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    posted a message on Classier mushrooms suggestion, with pictures: Improving minecraft's mushroom variety.
    Very good suggestions. 100% support from me.
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    posted a message on Heathland, Heathers, and Shrubs
    I've been doing research on heaths and other related things to try to come up with some more distinctions and improvements to fine-tune this idea set, once I finish I will edit the original post.

    As a side note, thanks for any support given, but also thank you all for suggestions/tips/comments that aid in the improvement process.

    Quote from Deonyi
    I do like it but think heather tea should be made with three bottles instead of a bucket.

    How silly of me, I forgot all about water bottles while typing this. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I'll edit that part and credit for fixing the idea.

    Quote from hwh1771
    Yes but there should be more distinction from the plains. half support, like most others. perhaps you could make a pic for us to see of the heathers: are they going to be like dead bushes, just green I'm colour?

    I am currently working on this; however, I have no artistic skills in order to make a Minecraft-like image of such things. The shrub and the heather would be separate entities, only the "living shrub" would be the dark green plant, whereas the heather would be a flowering shrub, the best image I can provide of this would be real photos at the present.

    As for what the living shrubs would appear to be, they would be shaped and the same height as dead shrubs; however, they would have leaves and such, they would not be a dead bush dyed dark green.
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    posted a message on Should minecraft become free to play?
    I don't think it should be free to play personally. The money paid to Mojang for this game is a good source of income for them, they deserve to be paid as such. There is already free versions of Minecraft available to play in both single player and multiplayer (via minecraft.net) albeit very outdated versions.
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    posted a message on Do you guys colonize?
    I guess you could say I colonize villages. I pick one village to be my capital city, and the rest are part of my "kingdom." I always like to build them up and defend them. I sometimes build villages from scratch, such as making a village on a tundra.
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    posted a message on Heathland, Heathers, and Shrubs
    While the 1.7 update did in fact change the Minecraft world, I don't think new biomes should be ruled out as plausible new ideas. One potential candidate for a new biome is a Heath, similar to the well known British Moors, Heaths are an interesting piece of geography. Heaths, unlike most moors, are seen outside of the United Kingdom, they are a diversified habitat found in north and west Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, and New Guinea.

    • Basically, a heath would be somewhat similar to to a plains biome, generally flat, with podzol ground cover (Learn why podzol would generate here). Yes, I do realize that podzol is currently unique to the Mega Taiga biome; however, realistically speaking, podzol occurs in numerous different locations, including heathland. Despite it's uncommonness, podzol is practically just a re-texture of mycellium, as they perform the same thing (Allow mushrooms to be grown in sunlight).
    • There are several notable differences between these biomes: for instance, though scarce, trees do spawn here, in the forms of birch and spruce, having a tree spawning system similar to the tundra biome. Another distinct characteristic that grow only on heaths would be Heathers, which are a flowering shrub (Concept of heathers explained later in this post), and other shrubs (Also explained later). These small plants would grow along with the regular tall grass.
    • As heaths do not typically retain them, water sources will normally not generate in this biome.
    • Like other flat biomes, villages do have the ability to spawn here. (Perhaps with different colored wood used on housing to add uniqueness?)
    • (To see more information about real heaths, click here.)
    • In the desert, one may notice dead shrubs throughout the biome. It only seems logical that these have living counterparts. These plants would grow naturally on the heath biome (It is possible these could grow in Plains and other biomes as well).
    • On the heath, these would have a dull green (like spruce leaves) color to them, but would be formed more like the dead shrub, rather than a sapling.
    • Other than for decorative/aesthetic purposes, one potential use could be for them to drop 0-2 sticks when broken with anything except shears. (On a side note, the 0-2 stick drop could also logically be applied to dead shrubs, as both are made of wood.)
    • With the use of shears, a living shrub can be dropped as an item and re-planted on any dirt or grass block.
    • Note: The idea of a "living shrub" has been mentioned previously in a suggestion; however my concept of a living shrub, and the other person's have clear differences, making our ideas separate. A link to the "living shrub" thread is provided here.
    • As mentioned earlier, a heather is a flowering shrub, commonly used in gardening and landscaping, grows naturally on heaths (hence the heath in HEATHer).
    • As such, the heather would grow only in heathland biomes; however, heathers can be re-planted in any biome on a dirt block.
    • Though this would be an aesthetic addition, I have research a reasonable use for heathers in Minecraft, heather tea.
    • Heathers have long been made into an herbal tea to cure a variety of health complications, including aiding in the removal of toxins from the body. As such, when used, heather tea would cure poisoning.
    • Now, you may ask: "But we already have milk to cure poison, why do we need something else that does the same thing?" The answer is simple: Milk is contained in buckets, which cannot be stacked (buckets of milk that is); however, heather tea can be stacked, as it is placed in glass bottles.
    • Heather tea would be made by brewing a heather with a bucket of water to produce 3 bottles of heather tea (via brewing stand).
    • How does this balance out? Heathers are a less common ingredient than milk, and are thus more time consuming to obtain. In contrast, heather tea can be carried in larger amounts, without taking up extra inventory space.
    • A valid alternative to having players compete between using milk or heather tea, is to give milk a different, more logical use, allowing heather tea to take its place. (Though this is up to preference, either way seems balanced in my view.)
    • A heather would have purple flowers, and when crafted, give two purple dye, adding another use to heathers. (Currently purple dye can only be obtained by crafting rose red and lapis lazuli).
    • More about real heathers here.
    Thanks for reading, please be sure to give feedback!
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    posted a message on Various Suggestions
    This is just a thread to cover various ideas I have. I've confined them to one thread in order to not make numerous smaller threads. I may add more later, or make changes to current ideas.

    Constructive criticism is very much welcome, if you don't like an idea, I'd like to know why, you might even change my mind.

    Now onto the ideas:
    • Placing maps on blocks - Basically stated, a map can be placed on a block, similarly to how they can be placed on walls via an item frame. What may be the point of this? It's mostly an aesthetic, it just adds more variety to map placement. You can view the map just as it can be done on a wall. An item frame would not be necessary for it. With that being said, I realize some may think that this defeats the point of placing it on a wall, so it requires compensation. To be fair, observing a map from a wall is more convenient than looking down, and not directly at the whole map, unless standing on the map, the viewpoint would be somewhat angled. It only seems logical to me, as many maps are placed on surfaces, instead of on walls. An example of this would be military placing maps on tables in order to draw and plan tactics on said map. I would agree it is not an important change, but I personally think it would be a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing addition.
    • Cheval de frise (Spiked Barricades) - Though I had the idea before searching, I did come across a slightly similar idea from several years ago that received little attention here; however, I do not like the concept they came up with. My idea is different in that these barricades purpose would be to provide a simple defense mechanism, similar to cactus, while being more fitting to places outside of deserts. These simple fortifications can be used for several purposes: damaging mobs/players (as cacti do), serving as an obstacle for mobs/players to pass through in order to reach a location (useful against horse-riding attackers), and improving upon simple cactus barricades. How might these be an improvement? For several reasons, namely they can be placed side by side, fit in all environments, and can be placed on practically any block. In contrast, cacti can only be placed on sand, cannot be placed side by side, and look out of place in biomes outside of the desert. As for the craft recipe, they would come in two forms, a weaker, flammable wooden barricade made of wood, and a stronger, non-flammable iron one. To craft, a wooden barricade, one must possess 5 wooden planks (or logs, please comment which you think is more balanced!), in the shape of an X. For iron, it is the same formation of an X, but instead of wood, of course, iron ingots are used. I would suggest that the wooden version do 1/2 heart of damage (on par with cactus), or 1 whole heart, no greater; For the iron variant, 1-2 hearts of damage. Some may wonder, will this defeat this use of cactus? The answer is no, cacti can still be used as an efficient barricade, that can be cheaper, is non-flammable, and can be made up to 3 blocks tall, whereas these spiked barricades would be 1-1 & 1/2 blocks tall (I'm undecided whether they should work similar to fences and cannot be climbed over, or if they should be standard height.) Cacti also would be more eye-pleasing in desert biomes, where they are typically used. [For more information on Cheval de frise, see this link.]
    • Heathland - A new less common biome type (Yes I know 1.7 was the "update that changed the world," but I don't remember reading anywhere that future updates would not include more biomes.) A biome similar to plains, characterized and separated from the latter by shrubs and a distinct flower, the heather. (Shrubs and Heathers explained in a separate suggestion). Villages can spawn here, as do regular passive mobs due to its rather flat nature. (To see more about heaths, click here.)
    • Shrubbery - In desert biomes we have dead shrubs, it only seems logical that these have living variants. These would grow in plains, savanna, and heathland (if added) biomes.
    • Heather - A new flower/shrub type, it grows naturally only in heathland biomes. (For more about heathers, see here.)
    • Streams/Creeks/Brooks/Gullies - A smaller version of a river. It's that simple, I haven't seen anyone else suggest it, so I figured I would. These would spawn in any biome that can have water.
    • Gulches - A dry creekbed (not riverbed), an aesthetic geographical feature that occurs in deserts (and possibly mesas). It adds a bit of character to deserts basically, just another "realistic" touch. (See a gulch here.)
    That's all I have for now, please let me know what you think of each idea. I put a good amount of time into writing this to be thorough, have a nice day!
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    posted a message on Improving ladders.
    Supporting, it's only logical, many tall ladders are made to be "leaned" up against something, rather than being flat against a surface. Saves space and time as well.
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    posted a message on .
    Excellent ideas, creative, fresh, and reasonable. I like all of them, you've got my full support.
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    posted a message on Undo Enchantments
    This is an interesting concept.

    Basically you are stating that say you get an enchantment on your sword that you don't want, you can remove it at the cost of a book and experience (perhaps 5-10 levels might be more adequate, depending on the number of enchantments removed I suppose). This way you are able to keep a sword/tool without having to replace the materials to make a new one.

    For instance, say you have a diamond sword, and you get a Bane of Arthropods enchantment, you can sacrifice some experience to remove this undesirable enchantment, and later re-enchant it. This allows one to re-use a sword, instead of having to waste two more diamonds to attempt to get a more desirable enchant.
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    posted a message on 9 flint = 1 obsidian block
    Eh... I'm not a big fan of the idea. I might be swayed towards a yes if the oceans are returned to sand instead of gravel. Gravel has become a very common block, ocean (and other water sources), hills/mountains, villages, the Nether, etc. Perhaps if your goal in mind is to gather obsidian and or diamond quickly is your gaming style, it may be quick for someone.But for more casual players, such as myself, we don't typically find diamond within 15 minutes of game play; however, I find a ton of gravel. All you'd have to do is find a plains or savanna village and dig up the roads, no tools necessary, to obtain enough flint to make a portal, albeit before one is typically ready to explore it. (There are other methods that work too, such as finding an ocean biome, etc.Villages are just an example, and yes I realize they aren't always found within 15 minutes of game play either.) It is my view that obsidian/nether portals, etc. are a symbol of obtaining diamond. By changing this, the old method becomes obsolete, diamond practically loses one of the benefits of it's usage in picks, but shovels and gravel/flint gain this boost in usefulness. I think it's a creative idea, but I personally do not agree with it.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft?
    Finding villages and expanding, decorating, and defending them. I also like exploring/adventuring to find things like other villages, temples, dungeons, desert wells, witch huts, etc.
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    posted a message on New Neutral Mob: The Angler (formerly the Fisher)
    I like the concept, but when I imagined it before clicking the thread, what came to mind was a villager dressed in fisherman's clothing (bucket hat, vest, boots, etc.) Though your models look interesting personally I don't think they make too much sense. Perhaps similar to the witch is villager-like, yet isn't categorized as a standard villager, and does not have a natural enemy, perhaps the angler could go on the same concept. I think a possible idea would be for him to spawn on islands in the ocean with a small house with a path leading to a dock. That would add a logical addition to the game, while making oceans more interesting. Perhaps as decoration in the anglers' home it would contain item frames on the wall with fish framed up (similar to how people have "trophy" fish on display in their home). Nice idea!
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    posted a message on Cherub
    I just don't like the idea honestly. Also note your model resembles a putto, not a cherub. A cherub is represented as an angelic being with the face of an ox, eagle, lion, and man, with four wings. Furthermore, if a being has wings, it typically flies. Of course there are exceptions I guess. It's a very creative idea, but I personally don't think it belongs in game. Villagers do need some form of aid besides Iron Golems, but I don't believe this is the proper solution.
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    posted a message on The Kraken (BOSS MOB)
    I do kind of wish there were more mob bosses, specifically some in the overworld. But I see what others see; being attacked while unprepared would be an issue. In order to make a boss mob, it would need to be somewhere they a player wouldn't stumble upon early on in the game. Others mentioned a colossus type boss mob, which I would like to see as well; however, given the size of oceans, it seems logical to me to have both an overworld boss on land and at sea.
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    posted a message on Carpeted Stairs
    I wondered why this wasn't implemented when they released the carpets. You've got my support.
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