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    posted a message on Cactus Golem
    People seem to be heavily against the idea of new golems, though I don't understand why. Only 2 exist... Iron Golems are very powerful, but are also very expensive, and Snow Golems are virtually worthless other than knocking mobs back, and perhaps knocking them into traps and cannot be used in the Jungle, Desert, or Nether, and melt anywhere it rains. While a Cactus Golem sounds like a good idea to me, I do see how it can be considered overpowered a bit, as cactus is not difficult to find nor is pumpkins, however, snow is just as easy to obtain, and while snow golems don't actually do damage, they can still be made in huge amounts. Someone asked "is Minecraft so hard that we need more golems," adding golems is no different than adding any other thing we can use to the game. We only have 3 mobs that will fight on our behalf, and of the 3, one can only be used in certain areas, and has numerous restrictions, as well as can't do damage to any Overworld mobs. One is only useful against certain mobs. And the final is powerful, but expensive and can only defend so much territory alone. We lack any sort of ranged, damaging utility mob, and any sort of utility mob that is useful in numbers other than the Iron Golem.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Weekly News: Villager & Horse Sounds, Minecraft Expo & XBLA Progress!
    In a way I kind of like villagers mute, however, giving them sounds makes them a bit more lively. Unfortunately though, the sounds they chose to give them get annoying, and as much as I love villagers, I'm going to have to turn my sound for Minecraft off, or hope that they change the sounds.
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    posted a message on Is jeb taking Minecraft in the right direction?
    I would say they are taking the middle path, not wrong or right, there are pros and cons to each update.

    As far as 1.6 is concerned, I am excited about it in fact, but I can't say I'm happy about everything that comes along with it. As far as items/blocks and mobs go, you can't complain about them really. Especially ones that don't have much effect on game play. However, I do understand the desire to have actual goals to complete in Minecraft, other than fighting bosses and going to different dimensions of the Minecraft World. It seems as though there needs to be more along with the goals, but Minecraft is not based on such things as quests and achievements really, but an open world of either creating and/or surviving as well as adventuring.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Gods
    Not my cup of tea, creative ideas I suppose, but not a mod a would use, nor would I like it in game.
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    posted a message on Snow Bricks
    I agree with adding snow bricks, but I do not think they should melt, as full snow blocks do not melt, their brick counterparts shouldn't either.
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    posted a message on Generation of anvil in NPC Village smithy
    I had the same thoughts. While I understand the small balancing issue there are things to look at:

    1. Blacksmiths are pretty much the most uncommon building in villages.
    2. Like you said, the anvil can be pre-damaged.
    3. Superflat is more popular for creative, rather than survival.
    4. Anvils are useless if you don't have experience, by the time you actually have enough experience to make good use of them, you likely will have the materials needed to make one yourself.
    5. Anvils can't be crafted back into iron ingots.
    6. Villages only spawn on 2 biomes, after managing to find one, the chances of finding a village are not high, and to find a village large enough to spawn a blacksmith is even rarer.
    7. In order to make use of a anvil, you need tools of some sort, which goes along with #4.
    8. Superflat survival already lacks many materials needed anyways, an extra item to find isn't much of a game changer. Anvils aren't that useful in Superflat anyways, as far as I know you cannot even find enchanted books in Superflat.

    That being said, the % of Blacksmith spawns is already low enough, no need to lower it more.
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    posted a message on 9 biome suggestions (pictures)
    I've always thought Oases should be a technical biome inside deserts. The idea of merchants on donkeys is interesting, but villagers serve similarly to a merchant as they trade, and unless a new mob is created, villagers could not survive in an oasis due to lack of homes and zombies attacking him. (That is if you meant there would literally be a merchant there, and you did not intend it in a literal sense.)

    The Blossom and Autumn biomes, as well as Frost appear are based on seasons, though I do love Autumn, a biome based on a season would not really make much sense. From what I understand Minecraft devs are working/planning on adding seasons and such to Minecraft eventually anyways.

    Fungi biomes are practically already existent because of the Mushroom biome, however, I think instead of having standard caves in Mushroom biomes, an image similar to yours should be there. That is, bio luminescent fungi (large and small) growing naturally underground. Tropical islands would be interesting, and they may be my preferred alternative to islands in "Ocean" biomes. The Savannah is an interesting idea, but it's very similar to the Plains biome. As for the Wild West Desert, while it is a neat concept, I am not sure I would like it to be an actual biome. The Darklands looks neat, but seems to be an alternate version of the Nether.
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    posted a message on Better NPCs - Bringing more life to the land-squidwards!
    My favorite mob happens to be villagers, in fact, I dedicate most of my Minecraft playing time finding, defending, and up keeping villages. And while you have plenty of good ideas, I believe they are a bit too complex.

    To begin, villages do need a better spawning system, as many times villages don't spawn in flat areas where they are supposed to, and when they do spawn, they spawn with numerous problems. Another thing to be noted is villages need better lighting, most buildings contain 0-1 torches each, the church is the only building with more than one torch, and even those torches are concentrated on only one area, and do not light the entire church. As I said before, I dedicate my time to finding villages, so I've seen a lot of them, and most of them do not spawn in survivable conditions, and I have never found a village outside of superflat that has it's own Iron Golem for defense. I agree completely about spawning in other biomes than just plains and deserts, tundras specifically are one I would like to name. The tundra(or ice plains) is a generally flat, snowy biome, and is perfect for village spawning, because they are often flatter than regular plains. The only issue is water turning to ice, messing with the farms. I also think that these snow villages should have a specific type of home, like and igloo or cabin.

    Another issue to be noted is that the Villager/NPC AI is inadequate for their survival, being likely the most mentally developed and most human-like beings in the game, they should be able to avoid basic problems.

    Common issues with the Villager AI that come to mind:

    1. Walking into cacti and not moving away. Villagers should be intelligent enough to avoid or at least get away from cacti, they already avoid falling and lava.
    2. Villagers refusing to enter houses. Sometimes villagers will stand or walk around the village at night, despite well-lit homes that meet the criteria to be considered a house, and even when pushed inside, they may still exit the building and stand outside.
    3. Opening doors when zombies are outside. This happens on occasion and pretty much leads to the villagers death, and possibly any other villager inside the house.
    4. Wandering is an issue with villagers, especially due to the fact that villages don't spawn in safe conditions generally, and they often fall or walk into caves, caverns, etc. that leads to their death.
    5. Issues breeding, often times I have had issues never breeding, and as the population dwindles, the only way to re-populate is through zombie villager curing, which is a slow process and inefficient process. Even creating a villager "breeder" yields no results.

    And I'm sure I could name more, but moving on...

    Problems with villages:

    1. Inadequate lighting
    2. Spawning improperly
    3. No defenses without rare iron golems being present, or player intervention.
    4. "Small" houses, blacksmiths and watchtowers do not spawn with doors. (Watchtowers are similar to the small square houses, but have a fenced roof to observe the village.)

    In the least, some form of defense needs to be present. My favorite solution to this, of course is a "soldier" villager, equipped with light armor, and a sword or a bow. This way, most villages have some form of defense. These soldiers would act similar to an iron golem, patrolling the village, and attacking any hostile mobs, with the exceptions, most notably creepers. Or perhaps they can attack only zombies, as those are the only mobs hostile towards villagers. Also like golems, they may attack players who have performed hostile acts against the villagers.

    As far as new villager types, I am not too fond of the idea of a king, but rather a mayor. A Carpenter(builder) would be a neat addition, and I think it would fit in well, however, I don't think they should actually do build structures. The alchemist is another good idea, but I believe instead of converting potion materials through a chest, should a Alchemy Lab spawn, similar to a Blacksmith, there will be a chest with the occasional potion or potion ingredient. Moving on to your "Commander" idea, I have a bit of an adjustment, instead of Commander, he should be General or Captain, and furthermore, instead of iron golem construction and wars, he should just be a stronger soldier, with better armor and weapons than the standard soldier. I think the idea of wars between villages is a bit too much, but that's just my opinion. As far as different races and religions go, I don't think a specific religion should be tied to villages, it's a bit too much in-depth and unfitting. And as for races, I think different races might be interesting, but not too many different ones. I would love for villagers to do something besides walk around, but there is a line of too much.

    That's all I have to say for now until I can think of more.
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    posted a message on Favorite passive mob?
    NPC villagers/Testificates have been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Despite their massive bald heads, unibrows, and large noses, they have always made the game feel less lonely to me. Sheep are probably a close second.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Randomly Crashing Lately? This may fix it.
    I'm having problems with it today too. I updated my Java to Java 7, still didn't do a thing. I did see a message that said "New Update available for Minecraft" when I tried logging in after dowloading, but right when the download started, the game crashed again. I can't get past login at all. Nothing seems to be working, I'll try what you said, hopefully a quick fix will come soon.
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    posted a message on Annoying Walking glitch/bug
    Hello all, I have been having a lot of trouble with motion for some reason on minecraft, specifically on servers, often times while I am walking or sprinting, the game seems to draw me back to someone I recently walked, as though it ignored that I even moved from that spot. It also occasionally does this to mobs, which makes it really dangerous, because I cannot judge the distance a hostile mob is accurately. On mobs it is a bit different, when they are chasing me, they appear farther behind, but the game seems to make them randomly skip a few steps while walking, making them get closer then they should be. It was kind of hard explaining this, I tried my best to give anyone reading this a bit of visualization of what is going on. Has anyone experienced similar issues?

    A few questions I will answer because they will likely be asked:

    1. No I don't run other things while playing Minecraft, occasionally Windows Media Player, but generally, no. And it's not that because I have the problem even when I am not using it.

    2. No I do not use any mods or hacks, besides OptiFine, which I think is a type of mod.

    3. Yes, my Java is up to date.

    4. I am using 1.2.5. if that is of any importance.

    5. No I am not using a texture pack, just basic Minecraft. I do use a texture pack occasionally, but not very often.

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    posted a message on Minecraft survival surver COWCRAFT [Towny][jobs][mcmmo][iconomy][chestshop][auctions][md][silkspawners][pvp]
    I'd like to join this server/become whitelisted. It seems to be the type of server I'm looking for. And it's new, so there is plenty of places to explore that have not been taken over by others. The server I currently play is good but there are biome hogs that take all the best mines and biomes and leave the scraps. I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Name: Gideonwinter

    Thanks alot!
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