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    Did you register at our website (MANDATORY)?:
    In Game Name(CaSe-SENsitIVE):
    Location/Time Zone:
    Virginia, USA / EST (GMT -5)
    How could you contribute to the community?:
    I enjoy building well and can easily work cooperatively when it is called for. I also happen to be a General of the Royal Minecraft Militia, and my subordinates would appreciate it if I could lead them into battle.
    What real life skills to do you have? Your profession?:
    I am a sophomore architecture student at Virginia Tech. I am proficient in computer modeling, drafting (digital and paper), high level mathematics (Calculus), and scale model making.
    What other servers have you played on?:
    The only public server I have played on is the Art of War PvP server.
    Any extra info you want to give us:
    As I mentioned above, I am one of the leaders of the RMM, and so if it is possible to be moved straight into the clan, I would appreciate it.
    Do you understand that this server is community run and is completely 100% funded by players like you?:
    Yes, and I will donate when I can!
    Please vote for us on minestatus! VOTE HERE!
    Did you vote? Please vote for us every 24 hours too!:
    Yes indeed.
    The entire RMM, Josrence44 in particular.
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    Bowl of Noodles is pretty much official now I think. It's not as good as the old forums in my honest opinion, but it works. If you're having trouble, try to get in touch with Noodle. He may need to add you to the RMM group.
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    Alright, enough waiting. I apologize for the double post, but this is too important for a simple edit.

    I am pleased to announce that the first draft of the new charter for the Royal Minecraft Militia is complete! This document is our attempt to reform and improve our clan, and also includes our new leadership. Allow me to congratulate our new Generals, Roze and M1_Mercenary! I would also like to congratulate our other new officers: Colonels Josrence44 and ... uh ... me :Notch:, and Majors Shadowshot and Cosine. Welcome to the top boys!

    The entire first draft of the Charter is posted below, so that the public may know our commitment to sustaining and improving our clan.

    Charter of the Royal Minecraft Militia
    The assembled body of this Clan, once and forever known as the Royal Minecraft Militia, do ordain and establish this Charter, to ensure order, efficiency, and a lasting and strong community.

    Section 1: Ranking
    The rank structure of the RMM is as follows:

    • Recruit – Entry level soldier.
    • Private – Promotion after completing Basic Training
    • Private First Class
    • Lance Corporal
    • Corporal – Leads company in absence of Sergeant
    • Corporal First Class
    • Sergeant – Leader of Company. Takes orders from Major, Lieutenant, or High Command directly and determines the best way for his squad to achieve them.
    • Drill Sergeant – Responsible for training of new recruits
    • Warrant Officer – Administrative and promotional duties, such as recruitment, forum administration, and public relations.
    • Lieutenant – Second-in-Command of Battalion. Distributes orders to Sergeants in Major’s absence and ensures orders are carried out
    • Captain – Advanced Lieutenant. More likely to be promoted to Major upon superior’s promotion/demotion/expulsion.
    • Major – Leader of Battalion. Distributes orders from High Command to Sergeants and creates own orders to ensure activity.
    • Colonel – High Command officer. Acts as council to Generals and tie-breaker during disagreements.
    • General – Leader of the Clan. There are always two generals.

    Members must go through every rank on the ladder – they cannot skip steps from Private to Sergeant, for example. Ranks given at the beginning of this reorganization are the exception to this rule.

    Section 2 – Organization
    The RMM is divided into three Battalions, all lead by High Command (HC). Battalions are expected to follow orders from HC to the best of their ability. Each Battalion is led by a Major who distributes orders from HC, and can also create new assignments for his Battalion as long as they do not interfere with HC orders. Each Battalion is co-led by either a Captain or Lieutenant, acting as Second-in-Command and leading in the Major’s absence or by the Major’s request.

    Each battalion is further divided into at least two Companies, consisting of a sergeant leading Corporals, Lance Corporals, and/or Privates. Each sergeant is expected to take the generalized orders of his Major or Lieutenant and specialize it for his squad. Squads are organized by time zone and activity time range, to ensure that at least one Company is online the majority of the time.

    Each Battalion also has a special Recruit Company, led by a Drill Sergeant, whose sole purpose is to train recruits. Recruits should move from Recruit company to a regular company as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    The three battalions are as follows:

    1st Infantry Battalion – consists of all combat-ready troops, both offensive and defensive, to ensure flexibility and quantity on the battlefield. Members should exhibit skill in both archery and hand-to-hand combat in a wide range of scenarios. Skill in Redstone artillery, sapping, and other special operations is also recommended.

    2nd Engineer Battalion – responsible for the construction of any structures, from temporary dugouts and trenches to monumental castles and entire cities. Members should exhibit skill in resource gathering, construction, and at least some defensive combat.

    3rd Victory Battalion – The remnant of the Victory clan, merged with the RMM by mutual treaty in November 2010, and kept to ensure that the terms of the treaty are upheld. This battalion, while currently with no active members, can only be changed by Victory Marshal SteGriff or Major Zhatt, should either of them return.

    During times of peace, members of 1st Infantry who would like to work with the 2nd Engineers may temporarily transfer with the approval of their Sergeant. Likewise, 2nd Engineers may transfer to 1st Infantry during war with the approval of their Sergeant. Transfers may only be approved if each Battalion can maintain at least two companies. Transferred soldiers maintain their rank up to Corporal First Class in their foster battalion: Higher ranks must submit a special request to their Major, and are subject to appropriate rank adjustment.

    High Command is the leading body of the RMM. It decides the general direction of the clan – what wars it should participate in, what diplomacy should take place, what cities should rise and fall. High Command is led by two Generals, who are the official leaders of the clan, and two Colonels, who act as advisors to the Generals, break ties in the case of a stalemate between the generals, and lead the clan should both Generals be absent for an extended period. Should a general wish to retire, he must promote someone to his position before doing so (preferably a Colonel). Colonels and Majors must do the same.

    Section 3.1 – Discipline
    To ensure an honorable and trustworthy organization, the RMM has a zero-tolerance policy on rule breaking. Rules are divided into two categories: Misdemeanors and Felonies. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes, such as insubordination. The disciplinary process for misdemeanors is based on a demerit system:

    • 1st Demerit – Warning. Will be cleared after good behavior for a period of approximately two weeks.
    • 2nd Demerit – Demotion and/or Probationary Period (Situational). Will revert to a first demerit after a period of approximately one month.
    • 3rd Demerit – Demotion to Recruit, Suspension, or Expulsion from the RMM

    The system is to be used at the commander’s discretion on a per-case basis – for example, high-ranking officers may be given shorter demerits so as not to interrupt their duties, but will be more severely punished for repeated offenses. Likewise, lower ranks may be given longer sentences, but be more easily forgiven for repeated offenses.

    Felonies are serious offenses, including but not limited to identity theft, clan sabotage, and treason. For these crimes, witnesses should report their claim to High Command, who will invoke a clan-wide Trial. The witnesses to the alleged crime will make up the Prosecution, while the accused will be the Defendant. The Defendant is not required to appear at his own trial; however, this means he cannot defend himself. Once the evidence for and against the Defendant has been presented, all present members will vote on the verdict. Vote strength varies with rank: Enlisted (Recruit to Corporal 1st Class) counts for 1 vote, Non-Commissioned Officers (Sergeants, Drill Sergeants, and Warrant Officers) count for 1.5 votes, and Officers (Lieutenants to Generals) count as two votes.

    If the accused is an Enlisted member and the witness is a NCO or greater, the witness may invoke a trial without the approval of High Command. However, High Command votes count as 2.5 votes in these trials, and High Command may initiate a new trial if they feel it is being misrepresented by the prosecution.

    If the Defendant is found innocent, he is cleared of all charges and may continue his tenure with the RMM, with any active demerits cleared as compensation for his wasted time. If the Defendant is found guilty, however, he is immediately expelled from the RMM, and his crime is to be reported on both the current clan forums (Bowl of Noodles as of this writing) and the public thread at Minecraftforum.net.

    Credit goes to M1_Mercenary for this section.

    Section 3.2 – Rules
    This section will be filled at a later date.

    Section 3.3 – Regulations
    While rules define what members cannot do, regulations define what they should do, both at all times and in specific situations. Regulations are not punishable, but members will be scolded for not adhering to them.

    Uniform Policy – Members are not required to wear an RMM uniform skin at all times. However, uniforms should be worn at any special functions or events, such as parades and recruitment drives. If you opt not to wear a uniform, incorporating the clan colors into your skin (Red, Green, and Gold) is encouraged.

    More regulation will be added at a later date.

    Section 4 – Miscellaneous Articles
    Anything that does not fit into the above sections should be amended here.

    Section 5 – Command Structure
    This listing is correct as of February 26th, 2011

    General Roze
    General M1_Mercenary
    Colonel Josrence44
    Colonel Gielnor

    1st Infantry Battalion
    Major Shadowshot

    2nd Engineer Battalion
    Major Cosine

    3rd Victory Battalion
    Victory Marshal SteGriff
    Major Zhatt

    All lower ranks will be assigned by the appropriate Major.

    Section 6 – Amendment
    At any time, an officer may request a change to this Charter. Any changes must be discussed with High command and approved by a majority of Officers before being included in the Charter. The list of changes will be included below.
    2-26-2011: First draft composed.
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    Sam, please don't try to go vigilante and form a whole bunch of connections we may not want to get tangled up in, especially since you are not even an officer, and as such don't exactly have the right to do so. Don't take this too harshly; I understand that you want to help, but there is a reason we have officers to manage these sorts of things.

    On that note, I have a very special announcement to make. However, I will wait until tomorrow morning as I am tired and aware of the power of a good cliff hanger :Notch:
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    Thank you, Spehs :biggrin.gif:. We actually have a plan for the new leadership already. We just need to make sure Roze agrees to it and we'll already be fixed.
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    Well, didn't expect to see this today. What a strange turn of events.

    I'll just say that I have much greater expectations for the future of the clan than iPope does. IMHO, the various radical measures that iPope put in place the last few weeks have done more harm than good. This is a chance for us to gather and decide as a unified group what is best for us all, be it the death of this clan or a logical reorganization.

    To iPope: I think you had the best interests of the clan at heart when you made your reorganizations. However, they were fueled by a desire to have total power over everyone in the clan, which is exactly why you eliminated HC, leaving yourself the only legitimate decision maker. You cannot effectively lead a clan as a single person: there will be those who need a strong leader, someone to relegate the basic tasks of administration while you are away, someone to lift the spirits of our downtrodden. It's a basic psychological fact that no one person can embody all these qualities at once, and while you embody the first aspect of leadership well, your skills as a mediator and administrator are mediocre at best. Thus, the clan fell into disarray and in some cases revolt as you overextended your role as General.

    While I respect you as a person and a friend, I did not feel the same for your leadership. I see this not as the end of our story, but as the end of a chapter, from which a new one will arise.

    Long live the Royal Minecraft Militia.

    EDIT: I typed this up about an hour ago, but didn't get to post it until now. Seriously guys, be mature
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    Let's get our infrastructure back up and running before we worry about that. We're not accepting recruits at the moment anyway, so it can wait a bit.
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    Read first post, be smart.
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    Oh LuciferZ, you and your scathingly sarcastic remarks.

    ProAthlete, it can take up to a week for your application to be processed depending on when an officer can get to it. Luckily, The Noodle is usually very prompt in his responses, so you should get a reply within a couple of days. We're only human after all :smile.gif:
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    We are in the process of constructing our base. It's only just begun, but it should be up and running soon. I know at least a few of us are on AoW, and we are in the process of registering our members on the server. Once the base is ready, we should begin our TOTAL DOMINATION... I mean justified policing <_<... of the server.
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    Forums are back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    We cannot have true battles on AoW until the base is complete. You can have little skirmishes in between bases if you want, but you can't hold any ground. Also, if you do get the urge to massacre, please try to keep the RMM in the best light while doing so. We are orderly custodians of justice, not some chaotic band of pirates (no offense gilguy :happy.gif:).
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    The huge gaping socket in his previous avatar begs to differ.

    I'm sure your apology is appreciated, GIlguy. I hope to expect friendly relations in the future.
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