in your house awaiting to going into the testing center in which all or most people do not survive. But there are rumors of an air vent that leads out of the testing center and to the evil scientist. So escape, and kill the evil scientist to win the map.


    Sneak peek of the map (pictures):

    Please! Enjoy!
    (Buddie system IS reccomended )
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