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    posted a message on How 1.8 has affect my views of Mojang
    Do I have to remind you that we bought the game "as it was" ?
    He could just stop developing this game, after all. I sometimes think that that is what he should do...

    10 euros for a game I have played for more than one year... it has never happened to me so far. That remains my best deal ever.
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    From BC, fine !
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    posted a message on BUGS
    First, thank you for your hard work, Notch.

    There are some bugs with the chest/inventory :
    - I can't drag and drop an item from the bottom line of my inventory (the 10 active cases) directly into a chest. I also can't replace an item by another.
    - Lags... but I see that you're working on that tomorrow.

    By the way, leaves decay is great !

    I feel you rushed too much for this beta, perhaps because of the community's impatience... take your time. If it's not ready, it's not ready.
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