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    posted a message on (13w24a) Spiders can now spawn with potion effects
    As if those things weren't annoying enough... Oh well, it's still not as annoying as rapid-fire skeletons. But invisible spiders are going to be a real pain.
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    posted a message on Do you like the new way bonemeal works?
    No, I don't like it. I don't even use bone meal anymore since it barely aids in growth.
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    posted a message on New tree types EXPANDED
    I like some of these ideas, however, as other have noted, grapes should grow on vines (grape vines, not regular ones), I think having orchards occasionally spawn in villages would be a good way to bring these into the game.
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    posted a message on what is your favorite mob?
    Top 3 favorites:

    1. Villagers
    2. Sheep
    3. Iron Golem
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    posted a message on Diamond Shards
    Diamond is very fragile, and can break easily.

    Unnecessary and your facts are incorrect, diamond is very strong.
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    posted a message on A Fix for the Snow Golems.
    #1: Their only use is griefing. Seriously.

    No, they can be used for traps, and to hold mobs off. Never seen them used in griefing...

    Who's going to line their house with weak, snow trailing mobs that throw snowballs

    that deal a half heart of damage? And are also pointless to combine as there is an

    invincibility period for each hit, rendering combined fire utterlly useless.

    Why not? If you've got the extra materials they can hold mobs off, and they don't deal any damage to mobs other than the Wither, Blazes and Magma Cubes (I think Magma Cubes). So I can agree they are extremely weak, but they can hold mobs back away from your base, and if you have a moat of some sorts, they can knock mobs into them. Combined far just adds more knockback, that's pretty much all snow golems do is provide knockback. They can also be used for infinite snow farming.

    They trail snow on 100% of the blocks they touch. Make 16 of them inside, on top of, and under

    someone's house- they'll completely cover it in unlimited snow that warm air will not remove automatically.

    And boy is it easy for griefers to access this, because of the next issue.

    They can only trail snow in a few biomes, and they only leave a snow trail on certain blocks, not all of them. It's extremely easy to get rid of snow, all you need is a bucket of water... And again never seen or heard of someone getting griefed with snow golems.

    Make them have a 1/64 chance when entering/leaving a block to create a Thin Snow block.

    If they are in a snowy biome, they will create Thin Snow blocks 100% of the time, as is the

    previous version to all biomes.

    I prefer the snow-trailing effect the way it is.

    : They're too damn cheap. Too damned cheap. One pumpkin, and 2 snow blocks.

    They are cheap because they have minimum uses...That and the fact that the current shape is the size of the snowman.

    I propose this:

    All golem types from now on (Iron Included) must rest on 1 block of Soul Sand.

    As well as giving an additional use to Soul Sand, it restrains the creation of Golems

    to only post-Nether worlds, and lines up with the lore. (My lore here being that Heads release

    soul sand when broken, and that the Wither structure is made from soul sand.)

    No, I don't think soul sand is necessary, though I get the concept, if you are going to make snow golems more expensive/difficult to produce, then they need to be buffed first, otherwise it further depletes the use of these golems. And as far as Iron Golems go, I prefer the current building "recipe" no need for soul sand. But again I get the concept you are putting across. (By the way I have seen the part about you buffing them.)

    You now need one soul sand, 4 snow blocks in a T shape along the Iron Golem's pattern,

    and 1 pumpkin.

    This is illogical, the snow golem is not shaped like a T at all, it's in the shape of a snowman, building it in the shape of an Iron Golem, but it spawning as a snowman makes little sense.

    As far as your buffs go, I'm undecided, I want more use for the snow golems though, most definitely.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    I love this idea! Colored sand itself could see some aesthetic uses, and colored glass + colored lights would be even better!
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    posted a message on new stuff
    1. a dimension with a significantly improved spawn rate for villages BUT the blacksmith chest has a lower chance to give iron ingots.also replace the generic villager with a new villager class

    I don't think it's necessary, and just for more villagers and alternate stats it's quite pointless.

    1 pt 2. they could add a miner class to the villagers (miners only spawn in the new dimension) miners carry pickaxes and occasionally pick up blocks (similar to the endermen, except miners can only pick up stone based blocks) miners looks like reg. villagers except they have a headlamp on (see the next suggestion)

    The idea of a Miner villager is something I have seen before, like other villagers, I don't think they should actually build/remove/destroy etc. I am all for new types of villagers, but my first choice is a villager that fights/defends the village, because most villages have no means of surviving on their own. Also the "generic villager" is not present in the game, the generic villager is the green robed one that is not implemented in game.

    a new item to be crafted
    headlamp crafting recipe (H = helmet G= glass T=torch I = iron ingot)

    There is little logic in using a torch for a lamp on a helmet. A torch works by fire, so naturally encasing what is pretty much a stick on fire inside an enclosed area, and attaching it to a helmet makes no sense. I think that the torch should be swapped out for a glowstone block. I also disagree on the amount of items required to make the lamp itself, it requires too much iron for an item that will be attached to a helmet anyways, the iron required in your recipe for the lamp is the same amount required to make a helmet. I do like the idea of having the ability to light things up without having to keep placing torches, but there may be some issues with Minecrafts lighting system. Another thing I'd like to mention is that as the lamp is attached to a helmet, it should just last as long as the helmet lasts, this keeps it from being used infinitely, and relieves us of the time-restraint.
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    posted a message on Emerald Button - Villager Activated Redstone
    I think it's an interesting concept, however I would rather see emerald buttons/switches that villagers can activate in order to open things such as iron doors, that way you can still keep villagers out with stone and wood buttons for iron doors, but can give them a safe door that they can enter and exit.
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    posted a message on Reworked parrying: Actually useful now
    I like this idea, it's logical, and does not do any harm to game-play. Good thinking!
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    posted a message on Taming Spiders!
    sort of useless.

    Spider Jockeys are just as useful as any other hostile mob, just more like a mini-boss sort of thing instead of a regular mob.

    Moving on, I don't think there is any reason to ride spiders, we already have pigs, and horses are on their way, as well as minecarts. While they can't climb walls, spiders would be near equivalent to pigs. Furthermore, it seems illogical to ride a spider, they aren't exactly the friendliest creatures. Maybe it's just because I hate spiders both in real life and in game, but it's a no for me, sorry.
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    posted a message on Skeletons Vs. Villagers
    Most definitely no for me. Defending villagers is hard enough as it is, having 2 mobs attacking them pretty much eliminate any chance they have of survival. Zombie sieges are bothersome because a mass of zombies can spawn anywhere in the village, even in houses(Though there is currently an error preventing sieges at the present). Skeletons have ranged attacks, that can be hard to dodge, especially for a defenseless mob such as a villager. Skeletons are notorious for friendly fire, and will end up shooting other skeletons and zombies, just adding more chaos. As a person who spends a LOT of Minecraft time in villages, I can say having skeletons attack villagers would make their survival rate drop heavily, and it's already low enough because villagers do not have a good enough AI to aid their survival, that combined with villages spawning in hazardous conditions...

    I think I've said enough though.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Considering we've had the texture for 3 years I doubt we will get a new one.

    That is true, but I still can't help but desire for a different texture for them.
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    posted a message on Trains and Other Steam Powered Objects!
    I've always thought a train is befitting of Minecraft, I picture just a small wood/coal burning train engine that can pull a set amount of carts. It needs to be small enough to ride on rails, yet be able to move without a powered minecart behind it. Powered miencarts are essentially a train engine substitute in this game, but they cannot connect other carts to them to pull them, and thus can only push other carts, not to mention they are quite weak in power. What I would suggest is a train engine that is relatively near the same size as minecarts, and has the ability to pull several carts at one time without losing power, it would run on the same fuel as a powered minecart, but is much more useful for transportation, especially over long distances and steep obstacles. The train engine can also be ridden by 1 player, as a means to keep the train moving should it need to have it's fuel replenished while on the move (and besides, all trains are supposed to have an engineer to run them). By this method the "train" is basically an improvement upon the powered minecart, just as horses are an improvement from riding pigs, and other such analogies.

    My suggestion for a craft recipe includes: an iron block(supplements for framework and body of train), 1 powered minecart(means of power/engine), and 1 regular minecart(for engineer's riding location). By this the "train engine" requires more materials than the powered minecart, but produces a more useful machine.

    The advantages to the train engine are:

    1. Able to pull several minecarts without loss of power/speed.
    2. Can travel up inclines better than powered minecarts.
    3. Has location for player to sit while still being able to fuel engine.
    4. Looks better than powered minecart/cosmetics.


    1. Likely less useful in tighter spaces like caves.
    2. Perhaps the size of 2 carts, similar to how a bed is 2 blocks in 1. As it has the engine half and the seating/standing half.
    3. More expensive to make.
    4. Burns fuel faster? (Logically it makes sense, as it pulls more it, it requires more fuel to carry.)

    I believe that balances it out pretty well, I did not include any of the other carts because I believe they are a bit too much, I think simply this train engine I've described is enough to cover the grounds desired.
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]
    Great ideas, though I kinda wish wood blocks themselves would get re-textured, mainly the planks, I don't really like the texture for them, and while I don't mind using a texture pack, using default is preferred for me. Perhaps different colored wooden tools and boats would be neat too?
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