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    posted a message on 💎 Luxumshire Community Server ✨ (18+) Whitelisted Vanilla Survival ✨ Long-Term No-Reset World 💎
    1. Minecraft IGNGhostyPlayzYT
    2. Discord NameGhostyPlayzYT#2018
    3. Age (Must be 18+)20
    4. Country and Time Zone USA, EST
    5. Tell us about yourself! Interests, favorite ice cream flavor, your darkest secrets and desires -- the normal!
    Rocky road of course! Darkest secret? Hm.. Probably the man in my basement. I do enjoy building and lord of the rings. Been playing MC for 7 years. so im new to the game.
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    posted a message on New 1.18 Server starting up today

    Discord Name:GhostyPlayzYT#2018




    How long you have played Minecraft:7-8 years. give or take a few months

    Your favorite aspect of the game:Building and Mining. and on occasion redstone. Im more of a chill player so this is what I do/like best

    Any other information about yourself we should know:I'm a huge nerd for all things Tolkien and Mythology. I love The elder scrolls as well.

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    posted a message on Elden SMP - 30 Player Hermitcraft-like SMP, 1.17.1



    Looking for a mature server to meet new people, Play some minecraft and make friends. and just enjoy the game with likeminded people.

    Edit: Forgot to post about what ill be doing :) sorry about that

    I enjoy building, so ill often be building, Usually i tend to build smaller buildings but alot of then, So i suppose mega base of sorts?

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    posted a message on 1.18.2 Junicraft SMP - 16+ Mature and Casual Community




    Why do you want to join Junicraft? Looking for a fun calm community to make friends with and just have fun

    What do you look forward to most for 1.18? The many building inspirations! and huge mountains :)

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    posted a message on 🌙 The BlockShock SMP 🌙 [1.17.1 Vanilla SMP] [18+ Mature] [WHITELIST] OPENS OCTOBER 23rd!
    2. Discord username:GhostyPlayzYT#2018
    3. Age:20
    4. Country and timezone:USA, EST
    5. How long have you played Minecraft for?:Almost Seven years
    6. Why would you like to join this community?:Been looking for a tightnit small community to join, make friends with, and have fun
    7. How often would you play?:Daily, Im out of work at the moment so i have plenty of time.
    8. Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm a huge nerd, I love lord of the rings, Elder Scrolls and other fantasy fiction books and worlds, I love reading up the lore of these worlds as well as studying Real world mythology. I also sing but thats simply a hobby.
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    posted a message on Get Good Gaming [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist} {1.17.1} {18+}

    Get Good Gaming is looking for players to add to our playerbase. We are a adult (18+) Whitelisted server that has only been running since 7/12/21 and are very community based. We only have a few commands that don't really alter the vanilla feel. We have no warps or teleports. All transportation is done through the nether using the nether roof. We do allow puncturing the nether roof using current vanilla methods. We have a large Mooshroom Island for our spawn that has recently started to be improved by the community. A player formed shopping district has recently been developed and has plenty of room to grow.

    Currently our playerbase is from a range of places around the world. Our current outlook is to remain a small community, but would like to grow a little. We are looking for players that would like to be part of a tight community. We come together to help recover people lost items after death and fix builds that aren't working correctly. Recently we decided we want to play HermitCraft like games. The hope is adding similar players to the community.

    Joining our server you would start out on the Mooshroom Island. The difficulty is set on hard and we have increased the mob cap by about 45%. Though you'd be safe until you leave the island. Players are to only build on the island for improvement purposes, mini-game hubs, and player shops. You may gather a few resources while there, but are expected to not build any bases within 200 blocks from spawn. For ease, spawn is at 0,0. Once you leave spawn you'll notice the seed, which is provided, has pretty much all the biomes within 5k blocks from spawn. We have Dynmap for Once you establish yourself, you are welcome to use the community enderman farm for experience.

    The server is JAVA and runs plugins like Grief Protection, Dynmap, Player/Mob Heads, Minecraft/Discord Chat, and Fast Leaf Decay.

    We have some modifications/datapacks like Singleplayer Sleep, No Enderman Griefing, Pet Exchanging, Sleep Messages, Wandering Trader Alerts, Weather Alerts, Armor Stands/Statues,Custom Nether Portals, Mini-Blocks(via Wandering Villager trades), and SporeBlossom Crafting.

    __The Rules of the Server__

      Be Respectful of other players.

      Absolutely no Griefing of any kind.

      No Stealing. If it's not yours, it's stealing.

      Do not build within 200 blocks of others without permission.

      No digging around under other peoples bases.

      No X-Ray, Item Duping (rails, tnt, and carpet excluded), or any other Cheating.

      No PvP, unless all parties agree to it.

      No building within 200 blocks of spawn, except for shops or community building.

      AFK'ing is allowed, but extended AFK sessions must be above ground level to not hurt mob caps.

      Shop advertising in #shops(DiscordChannel) should follow the rules set forth in that channels pinned messages.

      Ask staff if you aren't sure of something.

    To be Whitelisted you MUST be 18 or older, apply here, and if accepted have a short interview in our Discord Whitelist Voice Chat channel with the owner.

    To apply:


    AGE: (select one)
    [18-20] , [21-30] , [31+]

    IGN: (JAVA only)

    If you have any questions post them here.

    For More Information join our Discord: https://discord.gg/XEe445hCxc

    (Though while Non-Whitelisted, you'll have limited access to the Discord Channels, but will have information available.)

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    posted a message on 🌛 LunarMC 🌜 | SMP | 400+ Unique Joins! | Whitelist ONLY! | Events! | Minimal Plugins| 1.17! | NO LAND CLAIMS |

    In Game Name:GhostyPlayzYT
    Discord Tag:GhostyPlayzYT#2018
    Where did you find our server at?:MCForums
    Why are you interested in joining our server?:Been looking for a chill, friendly server to join! seems like this could work
    You are aware that if you cheat, grief, steal, dupe, or break any rules, you will be banned instantly?: Yes!
    What are you looking for in an SMP?:Trying to find a group of people i can make friends with and just play minecraft with!
    Are you interested in event reminders on the server?:Yes
    You understand we are a LGBQT+ friendly community?:Yes, Although personally i disagree. i respect peoples choices

    we are people afterall and everyone deserves respect in some capacity
    Is there anything we should know about about you? Any special requests?:Nothing that i know of, I am religious. and the things i say might not the worded the way people might like! so please dont get mad at how i word certain things.
    Do you have any questions you wish to be answered before we whitelist you?:Not that i know of! but if i have any later on I'll be sure to ask
    Did you play on a previous SMP, if so, why did you leave: Its been quite awhile since ive played so I have no memory of what server it exactly was
    Did you read and do you agree to our rules?:Yes!(edited)

    Message #❱whitelist-apps❰

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    posted a message on [SMP] [Vanilla 1.17.1] [18+] [Whitelisted]

    20, Male, GhostyPlayzYT#2018

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    posted a message on Aeternum SMP [Vanilla] {18+ only} {1.16.5} {Whitelist} {Java} {Survival}

    In-Game Name:GhostyPlayzYT
    Age:19 (turning 20 in june)
    Discord ID (Feel free to privately send me it):GhostyPlayzYT#2018
    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy?: I enjoy singing quite often. and studying mythology. Im very big on "Lore" of the Tolkien universe and the Elder scrolls universe.

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    posted a message on [1.16.5] 18+(ish) FULLY VANILLA SMP! (unnamed!)

    Age:19 (20 this year)


    Minecraft username:GhostyPlayzYT


    How long have you been playing minecraft?:7ish years.

    Favorite minecraft minigame:Probably Bedwars/Skywars. but i also enjoy Guess the build.

    Ideas for server name?: B2B Smp (Like the one before. Back to basics. but shorthand version :) )

    PS. I do have a job from 2-9 throughout the week (not every day. usually half the week) so on those day's i'd probably be on in the morning and night.but most days ill be on through the afternoon and evening. or all day depending on my schedule..

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    posted a message on 🔥 EmergentSMP🔥 1.16.4 | 🌤️ Made by the community 🌤️ | Whitelist | 18+

    Posted an application! excited about the server! hoping to hear from you soon (actually i posted it awhile ago but i never posted here that i did :P)

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    posted a message on ✦ The World of Apollo ✦ || 1.18.2 || Semi-Vanilla Survival || 18+ Only|| Whitelisted || Twitch Streamer's Welcome! ||

    In-Game Name:GhostyPlayzYT
    Discord Name:GhostyPlayzYT#2018
    Age:19(almost 20)
    Favorite Aspects of Online Play:Meeting fellow players who love the game as much as me, creating new friendships
    Least Favorite Aspects of Online Play:often the online drama that happens over small inconveniences or opinions
    A bit more about yourself:I love singing. Alot as well as Mythology. I love reading up on lore from the elder scrolls to Tolkien to Narnia.
    Referral by Apollo Player (if applicable):QueenBrit

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    posted a message on Unity | Minecraft SMP (1.16.4) (Whitelisted)


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