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    I've seen a few lets plays of Inferno mines and it looks really really nice and I want to play it myself, but my computer sort of doesn't have a good enough video card or whatever to play minecraft without lagging (normally) so i'd be horrified to see how bad it gets if I tried loading up a vechs map, now I do know how to add adventure maps and like, saves onto my xbox and it plays fine, and i've seen a remake of one of vechs super hostile maps and i've played it before, but all I know is that they have to be in a .bin format instead of a .zip.
    Now, my question is, does anybody know where to get Vechs Inferno mines map as a .bin so I could put it on my xbox, I mean, if someone knows how to transfer the files and they could do that and put it up for download that'd be great but in other word HELP ME OUT MINERS.

    - Ginger. (btw, i'm new here, so HI!)
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