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    Quote from PixelDaisies»
    Are they actually current though? Most of the maps in there have "Last Date Modified" in 2012, and since I play with a friend on the Realms I don't have the option to pick which version of MC we play on. I read on a previous page that someone came across a Water Temple in a map where there should not be one and would like to avoid having the same trouble myself.

    Can anyone verify if the maps in the mirror link will work in MC 1.8.3?

    They will work in MC 1.8.3, but some may be out of date. All but two of them, as DiamondLover said, are all up to date as far as Vechs has made them to. But some may be unbalanced for the newest versions, if that makes sense.

    I.E. don't jump off cliffs in spellbound caves with the Feather Falling 5 boots, because.. well, you'll likely die, since it's outdated.
    Upon close inspection, it appears that there are two maps in the mirror that are not perfectly up to date with the regular downloads:

    Legendary is at 3.0 instead of 3.1 and Waking Up is at 3.6.4 instead of 3.6.5. The rest of the version numbers match with what's listed.
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    Um, I have a bug (it might be reported, I don't have time to look through the last 20 pages of whatever people post here) on Inferno Mines.

    Anyway, I got IM on my singleplayer world in 1.7.4, and it worked fine for about a minute. When I went to go to the teleporter, it teleported me to a black area w/ the void-particle effects. I reloaded the save, and it teleported me back to the spawn, basically ignoring the fact I ever went to the teleporter. I still had the books that I read in my hand, though.

    So I loaded the world in multiplayer and got a friend to test it. We were able to play the map just fine. So I downloaded again, and this time, the spawn wouldn't even load. I just had that same void particle effect. Then when I went back and went to load the save again, it said that the map hadn't been touched, still at the bottom of the list. I tried again, same thing.

    Does anybody know why this happens?
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    Somehow, I knew that sort of sarcasm was coming.
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    Sorry, I don't have access to the server anymore, and I would've played with some of you but I had looked on the thread in the first week or so, nobody posted, so I thought it was a dead thread and followed it but didn't check it. Because minecraft forums is dumb and didn't update me, I forgot about a little while after.

    Again, sorry if you wanted to play, but yeah.

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    I think that the banners should 1 - have a bit more to do with the map: Who Am I? - Maybe a pic of a skin?
    What is a CTM Map? - idk... Can't think
    Rules of a CTM map - Ruleboard for your map
    Map Types - 2-3 Different landscapes?
    My Maps - Pictures of some maps - :steve_lol:

    The second thing is that they need a bit better text coloration, as it's a bit hard to read it quickly.
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    skyward ascent
    by some guy i dont remember

    Difficulty: 10
    Overall Enjoyment: 1-10 (too lazy to change)

    Comments: ok so this map is bad because i cant do it. i played it so many times and i always goto to this one place with alot of loot in it, it has full gold armor and stuff and its awesome and i should be able to win the whole game right? and then all of a sudden a green cactus comes and blows up in my face and kills me and i lose. it makes me sad. so anyway, da other stuf is that the astetics or whateverare also very bad because when i look evrywhere the whole screen is graey besids where i am and that looks like grey poop. cause poop is funny. the creativity is cool because it gives me lots of stuff and thats so creative. the gameplay is weird because its so grey everywhere and i dont know why cactuss get to explode. but its still kool but the map is so teribl! yay!!!!

    Asthetics: 0
    Creativity: 9001 omg its over 9000 lol
    Gameplay: idk
    TOTAL: i cant add so idk, im sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Notice: This is a fake/joke review, based on a true story of me doing terrible on this one map. The map is actually really good so far, and if I ever get to the point where i can write an actual review on it, I probably will. Or if i beat a map in the near future of any other kind. Anyway, yeah.... Bye!

    Also, edited because i swear the last time i was on the forums (like, 3 years ago) there wasnt a swearing rule, so i changed the profanity.
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    About 6 ways to think it's a virus:

    Video is broken.

    No other pics.

    No Description (Do you not want peaceful? well then peaceful no more here!) is not one.

    Not spelled correctly.

    First Post.

    No instructions

    That's 6. I'm not saying it's a virus, but those facts are my evidence.
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    Unrelated, but could you please give us the world download for the town of Ruston? (I searched google and it didn't appear if you did already.

    And, I love the pack! Downloading.
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